Beautiful beach vibes

Lately I’ve been spoiled with some awesome products and I want to share a bit of my favorites with you guys!

The theme is of course: Beach vibes! Because it’s summer and in Denmark, the weather is insanely hot, perfect for a day at the beach.

ESSIE: Gel setter and Treat, love & Color

Through the years, Essie has become this “power brand” regarding nail varnish, and I adore the colors and the long lasting formula that it has, these two (from the left) is a Gel Setter top coat, it not only works as a top coat, but it also tints your varnish in a purple/pink hue, very cute! And the second one is a nail treatment varnish, that keeps your nails strong, it’s from Essie’s “TLC” collection, this color is “Mauve-Tivation” and is a soft purple/pink tone, and I love it, very summery. These two polishes together, lasted without chipping one single bit, a WHOLE week, rather impressive!

ECOOKING: Lip balm with pomegranate

– The danish store called “Matas” has a new collab partner called “Beame.”, and through “Beame.” there’s been a bunch of beauty highlights, that is on sale for that month, one of the June highlights, is the gorgeous Ecooking lip balm that you see on the picture above, and it’s insanely good! It’s all organic, raw and natural ingredients that the woman behind Ecooking is using, and who doesn’t love that?? I have this baby in my work bag, and it’s on my lips most weekdays! The scent of pomegranate that this lip balm has is amazing without being too much – a very natural scent.

HH SIMONSEN: The wet brush

I’ve been a fan of this brush since it first came on the market a billion years ago, it is simply amazing! No tangles, no ruined hair and best of all – such a fantastic design, I repurchase this brush every time I need a new brush, they truly are worth the fuss.

ESSIE: Fairy Tailor

I cant get around being in love with Essie, it’s affordable and the varnish just lasts ages, this time I’ve chosen to highlight this nude varnish – This baby is insanely cute and would go perfect with that natural beach look! You know the “casual minimal makeup” kinda vibe? This is your varnish for that occasion! (Or just for work, as I use it for!) it’s not over the top, just subtle, I like.. Again it lasts about a week, and I am a busy bee, I normally make my varnish chip in about a day or two!

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Dryshampoo, does it work?

Yes it works wonders!

Lernberger Stafsing is the answer to an amazing dryshampoo, I am proud to say that it’s a Swedish brand – us being neighbors and all! (I am Damish) and it builds your hair up with volume and deminishes the oily texture that we girls wants to get rid of so badly!

I was one of more pessimistic people when it came to dryshampoo and the effects of it, I ruin my hair a lot by washing it too much, but now I can at least skip one hair wash, due to this amazing product! I got it in my monthly Goodiebox – From November (A Danish box of gorgeous products) and I have been hooked on this ever since!

This is a dryshampoo, structure builder and volumizer – all in one! It gives the hair everything that’s so crucial for a good looking and freshly washed feel that I just can’t go without, so now I can get a bit healthier hair, by using this instead of washing it too much.

Are you guys believes in dryshampoo? I wasn’t till November, but now I am all for it! Do share your product of you use another one, always exciting to see other products!
See you online guys x

Construction site!

There is no such thing as home! – But you never realize just how much crap you have till you got to pack it away! 

I am not moving! I am just redoing my floors, cause their all yellow and old and need some serious love and care, I have been wanting to renew my floors for ages now, and I am finally doing it, I am getting the living room floor and my hallway floor done, it’s gonna look real nice, I can’t wait till it’s all done. But right now – it looks like a battle-scene.. 



My dog is very unhappy, he misses the couch, which is now standing outside on my balcony.. Gosh it’s a little comical and sad at the same time, my living room looks horrible like this, way too empty, there’s even an echo! I hate it, my place is so homely, warm and welcoming – that’s what I love about it, but now it’s all empty and I just found out, that I hate that more than anything! I want to hide away in my bedroom, cause a big empty room is just so darn depressing! – I don’t get how people can live minimalistic, it’s too empty, too depressing..

But I did it, me and my best friend Jane did it all by ourselves – am pretty proud, I love not having to involve my family too much, it’s my place and I want to do things by myself, but Jane helped and she has been brilliant – all the heavy stuff got lifted away and now I just have to take away all the smaller things, which is fine by me!

The floors are gonna be done with a tiny bit of light tint, so they are matching my style, then two layers of varnish on – the strongest one you can get, and it will last a long, long time! I can’t wait to see the result, I think it will look gorgeous! – I’ll make sure to do before and after pics for you guys!

See you online guys! x

A lot of love to Christina London!

I fell in love..

The new and beautiful Christina London watch’es are amazing, you can mix and match them in whatever way you could ever imagine, and style them with different stones, as in diamonds – two colours (Black and reg. white), rubies and a lot more, you guys should check out her website Christina london!

About her new ”Collect” series:

I have always been a little bit in love with the whole Swiss watch collection Christina has made, and with real diamonds in the best quality, we are talking Top Wesselton VVS here, and its amazing looking really! (A Top Wesselton VVS is an almost flawless stone, only one stone is better and those are pretty rare.) You can get a lot of different styles of watches, you can mix and match colours of stones, and you can even change the ”Top ring” on the watch casing you bought. Her work is flawless, beautiful, and somewhat cheap compared to the original price of really good diamonds, best thing is, she is actually from MY country (Denmark), and has chosen to live in the UK, cause she thought that her watches wouldent really sell all that well in Denmark! She is a talented girl, with a lot of creative ideas, thats for sure, and she swept our feet away with her beautiful watches, she could have stayed in Denmark no problem what so ever..

When I sold her watches, I always wanted one myself, but at that time I was a young teen, and diden’t dare spending the money. Every watch I sold, I made sure the customers knew how special and very unique it was. The work who has gone into these babies are amazing, and its pure intrest for watches, and nothing else! Its not to sell watches, its to create something unique and special for todays girls to wear, that you can pep up any way you like! Its all about being different, and making different choises!


Here its very clear how you guys can use the ”top ring” on the watch piece, to get a different style.. I have an all regular gold ring on mine – the starter one, you might say! I got a little diamond with the watch, those are the ones lying in there, as you see.. Those red stones are rubies, really beautiful aswell.. The intire watch is one big ”build it yourself” piece, and its truly unique! You gotta take a look at mine!


A little shopping!

This is a little sneak peek on what I bought in IKEA today! I just love IKEA, it’s cheap, sturdy and good looking furniture! I have a fair share of things from IKEA, but not that much furniture actually.. My bed, living room table, dining table, make-up table, couch and my big tv shelf isn’t from IKEA, their from… Yea well all over really! XD So it ain’t a 100% IKEA apartment, but I do love IKEA, that I can admit! ❤

I really enjoy spending time decorating my apartment, trying to decide what to buy from where, and my style is modern, mixed with romantic and of course, old Japanese items! It just looks amazing mixed with modern/romantic furniture!


Freshening up my hair!

Well let’s just say I had a busy night of coloring my hair! I just re-colored it ofc, to my favorite and only color I really use, black! I don’t know why, but I can pull it off! I had this color for a very long time, and I just think it suits me. This evening/night, I was really bored and I decided why not color my hair! XD Ahem.. I guess I just felt like freshening up my hair, it always makes us girls feel more happy, so I went ahead and did it, and its true, I do feel a little bit more happy, even tho the bathroom looked like shit afterwards! XD damn…


This is the final result, and no I do not have any make-up on, and I just randomly blow-dried my hair, so yep I look messy, but hell, don’t we all at 00:00?! XD

Today’s outfit


My outfit today was something I threw on to go walk my dog at 8 in the morning, and it was a tad cold, so I decided to use leggings, a pair of basic black shorts from Gina Tricot, a basic white top from H&M, oversized knitwear shirt from Gina Tricot in black (all new) and my beloved blue and white Converse with stars.

I kinda looked at myself in the mirror that morning and thought to myself “hey that’s not all bad!”

I have a thing for knitwear and this one is just so comfy to wear, I would like to wear shorts a lot during summer time, if the weather aren’t fair, well work around it! – So I did, with the leggings it wasn’t that cold outside. My Converse brought my outfit some sense of street mixed with classic, I like that! That’s why my Converse is used a lot! Hope you guys are managing the weather too, too hot, too cold or whatever, just make it work! Haha..

With love