Busy life!

Our mini summer holiday trip to Jutland

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog, and that’s such a shame! In my defense, It’s been a really busy and chaotic couple of months, with my last internship at the hospital during COVID19, my final exam prep, then my exam, house DIY, the temp job I found and then getting hired as a fully educated health care assistant! (TWO places!) 😆

The internship at the hospital was chaotic to put it mildly.. Our internship got postponed six whole weeks, and then shortened down to six weeks, and not the twelve weeks we were normally at the hospital for. All of this was due to COVID19 and the uncertain times we had in Denmark. During all of this, we were also moving out of the apartment and into our house, it was a mess! But I was very determined to not let it stop me in getting my education! It was rough but I finished my internship, passed and then went on to my exams, alone!

Loads of de-weeding was needed!
Working as an intern at the hospital

My exams went brilliantly and I passed with no issues! I chose my topic to be about diabetes and the issues it causes and how to help a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes. I loved my topic and did a lot of research. The teacher I had was amazing and I felt quite reassured during the whole writing process, which can seem like an endless black hole for me, because I never really fully trust the process. 🥴

Exam prep was crazy, but I ended up doing “poolside studying” 🥴

The day I passed was the best day ever, I was just so relieved and happy! I’m a health care assistant now and I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished. This type of job makes me insanely happy and I feel fulfilled in this line of work.

The day I passed my final exam
Got my health care assistant pin!

I found my place when I started this education, I really did. It made me the adult that I wanted to be and the sort of human I can be proud of. When my exams were over, I started thinking of where I felt like working.. And where I moved to, the town right next to mine, had this care-center for elderly, and every time I drove past, I just wanted to go in and say “hire me” 😆 So when I was fully educated, and it was during the start of July, I called and asked them if they needed an assistant, maybe as a summer temp job, and I had an interview a few days after and I was hired instantly as a vacation temp! 😃

I managed to get one full week of “vacation” whilst working as a temp at the care home and we went to north Jutland.
We experienced driving at the beach, and parking right next to the sea, it was amazing!
The trip home was beautiful but long!

After being hired as a temp, I got told that they were searching for a full time assistant at the care home, and I applied to that position and also to a position at a new ward being created at a hospital not far from where we live. This new ward that was being made, were for lung patients, so it was an interesting position. I ended up getting a call for the hospital first, and got asked to come for an interview, and I did. The day after I was told that the position was mine if I wanted it. I was in two minds, because I really loved the job at the care home and my colleagues there. The week after I was at an interview for the position at the care home and I was told the same day that the job was mine if I wanted it, so I decided to stay where I was with my colleagues. 😍

Then COVID19 restrictions hit again, and we are getting tested once every two weeks at work, the first day we needed to get tested was on my day off and I was feeling ill and strange, so I put a mask on and got tested outside of the care home.. 🥴 Luckily my test was negative and I “only” had a mild flu, which resulted in five days off, that sucked! 😔

I took a double shift due to staff ringing in sick – 15 hours later I looked just about dead! 😂
My mask made me look like a burglar.. 😳 FYI I look even worse on this picture due to the flu!

It’s been a busy time for us at the house, but we are getting much more done in the living room, it looks amazing already, it’s being painted as we speak and we have gotten our new acoustic panels home from wallshop.dk, to cancel out the room reverberation. They are beautiful, I can’t wait to move into the living room! 😆

The acoustic panels
Another picture of the panels
Painting the living room 😂

I hope you guys are staying safe and that you keep social distancing, I know it’s hard, but we need to kill this pandemic! Our new restrictions in Denmark are due to people not distancing enough and it’s upsetting me, but I’ll keep distance and protect the patients at the care home where I work! ❤️

Hopefully you have had a good week and are having a nice weekend too!

Podcast recommendations

Our cherry tree in the garden

On Instagram I’ve promised you guys some good podcasts to listen to, so here’s my list, I have both Danish and English podcasts amongst each other, so bear with me if you aren’t danish speaking 💗

Mørkeland – DK True Crime

Missing & Murdered – Finding Cleo


Dr. Death By: Wondery

If you guys have some awesome podcasts that I have to listen to, don’t hesitate to comment below! Am always on the lookout for new and awesome podcasts. 💗