Life lately

A girls hair is her secret weapon, or at least I think so.. And my hair is definitely what makes me feel attractive and feminine. So August (almost at the end of August), I spoiled myself by visiting my hairdresser and getting a new hair color and some reflexes made. – It was highly needed, since it’s been ages ago that I went to the hairdressers. 

So I’ll give you guys some before and after pictures below! 😄

A before picture

The after picture

The result is just perfect, and I’m so happy that I listened to my hairdresser and what she thought would suit me, sometimes it just works out better than imagined!

At the beginning of September I finally got myself dragged to the opticians to get my glasses ordered – not one of my fondest experiences tho.. I have to wear them every day, normally I just need reading glasses, but my sight got worse through the years apparently. So I ended up buying Karen Millen glasses and am crossing my fingers and hoping I won’t get worse eye sight any time soon. – I really don’t like glasses much, that’s the honest truth! I feel geeky with them on (More than I already am yes!) and most of them don’t fit my petite face – it looks like the glasses are wearing me and not me wearing the glasses.. So I ended up with a pair that wasn’t that bold, even tho I wanted bold, go bold or go home right?! But I just don’t suit bold glasses..

A close up of me and my new glasses!

So that’s my glasses, nothing big or extreme, just a classic look, it was horribly to pick out glasses – I was torn between this model from Karen Millen and a Hugo Boss model. To be fair, I adored both of them, but these fit me the best. I hope that I’ll get more confident wearing them, but right now I’m not thrilled.. But it’s better than not being able to see properly or have headaches all the time..

Hope your month was as good?

See you online x


Being someone’s “bonus” 

I told you guys in my last post, that I have had so much going on and have been very busy, that’s the reason I’ve been a bit quiet here! 🙂 

A picture from Tivoli

I finally have a little time now, and I can share with you all what I’ve been up to! 

My fiancé have been blessed earlier in life with three amazing kids and I get along with very well with their mother, she is a good friend of mine I might add and a brilliant mom! Their three kids have been on vacation here in Denmark for two weeks, and I’ve been experiencing how it is to be a “bonus mom”. ❤️

A picture from Copenhagen zoo

We went to Tivoli (A Danish amusement park), we went to the Zoo in Copenhagen and we went to Dino Land in our town (a huge indoor playground). We did a lot while they were here, and it was amazing to be a part of their life, I’m really lucky to be able to see them grow up like this. Their truly amazing kids and so well behaved.

A picture from Tivoli

As soon as they left us at the airport, I must admit, I cried. I was getting so used to having them around, the laughs, the hugs and the busy days.. Our home was empty and quiet after they left, it really was. They will always have a home here in Denmark with their dad and I, their brilliant kids, all tree of them. 

A picture from Copenhagen zoo

So this is why I’ve been so madly busy, and I’ve been loving it! I now understand the busy life of a parent / bonus parent, but also the joy that comes with it – it’s truly unique. So to every parent or bonus parent out there, so much love from me to you! It’s hard work, but it must be so rewarding.

See you guys online! x

Working hard

My work uniform and name tag!

It’s been a few weeks since I started my care helper education, I had only one week at the education center, then it was time to be an intern. 😅

– But I can honestly say, it’s been an amazing experience, one week have passed to be precise and the people I’ve met have all been wonderful! I truly feel quite lucky to have gotten this internship at this town, it’s a perfect fit for me. I feel like I belong, I did that since day one actually, and it’s been rewarding to work with people and keeping active every day. The more time I spend in this line of work, the more passionate I become, I don’t just want to do okay at this, I wanna ace it. I want to be the best that I can possibly be – not better than anyone else, but strive for perfection in my own boundaries of knowledge and skill, I think that it’s important to set a goal, I want to wake up every morning and be the best version of me that I can possibly be.

There is so much that I still want to learn, but I have time and I can’t wait to take everything in, soak it up and write it down in my “geek book”! 😄  (see the picture below)

My notebook where i write about deceases and other very important subjects I need to remember. (The geek book)

Life lately have been extremely busy, I’ll tell you guys more about it later – if you haven’t already seen on my Instagram? 😉 But now, I better go to sleep, I have a tricky Tuesday tomorrow! 

See you online! x

Thursday evening out

Thursday was spent with my family, or most of my family that is! My mom couldn’t come with us but at least I got to spend some time with my dad, Bigsister, nephew, little sister and my amazing fiancé.

We went to a Chinese restaurant called Jin Jiang, it’s very close to the harbor side in Denmark, a cozy place that serves a great buffet! What I love most about that place is the fruit, it’s fresh and tastes amazing, nothing beats really fresh fruit. 

They also make some incredible sushi and I adore their deep fried prawns! The pictures above are food from their restaurant. We always chose the buffet and we have never been disappointed, I love eating there and today it was nice, quiet and cozy. Normally it’s mad busy, but luckily not today.

A quick picture of me before we were going out, for a change it’s black and white, I normally don’t like that, I think I look ghostly, but this picture is alright I guess. My hair have grown quite a bit since last year, I mostly just let it be and only recently I got my ends trimmed, which wasn’t much, so it’s become pretty long and it’s a bit strange having it this long, but also nice for a change!

I had a pretty good evening today, I am lucky to have a big family to share my life with, even though it can be difficult at times, chaotic and even stressful, but their always there for me and if things go south, I am blessed to have my fiancé who always seems to know what to say or what to do. You don’t chose your family, but I got quite lucky with mine.

I hope you all have spent “little Friday” / Thursday in good company, doing something productive or just a relaxed! 

See you online guys! x

A tribute to Denmark!

I love my country, anyone who has been to Denmark knows it’s small, cozy, art inspired, expensive at times, beautiful and friendly!

We are the country with probably the most bicycle lanes! We have them everywhere.

We have had many Eurovision wins throughout the years.

We are high on art, design and architecture and that is very visible inside of Copenhagen.

We have more pigs/live stock than we have people.

We are a farmer country, and are almost self reliant on most meat, dairy and grain.

Our capital is near the sea side, where we have tour boats around the canals.

We have the little mermaid on the peer at “Langelinie” and it’s very popular for tourists.

We love traditions and we stick to em, even tho we don’t really have a strong faith in anything. We just like the good old stuff.

We eat roast pork a lot, with boiled potatoes and gravy, we think it’s gorgeous.

Everyone in Denmark owns at least one bicycle per family, and we are proud of it.

We eat way too much at Christmas time and we tend to drink a lot at New Years, but we do watch ourselves normally and tend to exercise and eat healthy when possible.

Almost every city in Denmark have a beach, yep we are truly an island!

You rarely see stray animals run around on the streets in Denmark, and if that happens, it’s because someone lost a pet, and most Danes would actually catch the pet, and bring it home.

We are big on family gatherings, we love sitting around the table, eating a meal, talking about our day and how it’s been and share with each other.

Danish people mostly have one or two children tops, it’s rare to see a couple with more than two.

We never use colored light chains for Christmas – they find it tacky and over the top.

Danish people have mostly white walls, rarely in a color! Maybe one wall with wallpaper – but that’s very modern and “new generation”.

Danes rarely wear any bright colored jackets at winter time, and by god that’s true! Colors are mainly black, grey or navy blue.

We are proud of our Danish designs, and we have at least one designer item in our home, if not more.




Copenhagen fashion week


I was the lucky girl, to win a competition from Tassimo (yes the coffee brand!) and get two exclusive tickets for Jean//Phillip’s fashion show! The day was extraordinary, and we got to spend a day mingling with the celebs and trend setters of Denmark!

A bit of pictures from the show!











It was an amazing show, so many interesting designs and a “bionic man” theme with the silver hair, that every model had! It was very sci-fi actually, and also super cool, I liked the really gorgeous suit that Jean Phillip had made, it looked great. He had some good ideas and the place where the fashion show was at, is called “Børsen” – the surroundings were perfect really, such delicate designs on the sealing and walls, it was a perfect opposite to the new and trendy cut that Jean Phillip had made.

I felt like a celeb! Drinking Vodka drinks and having a look at some of the newest fashion in Copenhagen. It was a blast!