Today in pictures

My mood brightens and my worries seems to fade, by simply just walking through the forest.

I adore taking pictures of the nature around me, and most of my life I’ve lived in this cute little town, where the forest is very close by, and I can take a long walk, clear my head and just unwind.

Today was one of those days, where I really needed to take a step back, and think of something else, just for a little while. With the sale of our apartment, the purchase of the house we are in love with, the approval from the bank and the lawyer who needs to look into everything – I am finding myself a teeny tiny bit stressed. My inbox is getting spammed with important emails, and I find myself checking up on it constantly.

– I ain’t complaining though! 😱 I am blessed that I at the “young” age of 31, are able to purchase such a house with my partner / better half. I am also insanely lucky to find a house that we both really like and in an area that’s very appealing. But my mind is going a 100 miles an hour, and I am so excited and nervous at the same time..

This long walk was just what I needed ❤️


Madness and mayhem

It’s been absolutely crazy this past week.. Or actually these past three weeks! 🤣 – And it will only get crazier…

We have had my three bonus kids / my better half’s three awesome kids, staying here for the past three weeks, and I’ve loved every minute of it! They are here every year for three weeks (we live in Denmark and the kids lives in the UK where my better half is from). We have missed them terribly this year, and it’s been so good to catch up with them and spoil them all rotten.

This year we have been staying for a week at my brothers house, at Lolland – which has been absolutely amazing! So much space and so many rooms, one for each of the kids even! That’s been pretty awesome, and it’s got us thinking.. We need a bigger place, we really do.

My bigsister always sends me a bunch of links to fantastic houses that’s for sale, most of them so expensive, that it would put you in debt for a lifetime! But at the end of week two, whilst having the kids over, my sister managed to send me yet another link, this time it was a house that’s affordable, with the rooms we need and a fairly big and private garden..

We were suspicious really.. Looking at the pictures, wondering which flaws would be the final deal-breaker, but as things progressed, the house just got even more interesting.

We called the estate agent up, and asked for a viewing, and we had a look at it. We weren’t disappointed.. It was as nice as on the pictures and very cozy, it had a feel to it! Best of all, it was huge…

Before we knew it, we made an offer, the offer was bargained with a little, but then accepted and our bank approved of the loan, oh my god I’m just speechless!

My mind is an absolute mess, with so many different emotions, and it comes in waves.. Happy, anxious, giddy, excited, drained, melancholic – the list goes on and on, but most of all, I’m relieved.. Finally a new chapter of our lives are starting, and we are on our way to become house owners!

We are about to sell the apartment now and hopefully it will be a quick sale, for the right price. I bought the place 8 years ago, and we love our little home, but it’s also time for something bigger and we are ready for our forever home now, and I believe that we might have found it ❤️

The following weeks, we will be having a professional photographer snapping pictures of our home, and it will shortly after be up for sale, it’s so surreal! 😱😄

Glam Glow

This is by far the best working brand I’ve tried to date, a perfect home spa experience, and worth every penny!

I’m one of those women who’s tried a LOT of face masks, and this is by far the best brand I’ve tried! Every product I’ve tried, have just been working and it’s also a pleasant experience – cause lets be honest, some face masks just plain hurts or dries into this impossible mess that you can’t wash off!

The Glam Glow supermud mask has a slight cooling effect, and is easy to rinse off when it’s dried. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. I can’t find a bad thing to say about this face mask, and normally I’m so disappointed with every new product I try – this has a Hollywood feel, and the price is fair too!

The Glam Glow Lip exfoliating treatment is a lip scrub, and I use it a lot, (mainly before applying long lasting lipsticks) and the container is huuuge, so you get a lot of scrub for your money! I’m again a bit speechless, because it actually works! It smells of mint (even tastes of mint lol!), and leaves your lips feeling baby soft, again not one bad word!

This product is for women on the go, it takes no time at all to apply and (for the mask) to dry, I’m impressed and will be repurchasing these products! I’m going to have to try the lip plumper that Glam Glow has made – I have high expectations now that I know these two products work so well!

Purchased at: Matas

Supermud face mask

Lip exfoliating treatment

The nude make up look


The very natural nude look that I love so much, with a gorgeous bold eyeliner!
Things I used:

Rimmel 25HR Lasting Finish foundation: I have never really used Rimmel foundation before, but I picked this up in UK and found it to be fantastic, I blend it with a sponge tho, to make it more natural looking, it’s a very good coverage.

Maybelline Master Presice: The best wet eyeliner on the market in my opinion! I love the real thin lines it makes and how precise it is, the name suits it.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara: This is a newly purchased mascara, but it’s my absolute favorite one, it separates the lashes and makes them all black and very long. It looks very natural, it lasts the entire day, doesn’t peel off and doesn’t clump. It’s great!

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette: I love the nude tones this amazing palette has, the brown tones with no shimmer was what I used this time. Limit as an all over the lid base, Nooner as a dark crease color and also used at the sides of my lid, to strengthen the liner and then Strange for under the brow, and in the corner of my eyes, to create light. The colors blend so well and their amazing to work with.

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara: This is a fantastic thing, I am totally addicted! It makes my brows pop, but also looks natural, like their not colored – which I really love. They make the brows stay on their wished place and I am using the Dark Brown color, which is the best for my brow tone.

MAC Brave Lipstick: This lipstick is the one that’s so hot and heavy right now, everyone seems to be all crazy about this shade, Brave is the “it” color, I got this by my Bigsister, I actually love this, it fits my skin tone very well.
Do you guys love a specific make up look? I’m all about the nude and natural, with a hint of smokey eyes. I can’t help but think it’s beautiful and Classic. 

See you online guys! x

The true passion


Writing is in my blood, it’s in the air I breathe and it’s in every thought I produce during most of the day. – Writing is me!

I have always written, even as a little girl, I wrote stories, novels and little poems. I then wrote mostly poems when I was a teen, poems and blogs.

Now I mostly blog, about everything and anything. Make-up is mainly my interest, but also travels, my garden, just life in general.

I blog for anyone who cares to listen, anyone who likes to follow and to comment and I read what others have to share. 

What is your passion, what makes you tick and your heart beat? Mine is my boyfriend and my writing, that’s my everything.

New updates!

Hey guys!

Another blog – this time in Danish!

I decided to create another blog, this blog is basically a re-written blog of the English version, and its going to be excatly the same posts, this blog is just in Danish – my native language, cause a lot of my friends and family are having trouble reading my English, so basically – its the same, just in Danish!

A new logo!

I decided to create a new logo/header for the blog, I think it got to be pretty darn nice looking, and it just made the whole blog look much better, a bit more ”me” I guess! x The entire logo/header is made in Photoshop, with some pictures I added. Hope you guys like it, and thank you for following me!


Sunshine Bloggers Award!

Thanks for the nomination!

I have been nominated by Ladywithnoname, for the sunshine blog awards, and thank you for that, you are really awesome! Warmed my heart.. I love when people read my blog and think about what I wrote, or if I inspire them in some way, or tempt them to a new fashion purchase, it just makes my day you guys. Here is the rues and the questions for my nominees I picked! -Enjoy!



1. Share 11 facts about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.

3. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

4. Notify your nominees about this post.

11 crazy facts about myself: 

1. I am a messy person, I hate cleaning, and thrive in a bit of clutter.

2. I am very short – 1.63 cm to be exact.

3. My eyes are a muddy dark green and they change color sometimes, from light green to dark brown, strange.

4. I recently started to play Volleyball and I enjoy it very much, it was my New Year’s resolution.

5. Me and my man have been together since I was 19 years old.

7. I hate watching Titanic, cause I always cry in the end.

8. I love speaking English, and enjoy that my man is Romanian, so we can speak English at home.

9. I am trying to grow my hair longer, and for the first time, its working.

10. I am terrible at picking out clothes, and tend to get advice from my girlfriends.

11. The part I hate most about my body, is my feet, I think feet are gross.


My 11 questions I have to anwser:

If you a one way ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Australia, I think its an amazing country, and so beautiful!

If you had to win a £100 voucher to spend either on make up or on clothes, which would you spend it on?

Clothes, cause I always seem to find perfect make-up, but clothes are just never really easy to find I think.

What is your favourite all time purchase?

That would be my flat, I love it, its my home and my sanctuary! I got it pretty damn cheap and I love owning my own place.

Do you see yourself blogging in 10 years time?

Yes, writing is my hobby and a way to just express myself, so yes, I do!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

With my man, married and who knows, maybe in a bigger flat? A car, and a good job.

What inspired you to start up a blog?

Well, I was studying to be a Multimedia designer, and we used blogs, to kinda keep track of our work, so I made my own personal blog!

Could you live without social media?

Doubt it, cause its my education and my hobby at the same time.

If you had to choose between having an internet connection, or a television in your household, which would you choose?

Internet! You can watch TV online too you know haha..

Half full or half empty?

Half full! I want to be an eternal optimist!

What is your favourite food?


Long hair or short hair?

I would say medium? But yea, I do like long hair, but for myself, I would choose just below the shoulders, cause that is what I would like!




My 11 questions:

1. Whats your full name?

2. What would you like to change your name to, if you HAD to change it?

3. What eye color do you like the best?

4. Whats your favorite childhood memory?

5. What does people call you as a nick name?

6. What food do you just hate?

7. What countries have you visited?

8. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

9. Are you allergic to anything?

10. If you ever had to write a book, what would it be about?

11. How did you start blogging?


The LUCKY few bloggers that I picked out!

Closetoftreasures – My littlesister

Fashionforlunch – Stylish chick

Fashonishing – A breath of fresh air