Christmas wish list

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything, mostly due to me focusing on my education and my job.

I’ve decided to share with you, a bit of wishes I have for Christmas this year, it’s mainly make up, cause I just can’t seem to get enough of it, and a bit of funny or cool things from one of my favorite websites – I can’t get enough of it!

I picked out a lot of different make up items, some is high end brands, and some is very affordable.

I also wished for some items to decorate my home (from my parents), because I don’t have much of that, and what I have is pretty old heirlooms, so I put them a bit out of the way, to make sure nothing happens to them.

The ABH Glow Kit palette, inspired by Nicole Guerriero! It’s fantastic, who can’t use a good highlighter kit? 😍 You can use it as a highlighter or as eyeshadows, they would just work wonders both ways, their just that damn pretty! It’s limited edition, so you better act fast guys, it’s definitely a Christmas present worth getting for the wife / girlfriend!

The metallic liquid lipsticks from MAC is to die for! I adore the color “Softly Rockin”, I have two colors from the Retro Matte liquid lipsticks, and their amazing! Soft, not too dry like many other long stay lipsticks are, it’s perfect for an evening out!

How gorgeous are these?! I love being cozy and warm, staying at home with a great book and a cup of coffee, these slippers are just perfect for that! Plus… They got lights on! Uuuhh!

The Too Faced Sweethearts perfect flush blush, its bling, a fantastic color and perfect for a beautiful blush glow, I think this is a gorgeous blush, would love this as a Christmas present!

The Nanoleaf Aurora LED light, its insane! You can set it up on an app on your phone, decide which colors you want, or even hook it up to your music device, and let it flash along with the music, it’s too cool. It can even wake you up slowly in the morning with a set timer, how incredible is that? I would love that in the bedroom, just above our bed, would look pretty neat!

The worlds cutest cup of coffee! A unicorn cup, for the unicorn / horse loving woman, haha! I think it’s adorable, I’m into this whole unicorn theme to be honest.. Their so FLUFFY! 😍

The ABH Modern Renaissance is a magnificent eyeshadow palette, I love the golden, brown and pink hues, their just very much me! A palette that’s highly pigmented and full of bling.

The MAC Snowball brush kits are adorable, every woman needs a new set of brushes once in a while, and who would say no to a MAC brush set? Their so pretty these! I love bling, and these are just bling enough for me!

The MAC Snowball eye bag in “Smokey Pink” is gorgeous, I think you could do some fantastic smokey eyes with just these two, and the mascara and eyeliner is great, I tried the eyeliner and I’ve heard great things about this mascara, all in all – a great kit!

Golden Rose is a new brand for me, they just started a store in Waves, and I have a long last matte liquid lipstickand a bronzer from them, and I adore both! I always wanted to try out a lip primer, just to see how it would work in my make up routine, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this one!

I myself went a bit mad with presents for my fiancé and my family this year, but I won’t mention what I bought for them, because they might follow this blog and get a sneak peak, that would be too bad!

I hope your all doing great and enjoying this month and the upcoming holidays, see you online!

Life, love and the future!

Lately I am trying to get ready for my education and trying to get our home clean and good looking! Strange – but true none the less..

Let’s just be honest, I have never ever been the stay at home wife kind of woman! I am messy and a typical “oh where did I put that stupid remote, I know it’s here somewhere” kind of person, everywhere I seem to go, I leave a trail of mess behind me, and I don’t mind much, but I got older and more aware of it, and I am actually changing – who knew?! 😂

I never thought that day would come, where I keep thinking that I need to do the laundry else it would pile up, or I would remember to put all my make-up back in perfect order, else it would look cluttered and messy, but lately I do. (Or ever since my fiancé moved in!) My fiancé have had a very good influence on me I have to say, he has made me see how lovely our home can look when it’s clean and organized and he is good at reminding me to just put things back after using them, it’s much easier than running around cleaning at the last minute, before guests arrive, or when you get too annoyed at the clutter!

I think being engaged to him has somehow made me more grown up, more determined and less messy, and yeah it sounds so cliché, but he makes me into a better person. 

I make little to do lists now, I make grocery lists, I make sure to always plan ahead on shopping so we never need anything badly and I feel amazing for doing so! Who the hell am I and where is Mia?! 😜

We have started to sort out food, so we do a “cooking list” where we write what food we wanna cook and on what day, it’s gotten so much easier to prepare meals and shop for them, that’s the God honest truth.. Thank god for lists! (Oh dear I’ve become like my mother!) 

So right now I am passing time at home, waiting for the 29th of February, by cleaning and making my little “stay at home wife” lists! I am not perfect at it, but I’m getting there.

Do you guys have any strange lists you make? I am thinking I might need more lists in my life, cause it keeps you organized and I want 2016 to be the year of organization and calm, and my lists makes me more calm and a lot less stressy and forgetful – who dosnt what that?

Here is a few pictures of our home right now, we are constantly redecorating, because we wish for a different look in our bedroom and living room right now – we have started to save up for a new bed as we speak, cause the one we have now is terrible!

Our new Danish designer table, lamp and chairs! The chairs are pretty well known in Denmark and are called the 7 chair from Arne Jacobsen, the table is a Fritz Hansen and the lamp is from Fritz Hansen too. Now we just need some more pictures up on the walls, but it starting to look very cozy already.


My fiancé changed the paintings a few months ago, so now my bedroom screen painting is in the living room and vice versa, it really suits it a lot better! The lamps are old Japanese lamps and my sofa is white leather – I know white, but I love it. It looks so good now after we got the floors sanded down in the hallway and the living room.

Construction site!

There is no such thing as home! – But you never realize just how much crap you have till you got to pack it away! 

I am not moving! I am just redoing my floors, cause their all yellow and old and need some serious love and care, I have been wanting to renew my floors for ages now, and I am finally doing it, I am getting the living room floor and my hallway floor done, it’s gonna look real nice, I can’t wait till it’s all done. But right now – it looks like a battle-scene.. 



My dog is very unhappy, he misses the couch, which is now standing outside on my balcony.. Gosh it’s a little comical and sad at the same time, my living room looks horrible like this, way too empty, there’s even an echo! I hate it, my place is so homely, warm and welcoming – that’s what I love about it, but now it’s all empty and I just found out, that I hate that more than anything! I want to hide away in my bedroom, cause a big empty room is just so darn depressing! – I don’t get how people can live minimalistic, it’s too empty, too depressing..

But I did it, me and my best friend Jane did it all by ourselves – am pretty proud, I love not having to involve my family too much, it’s my place and I want to do things by myself, but Jane helped and she has been brilliant – all the heavy stuff got lifted away and now I just have to take away all the smaller things, which is fine by me!

The floors are gonna be done with a tiny bit of light tint, so they are matching my style, then two layers of varnish on – the strongest one you can get, and it will last a long, long time! I can’t wait to see the result, I think it will look gorgeous! – I’ll make sure to do before and after pics for you guys!

See you online guys! x

Dad, this is for you

Thank you dad

You have been my rock, for so many years, been my biggest fan and my best friend for decades now.. Even tho I have failed, and wronged you, and been angry without no reason, or just a pure pill – as a teenage girl can be, I have always loved you, I hope you know that.

I feel that I can tell you anything, and your honest towards me, never mean, always kind, and trusting. Your the best dad a girl could ever wish for, and now at the age of 25 summers, I finally see the effort you put into raising me, and how much you really loved me, even tho I have been difficult, and pestering you much of the time.

Your my hero you know, one I will strive to be as, if I ever have kids myself. Your hard working, clever, always in a great mood and you never try to be anyone else but yourself – if people don’t like you, its their loss, never yours, and you don’t even bat an eye at it. Your a confident person, with a job you worked very hard for, which you have kept for half a lifetime, a role model I am proud to look up to, and I will never stop looking up to you dad.

You fought for me, and you never really got a thank you, but now you have, cause I do know how much effort you have put into making my life full of happiness and support. You do not choose your parents, but if anyone asked me, I would have chosen exactly the same. You and mom have had a great impact on how I turned out, and I am proud to call you guys my parents. I am a better person because of you.


My parents and my at graduation, Køge business academy

Studying Multimedia design 2013

To fold or to raise

In life you have to know when to pick your battles, and lately, on the job front, I picked my battles.

When you know you will never thrive at the place you work, and you tried your best, but it got you no where, what do you do? Do you raise your stakes, keep on fighting, even though your not really happy about having to make such a big effort out of things, but loving the field you work in. Being miserable at the job, but loving the work you do?

Or do you fold, keep the shred of dignity you do have left, and try to start somewhere new, where you feel that you can be appreciated and feel like your being build up, not torn down.

Its never fun being new in your field, especially when your in the IT business, that always changes and expands, where you always have to learn new things – even though this also makes it exiting to me. But being all new, and working for a company, that expects everything to be perfection, but you not being able to meet their expectations, is hard.

So I folded, I decided that meeting early, going home late, a 9 hours a day job, was not for me, especially when I did not get any recognition for the hours I put into it, and the work I tried my best to do, with no help what so ever. Its a slap in the face to be blunt, and next time I go searching for a job, I will make sure that the company agrees, that when I am new, I am allowed to ask questions to become better, and I need a period where I will be trained up in the field, so I know everything perfectly, before they expect me to work as a self-reliant designer.

Maybe it was a weak-ass thing to do? Maybe it was wrong of me to fold that fast? But I feel good about my choice, cause a job for me is passion. Its not your life or your husband, its your hobby and your passion, something you love waking up to in the mornings, and something you would feel empty without.

I hope that I will find the right company to work for soon, I know its out there.

Lige ved og næsten

Eksamens rapporten

(This is again a danish blog for my exam)

Jeg har nu fået sat det mest vigtige op i min rapport. Jeg har vedlagt et par småting også, og nogle forskellige modeller som jeg syntes der manglede. Jeg er nu nået til markedsførings strategi, og er snart ved vejs ende med rapport skrivningen. Det er lidt underligt at jeg snart er ved at være færdig.

Der er udarbejdet to færdige produkter til eksamen, og efter det sidste af min rapport er blevet færdig, skal der udarbejdes en Facebook side, som reklamerer med firmaet og dets produkter.

Jeg har fået lavet en model mere at ligge ind i min rapport, for jeg syntes den var meget væsentlig at have med, nu når jeg gerne vil gå i dybden med min rapport.


Jeg har brugt konkurrence trekanten til at differentiere mig fra de andre firmaer som er på markedet, og understreger med denne model, hvordan det ser ud for det fremtidige firma. Dette er en ret nyttig model, da man kan se hvilken nytte man gør kunden.