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Our cherry tree in the garden

On Instagram I’ve promised you guys some good podcasts to listen to, so here’s my list, I have both Danish and English podcasts amongst each other, so bear with me if you aren’t danish speaking 💗

Mørkeland – DK True Crime

Missing & Murdered – Finding Cleo


Dr. Death By: Wondery

If you guys have some awesome podcasts that I have to listen to, don’t hesitate to comment below! Am always on the lookout for new and awesome podcasts. 💗

Glam Glow

This is by far the best working brand I’ve tried to date, a perfect home spa experience, and worth every penny!

I’m one of those women who’s tried a LOT of face masks, and this is by far the best brand I’ve tried! Every product I’ve tried, have just been working and it’s also a pleasant experience – cause lets be honest, some face masks just plain hurts or dries into this impossible mess that you can’t wash off!

The Glam Glow supermud mask has a slight cooling effect, and is easy to rinse off when it’s dried. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. I can’t find a bad thing to say about this face mask, and normally I’m so disappointed with every new product I try – this has a Hollywood feel, and the price is fair too!

The Glam Glow Lip exfoliating treatment is a lip scrub, and I use it a lot, (mainly before applying long lasting lipsticks) and the container is huuuge, so you get a lot of scrub for your money! I’m again a bit speechless, because it actually works! It smells of mint (even tastes of mint lol!), and leaves your lips feeling baby soft, again not one bad word!

This product is for women on the go, it takes no time at all to apply and (for the mask) to dry, I’m impressed and will be repurchasing these products! I’m going to have to try the lip plumper that Glam Glow has made – I have high expectations now that I know these two products work so well!

Purchased at: Matas

Supermud face mask

Lip exfoliating treatment

Beautiful beach vibes

Lately I’ve been spoiled with some awesome products and I want to share a bit of my favorites with you guys!

The theme is of course: Beach vibes! Because it’s summer and in Denmark, the weather is insanely hot, perfect for a day at the beach.

ESSIE: Gel setter and Treat, love & Color

Through the years, Essie has become this “power brand” regarding nail varnish, and I adore the colors and the long lasting formula that it has, these two (from the left) is a Gel Setter top coat, it not only works as a top coat, but it also tints your varnish in a purple/pink hue, very cute! And the second one is a nail treatment varnish, that keeps your nails strong, it’s from Essie’s “TLC” collection, this color is “Mauve-Tivation” and is a soft purple/pink tone, and I love it, very summery. These two polishes together, lasted without chipping one single bit, a WHOLE week, rather impressive!

ECOOKING: Lip balm with pomegranate

– The danish store called “Matas” has a new collab partner called “Beame.”, and through “Beame.” there’s been a bunch of beauty highlights, that is on sale for that month, one of the June highlights, is the gorgeous Ecooking lip balm that you see on the picture above, and it’s insanely good! It’s all organic, raw and natural ingredients that the woman behind Ecooking is using, and who doesn’t love that?? I have this baby in my work bag, and it’s on my lips most weekdays! The scent of pomegranate that this lip balm has is amazing without being too much – a very natural scent.

HH SIMONSEN: The wet brush

I’ve been a fan of this brush since it first came on the market a billion years ago, it is simply amazing! No tangles, no ruined hair and best of all – such a fantastic design, I repurchase this brush every time I need a new brush, they truly are worth the fuss.

ESSIE: Fairy Tailor

I cant get around being in love with Essie, it’s affordable and the varnish just lasts ages, this time I’ve chosen to highlight this nude varnish – This baby is insanely cute and would go perfect with that natural beach look! You know the “casual minimal makeup” kinda vibe? This is your varnish for that occasion! (Or just for work, as I use it for!) it’s not over the top, just subtle, I like.. Again it lasts about a week, and I am a busy bee, I normally make my varnish chip in about a day or two!

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The April GOODIEBOX full review


I have now used all the products that was in this months Goodiebox, and this is a small review of it all!

Gosh Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen 

A nice and long lasting liner, easy to apply and great looking on! It does peel off a bit, and needs to be applied perfectly in one go, cause it dries fast and if you reapply – it can peel off, but luckily it’s quite easy to apply!

Me Me Me Cherub’s Blush Lip and Cheek Tint

A real gem! This one is by far my favorite item in this months box! It’s long lasting, easy to apply and fun to work with, the color is amazing too, and I can see on their Instagram that they have a ton of different colors for tinting your cheeks and lips – I need to purchase another one! Positively addicting!

Rituals Honey Touch Body Lotion

I think this Body lotion is amazing, the scent of Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey is just amazing but without being overwhelming! It leaves my skin soft and smooth and I cannot begin to explain how nice it was having another body lotion, you can never get enough of them!

Tresemmé perfectly undone sea foaming spray

A fun little addition, but I don’t think it works that well for my hair, I have a bit of a curl to it, and this foam spray should give my hair more of a curly look – but I don’t think it has at all, but besides that, it makes your hair look shiny and nice – so it’s not all a total waste! I use it for an every day look.

DM Skincare Blue Clay Anti Cellulite

A product that’s supposed to be applied to thighs or stomach – to prevent cellulite, honestly I doubt it works, but it’s a fun little extra treatment for my mini home spa, probably not anything I’ll repurchase, but it will definitely be used and I think it’s a fun little thing. I doubt a simple clay can remove cellulite, but hey it’s a cool spa addition. 

Eucerin Dermato Clean 3in1 Cleansing Fluid

This cleanser is very little – I wished they would have given us a bigger one, cause it’s quite good, I didn’t have a cleanser, just used mine up so this one was a cool addition and something I could use for sure! (Just wished it was bigger)

All in all, I think this months box was fun, definitely something I could use! And I think the Anti Cellulite clay was fun to try, it was exiting to make this months review! If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

See you online guys! x

The April GOODIEBOX review 


I have just gotten the new box of spoils from GOODIEBOX DK and I’m so exited!! Today I alredy tried the Cherub Blush from “MeMeMe”, it’s a lip and cheek blush, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Easy to apply and work with, on the top left picture, I have the tint on my lips and cheeks! I also used an eyeliner from Gosh that was in the box! I love it, it’s a little hard to apply but it is very long lasting and doesn’t smudge at all! I had to remove the little pre-test I did on my hand with soap, to even get it all off, it wouldn’t come off with regular water! – The eyeliner is also seen on the top left picture!

I had this in my box:

  • Tresemmé Perfectly Undone Sea foaming spray
  • Rituals Honey Touch Body Lotion
  • DM skincare Blue Clay Anti Cellulite
  • MeMeMe Cherish Lip and Cheek Tint
  • Gosh Long Lasting eyeliner pen
  • Eucerin Dermato Clean 3 in 1 cleansing fluid
  • YSL perfume tester

What do I find most exiting?

I loved the lip and cheek tint from MeMeMe and eyeliner from Gosh is so fantastic!

I can’t wait to try the Tresemmé hair product – cause it’s supposed to create nice bouncy wavy locks and I love that natural look! And I really wanna try the Eucerin cleansing fluid – cause I wanted a new make up remover so badly, I used up the one I had so this was very convenient!

Lately I’ve been..




I have had a busy weekend and I’ve been busy ever since I got home from the UK to be honest! This is what I have been up to!

Picture 1: This weekend I was at my brothers place, we had dinner together and it was so cozy, I loved it so much, been missing him a lot!

Picture 2 & 3: Another month another GOODIEBOX! I have opened my third box this month and I was thrilled!

Picture 4: I recently just finished this book that I bought in the UK, I loved it, the most scary book I’ve read in a long time to be honest, do you guys like nerve wrecking books? – you gotta read this one then!

Picture 5, 6, 7 & 8: I have enjoyed the weather recently, and spend most of the free time in my garden. I love my little garden plot, last year I grew so many amazing things! I have taken many walks by my garden too and have enjoyed the sun finally being out, I have missed spring!

Picture 9, 10 & 11: I have recieved a goodiebox from Comwell spa! A face mask and a body butter – they are both addictive and the body butter has this amazing scent.. 

Picture 12: Had brunch with my parents, my little sister and my dads two sisters at my family’s favorite brunch restaurant, I just love how amazing and huge their brunch plates are – I could wake up to that every single morning.. Yum!

Picture 13: I have tried hot stone massage for the very first time! It was gorgeous and really relived my shoulders from a lot of tension, I have a very bad back and this actually helped!

Picture 14: I tried the fragrance CLEAN and found a favorite instantly! This is truly amazing, I’m in love with the CLEAN fragrances.

Picture 15 & 16: I’ve been to Comwell spa with my two sisters and my mom, where we had hot stone massage, used the water spa and had lunch! It was an amazing day full of relaxation and girl-time! 

Picture 17 & 18: I hosted a dinner party where I cooked a main course and dessert for my two sisters and my parents – my dad gave me the flowers you guys see on the picture and the cake is apple cake. I loved that evening and the food was gorgeous! Pretty proud of myself.

I will try to find some time to review the Comwell spa and give you a little more info about the products I recived from Comwell too. 

I will of course also get a review of the book made, so you guys can hear more about the plot.

I alredy reviewed the CLEAN fragrances on the blog guys, go and find it if you feel like reading more about that!

Thank you for being such faithful and amazing readers! See you online x

Origins KissZing lipstick review

I won this competition a months time back, I don’t know if you guys remember (- the ones who have been following me for a while that is!) I finally received my prize the other day, and here is my review as promised!

The picture I won with, that I posted on my Instagram and tagged Origins in

It basically said “No kisses from this little guy without KissZing” – they wanted you to show them lips who was in need of Origins new lipstick – so I made this picture and posted it, and I won!

KissZing Rosemance 04 lipstick

This is the lipstick that’s been won, it’s actually quite amazing, a very understated color and a nice soft feel when applied! 

It gives you soft lips and a slight color as well, which is amazing for a hot summer or a dayily lipstick without too much going on.

It does not feel heavy on, it’s light and soft, no extreme smell or taste either – another huge plus, cause a lipstick with a taste or a lot of perfume smell can put me off from wearing it! This has almost no smell, a light minty smell – which is actually quite nice.

My opinion 

  • Easy to apply
  • Does not feel heavy
  • No taste or extreme smell
  • Lightly tinted 
  • Softens your lips nicely
  • Dry lips gets softer
  • A soft tinted color

I will give this one a maximum of six stars!

Why six stars??

This product is easy to apply on the go, is light tinted and not any extreme color or taste or smell. It fits perfect into a pocket, the design is gorgeous! The lipstick makes your lips softer every time you use it and they have a wide range of different colors – Origins did a great job!

Hope you liked the review guys, have you tried KissZing? What do you think?

See you online x