Beautiful beach vibes

Lately I’ve been spoiled with some awesome products and I want to share a bit of my favorites with you guys!

The theme is of course: Beach vibes! Because it’s summer and in Denmark, the weather is insanely hot, perfect for a day at the beach.

ESSIE: Gel setter and Treat, love & Color

Through the years, Essie has become this “power brand” regarding nail varnish, and I adore the colors and the long lasting formula that it has, these two (from the left) is a Gel Setter top coat, it not only works as a top coat, but it also tints your varnish in a purple/pink hue, very cute! And the second one is a nail treatment varnish, that keeps your nails strong, it’s from Essie’s “TLC” collection, this color is “Mauve-Tivation” and is a soft purple/pink tone, and I love it, very summery. These two polishes together, lasted without chipping one single bit, a WHOLE week, rather impressive!

ECOOKING: Lip balm with pomegranate

– The danish store called “Matas” has a new collab partner called “Beame.”, and through “Beame.” there’s been a bunch of beauty highlights, that is on sale for that month, one of the June highlights, is the gorgeous Ecooking lip balm that you see on the picture above, and it’s insanely good! It’s all organic, raw and natural ingredients that the woman behind Ecooking is using, and who doesn’t love that?? I have this baby in my work bag, and it’s on my lips most weekdays! The scent of pomegranate that this lip balm has is amazing without being too much – a very natural scent.

HH SIMONSEN: The wet brush

I’ve been a fan of this brush since it first came on the market a billion years ago, it is simply amazing! No tangles, no ruined hair and best of all – such a fantastic design, I repurchase this brush every time I need a new brush, they truly are worth the fuss.

ESSIE: Fairy Tailor

I cant get around being in love with Essie, it’s affordable and the varnish just lasts ages, this time I’ve chosen to highlight this nude varnish – This baby is insanely cute and would go perfect with that natural beach look! You know the “casual minimal makeup” kinda vibe? This is your varnish for that occasion! (Or just for work, as I use it for!) it’s not over the top, just subtle, I like.. Again it lasts about a week, and I am a busy bee, I normally make my varnish chip in about a day or two!

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My secret to pure skin


My secret is called Neutrogena, its made by dermatologists and has a fresh and deep clean effect, that leaves your skin clean, refreshed and awoken, ready for a new day! My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to this amazing face wash / face mask, believe it or not!

It was the day after New Years eve, we both felt rough, and we had a fair amount to drink that evening, so when we finally crawled out of bed, I had a slight headache, and I was feeling like a zombie. We took a shower, and he said I should try his face wash, and well, I did.. The effect was amazing! After a night with drinking, being 26 years old and not up for a night with heavy drinking, like when I was younger, I felt amazing after having that face wash on, and with a bit of painkillers, this face wash / mask, and some food and plenty of water, I was actually fine!

I love treating my skin good, especially my face, it’s very important to me how I look, it gives me confidence. Clean skin is the first step to good confidence for me, and this deep cleansing wash / mask is the way to get it. The brand Neutrogena is developed by dermatologists, and that makes me trust this product even more.