Beautiful beach vibes

Lately I’ve been spoiled with some awesome products and I want to share a bit of my favorites with you guys!

The theme is of course: Beach vibes! Because it’s summer and in Denmark, the weather is insanely hot, perfect for a day at the beach.

ESSIE: Gel setter and Treat, love & Color

Through the years, Essie has become this “power brand” regarding nail varnish, and I adore the colors and the long lasting formula that it has, these two (from the left) is a Gel Setter top coat, it not only works as a top coat, but it also tints your varnish in a purple/pink hue, very cute! And the second one is a nail treatment varnish, that keeps your nails strong, it’s from Essie’s “TLC” collection, this color is “Mauve-Tivation” and is a soft purple/pink tone, and I love it, very summery. These two polishes together, lasted without chipping one single bit, a WHOLE week, rather impressive!

ECOOKING: Lip balm with pomegranate

– The danish store called “Matas” has a new collab partner called “Beame.”, and through “Beame.” there’s been a bunch of beauty highlights, that is on sale for that month, one of the June highlights, is the gorgeous Ecooking lip balm that you see on the picture above, and it’s insanely good! It’s all organic, raw and natural ingredients that the woman behind Ecooking is using, and who doesn’t love that?? I have this baby in my work bag, and it’s on my lips most weekdays! The scent of pomegranate that this lip balm has is amazing without being too much – a very natural scent.

HH SIMONSEN: The wet brush

I’ve been a fan of this brush since it first came on the market a billion years ago, it is simply amazing! No tangles, no ruined hair and best of all – such a fantastic design, I repurchase this brush every time I need a new brush, they truly are worth the fuss.

ESSIE: Fairy Tailor

I cant get around being in love with Essie, it’s affordable and the varnish just lasts ages, this time I’ve chosen to highlight this nude varnish – This baby is insanely cute and would go perfect with that natural beach look! You know the “casual minimal makeup” kinda vibe? This is your varnish for that occasion! (Or just for work, as I use it for!) it’s not over the top, just subtle, I like.. Again it lasts about a week, and I am a busy bee, I normally make my varnish chip in about a day or two!

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My night in pictures




One sleepy little puppy, having a long nap in mom’s favorite chair, where she writes all her blogs! The blue thing there is a heating pillow, cause I had back pain, and it kinda helps when you apply heat! Tonight my spoiled dog is using it, without hearing tho!

I spend the night painting my nails, which are super short, cause I have kinda ruined them a bit, due to over using gel nails! They look amazing when their on, but darn they can really make your nails thin and shredded! This while drinking a glass of wine, watching “The Big Bang Theory” and relaxing on the couch!

I cannot help but smile at Sheldon, he is just too amazing! x

See you online guys! x

Pretty in pink

I found an old friend!




Today I had a busy day, and just now, I found the time to sit down, relax and look at my old nail polishes, and had to apply one of them instantly. The amazing O.P.I polish called ”PINK-ING of you” is a fantastic shade of pink, a very light and amazingly feminine one actually. (Without being too little girl-ish) Summer tan skin, and this amazing color, and your good to go, for your perfect summer look! I have been missing my summer tan, and now I am showing it off with this perfect polish. I found this adorable shade of pink, in a box of two, one with glitter and then this shade, they are cancer awareness polishes, and I had to have them, when I saw them in the store! They look amazing together too, a fantastic mix. But right now, due to the perfect summer tan that i achieved by a lot of hard garden work, in my new garden plot (just got it this summer), I can rock this polish all on its own!


I had a lot of good experiences with O.P.I and I can only recommend this brand to anyone who wants an easy removable polish, that does not chip too easy!

Busy bee aka me!

Cozy day with sis!



Today I had my yearly shopping spree with my little sister and I bought a lot of nice new things, mainly make-up, and a black bra haha.. I always seem to have more white bra’s than I have black, so I needed one more, just in case kinda.. The make-up I bought? Well.. It was kinda plain today really, a concealer from L’Oreal called ”True Match” and some Depend nail polish, a top coat and a bottom coat and then a nail polish remover, with vitamins in, that moisturizes your skin around your nails, instead of drying it out.. So that’s kinda neat! I always get so dry skin around my nails when I remove my polish, and it really sucks, so I am trying this one out!

The L’Oreal True Match concealer is a pretty damn good one, and I tried it in a store, I got a mini bottle test home, and I fell in love, it has almost every damn skin tone too! It is fantastic, truly! I can recommend this one for sure! It has a soft touch to it, and just melts into your skin and makes it look untouched and flawless. No ugly dusty powdery finish! Just a pure look, and that defiantly a huge plus for me.. As natural as possible!

And yes, that is my Shellack and its still lasting, I applied it Christmas morning, and it lasted till New Year’s Eve, and until now. Its a great polish and you can find it on Amazon, actually right here and its a very decent price, but remember that you need an UV light to make it dry you guys! Else it will never dry, and a bottom and top coat is pretty important too, makes it last longer and look better! – I am a HUGE fan of Shellack, and I swear it lasts for a week and about two weeks if you are careful with it! It is amazing..

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!

Tivoli at New Year's in Copenhagen!

This is Tivoli at New Year’s in Copenhagen!

Tomorrow it’s New Year’s eve, and we will be sipping champagne, wishing the best for our families and loved ones, and looking back at the year 2013 with many emotions, mine this past year is joy and accomplishment, also growth and difficult times, but the year of 2014 it upon us, and we can wash the slate clean, and start all over, and say ”I did this, and now, I will do better/be happier/be smarter in the year to come.”

I have learned a lot about myself, and who I am as a person, how I want my life and my future to be like. I am a lucky person, I just did not notice and I took a lot of things for granted, but not anymore. My New Year’s resolution is all about noticing the little things and appreciating what I have right here and right now, cause life is unexpected, and you never know what might change. I am a lucky girl though, having a good and trustworthy man to spend my life with and a great apartment close to the city, and many amazing friends and of course my family.

I hope everyone remembers this little thing, that I surely will do in the year of 2014, take a jar, and for every amazing thing that happens, write it on a post it, and put it in the jar and in the year’s end, 2015 – open it after 24:00 and read them out loud for the friends, family whatever! Appreciate your life some more, be happy about small things, many of us are so lucky.. Living in a good country, having friends, husband’s/wife’s and family around us. Not everyone is that fortunate, I will make sure to remember every single day, that I am blessed in so many ways.

This New Year’s eve nail polish dye is gold, and what better polish to use than this one!


Sugared Spice by Bluesky Shellack

I love glitter and glam at New Year’s, so I used this! Its an awesome color, and will go great with any color of dress, (which I haven’t even picked out yet!), I am in a dilemma and will have to go look at dresses tomorrow, who knows, maybe I will find something! (If not, I will probably just have to wear something from Even and Odd, which I have ordered a few weeks ago!)

What are you guys wearing and doing for New Year’s? Do tell! Hope everyone will have a great night and an amazing year of 2014 – go celebrate guys!

I am writing this post a little bit early, actually a day too early, but I will be preparing a New Year’s meal for my family and friends this year, the menu we will be having; shrimp cocktail with home made dressing, roast beef with cream potatoes and a chocolate tart with cherries and whipped cream! What is your menu looking like? (Mine is a little simple, but hey, it’s the first time I am preparing such a big dinner all by myself) – But hey, maybe my dad and man will help out a bit! Here’s for hoping!

Well, nothing left to say than: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! – Be safe!

Everlasting nail polish!


The last couple of days I have been sick, I have the flue and seem to just go through an endless amount of tissues – my poor nose! But when I’m sick, I have a glass of wine, and try to just relax as best as possible, and relaxing I am very good at!

So I took on my robe, a nice and fluffy one that is just perfect! And I poured myself a glass of red wine, and lounged in my white leather sofa.

I have been meaning to post an update on my polish and the lasting time these ones has from Bluesky Shellac – cause it is downright amazing! They last and last, and as you guys can see on the pic above – it still looks perfect! (The polish colour is called Dark Lava)

I have decided to do nails at home, for friends and family, I’m not bad at it at all, and I have done a great job before. It’s just a fun thing and nothing work related tho!

All my polishes are bought online, cause the Danish system is a bit screwed up, all the manicure places uses Shellac, and are afraid it will ruin their business if it can be bought in Denmark, and applied at home, oh well.. So I mainly buy it in England. -Thank god for Amazon and EBay!

Have you guys tried using shellac or having nails done in a salon?

Hugs from Mia!

The shellac arrived!

The day came…



.. Where I recived my shellac nail polish in the mail, and ended up with some new and awesome colours. I fell in love with ”Dark Lava”, a really lovely dark red that i ordred, with specks of glitter in it. Its pretty awesome, and it looks so EVIL on, its perfect! I havent tried on the other ones yet, there is so many, and I love them all. I will order some more, this time, I will order some more light colours, and some for french nail art, so I can get classy nails whenever I want! – I love doing french nails, they look cute!

I have made some pretty perfect nails on alot of people alredy, friends/family mostly, and I have learned that I love doing nails as a hobby, its pretty relaxing. I like having people over and doing their nails, its great! But it is not something that I wanna do professionally at all, its just a fun and creative hobby. – I have always been fond of creative hobbies, and I always will be.


Today I spend the day with a good neighbour and friend, and we went to Metro (a huge mega-buy supermarket), and looked at their offers. I found a great little shirt for my dog, cause in this cold we have in Denmark, it is not cool to be a dog, with no undercoat! – He is a little Yorkshire Terrier, and as most people know, their coat dosent shead, and needs to be groomed or cut on regular basis, and yeah, I used to trimm him a lot, and I was pretty good at it, (Ive been a hairdresser), but now I decided to grow his hair out, and let him go to a show, to see if he gets good grades. I would like to use him as a breeder, due to his very nice family. Sammi is my baby, and well I do not want kids, so he is my kid, and spoiled to the bone!


I also went to shop in Bilka with my good friend, (Bilka is a regular supermarket) and we did our daily grocery shopping, I wanted to go to Matas (a make-up/besuty product store), but it was closed, damn… I have gotten this card from Matas, and you earn these ”points” that you can use on their online website, to buy point-prizes with! Its kinde neat, you can get a lot of cute stuff, and I got some goodies from Rimmel, I bought the ”Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner” from their shop, and I hope their good. Its a lip glossy thing, thats supposed to last a long time, and an eyeliner thats waterproof, woop de doo! Not bad at all really.. I have a few 100 points left, and I hope they get new items in there again soon, cause it would be cool to see if I could find something else that was intresting. The Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner was 235 points, and in the store, just to buy the set it costs 120 DKK, not much, but its a 120 DKK that I saved, and im trying something new for once! – I am a ”stick to the same thing” kinda girl, I love the products I know, and dont trust the ones that promise you eternal beauty – but okay, who does? (Im amazed I ended up trying the Shellac nail polish at all, but I do not regret it!)


I bought some pretty cheap pantyhose by Caroline Fleming – A Danish celeb who has some pretty good ideas about fashionable pantyhose! Yey for her, and for me, cause I can wear them! Haha.. Look what I got!





To round things up, I have put some pictures together for you guys, just to see some of my former nail designs – their old and pretty ordinary, but fun to look at. These are done with mostly regular polish, some is shellac tho, I love the one with the little white flower on, check them out, tell me what you think!







Iphone 452




Hope you guys had a good day!