My Yorkie










You guys haven’t seen Sammi in a while, here is some of the pictures from the last few months that I snapped of him, he has gotten so big, three years old now and still so adorable!

Having a dog was the best thing I ever did. I love that crazy little puppy! x


My night in pictures




One sleepy little puppy, having a long nap in mom’s favorite chair, where she writes all her blogs! The blue thing there is a heating pillow, cause I had back pain, and it kinda helps when you apply heat! Tonight my spoiled dog is using it, without hearing tho!

I spend the night painting my nails, which are super short, cause I have kinda ruined them a bit, due to over using gel nails! They look amazing when their on, but darn they can really make your nails thin and shredded! This while drinking a glass of wine, watching “The Big Bang Theory” and relaxing on the couch!

I cannot help but smile at Sheldon, he is just too amazing! x

See you online guys! x

So have yourself a merry little Christmas now..


Did a lot this few weeks, took care of my sisters dog, with my friend Jane, and baked and made oatmeal balls, had my dining room table decorated and am counting the days till Christmas eve, missing my grandmother a lot, she was always a big part of Christmas, and her not being here has left quite a gap in my life. She was the only grandparent I ever knew, so it hurt loosing her back then. I will manage, but I miss her, every day.

Have been cleaning a lot lately, been up early, and to bed early too. I feel pretty active and productive now, before this I was a bit of a night owl, and didn’t sleep much. I was tired constantly and it sucked.

My mom has a birthday just around the corner, 8th Dec, so I have been out, finding her a present, which wasn’t easy! We are going to have a really nice dinner with her, and celebrate her, with style! (As she deserves!)

Right now, I can’t sleep, the storm outside is pretty rough, been a long day, with very stormy weather, and a lot of ice cold rain and wind.. It has been one of those days, where you just stay indoors, and watch movies, drink coffee and eat sweets.. So I did exactly that! Watched a pretty good movie on Netflix, which is my new drug by the way! Its amazing.

My dog Sammi has been a pain today, he was so restless today, and wanted to play around a lot.. Guess the weather bored him, and we had my friends dog Sisse here too, and they enjoyed each others company a lot today, especially when Sammi was so bored.

Been cleaning a bit, while listening to some music, was nice to get some stuff in order, and it looks neat here, feels pretty good to have a clean home! I am normally a messy person, who doesn’t clean like a white whirlwind like my mom, I am relaxed and like it a little messy actually. But lately, I have felt pretty damn good while cleaning and putting things away, and having it neat and tidy! Hm am I growing up? I sure hope not! *YUCK*


Keep warm and cozy out there people!


Learning equals living, right?

I have many passions!

Grooming my puppy Sammi is one of them..


I have a dear friend and she used to be a trained and licensed dog groomer, she loved it so much, and she still does. I must admit in some way, it rubbed off on me, her passion for grooming and trimming dogs, just blew me away, her stories she told me about dogs with matted coats, or long nails, just got to me, and also the good stories too, about great owners, coming in with their dogs on a regular basis, having their coats or nails taken care of. That made me intreagued in some way, to hear all of this. The whole thing might have taken abit over, especially when I groom and trim my Yorkshire Terrier puppy Sammi, who to be quite honest, would rather have frequent diaria than be groomed or trimmed by me that much! But as the well behaved puppy he is, he manages with only a spiteful glare or two, to survive my not so amazingly pro grooming and trimming skills. And he makes damn sure that I see how happy he is, when he is done! But as my friend says, practice makes perfect, and as my dad says, we learn as long as we live, and I really want to be good at this, for my dogs sake, so I can keep his coat perfect.


The other day, my friend showed me how you do the propper Yorkie ears, when their coat is kept short and fluffy. A lot of people keep their Yorkies short coated, if they dont plan on doing dog shows, its called a puppy trim and it looks so amazingly cute. Poor Sammi nearly had a stroke when she took out the trimmer and it started buzzing, and he flat out howled when she put it near his ear. She also used a scissor to cut the sides of the ears really short, so he got the pointy ears, wich is normal for a puppy trim. It was so close to the ears that I had sweaty hands and was shaking all over, from just thinking, that she might get the cut wrong.. But not her, she is damn near perfect when she has a pair of scissors in her hands. I hope that I will get that perfect someday, but its just to keep practicing. For now, I think will leave the ear trimming up to her for a while, cause I need alot of practice, and I dont want to do him any harm! Sammi got quite used to the trimmer, and in the end he settled down, and actually stood quite still, wich amazed me. That little guy learns pretty fast! The results got amazing, and his ears are awesome. I have groomed and trimmed everything else on him but his ears, so I guess im not that bad. Atleast im not letting his coat get matted and ruined.


Sammi being clever and all, have learned alot of new tricks! Sit, lie down, paw, hi-5, up and paws on arm. He isent that old yet, but he knows all the commands that are vital, like coming when I call him, knowing when I say no, it means no, knowing when i praise him, and he has been good and he has been walking without a leash from day one, cause he just listens to me when we take a walk. I guess he just finds me comforting in some way, or maybe he just gets that he shouldent run that far. Either way, he dosent run for it, and he can run and play free of his leash with other dogs. He even loves the big dogs, and finds them amazing, my sisters dog, a bordercollie named Molly, is his best friend. Molly being bigger, faster and older, makes it abit hard for them to play, but boy does he try, and sometimes, she gives in and lets him chase her, even though she is the sheep dog, and she normally chases everything. (Cars, joggers, kids, a mailman every now and then and the other dogs) She is a quite difficult dog to train, and belive me, we do try and we wont quit trying, but she is stubbern, even more than my little Terrier! Wich is quite amazing, cause their known for their stubbern personalities and their opinion about how they should be treated. Yorkies wants to be seen as equals, and not lower beings, wich most dogs accepts to be. But I guess thats what I find so amazing about Yorkies, they demand to be seen.

A pitter patter of little paws

My little boy Sammi


Sammi is excatly 17 weeks old now, and is really getting used to living with me, in my apartment. He is almost completely house broken, its only a mather of time really, he has been very easy to train so far. Rarely he has an accident inside, but its not really that often anymore. I trained him to do the command ”up”, so he stands on his hind legs, its kinda cute! He knows sit by now, and comes when I call his name, and stays when ever I tell him to stay. He dosent walk with a leash, I havent had the need for it yet, but it might come? -Who knows! My family abselutely adores him, and treast him like he was a little child, especially my mom.. 😀 I do my best at teaching him, how to be a propper dog, no. I try to get him to say hello to most dogs, especially the bigger ones, cause I dont want him to be afraid of them. Little dogs, can easily get spooked when a bigger dog approches, and I dont want Sammi to be nervous. Thats why I spend alot of time with my parrents two dogs, a Border collie named Molly, and a Golden Retriver named Ozzie. He loves the both of them, and isent scared at all, and those are fairly big dogs. Thats a perfect sign of a healthy and happy dog, with a good temper! Even though Sammi is a Yorkshire Terrier, and their known for their excessive barking, I never had that problem with him. He dosent say that much, and when he does, its when he plays with other dogs, wich I find perfectly fine.

A Yorkie has always been my dream dog, so getting him was a dream come true! 🙂 Many might think that the yorkie is just a tiny  and boring lap dog, but being a Terrier, their very active and fun, they always figure out how to make you smile! The Yorkie was originally from England, bred to hunt rats, mice and other small rodents, that makes this dog a hunting type of dog. This breed do not shed at all, and can be in a weavy long coat, that is mostly used for dog shows, or they can be trimmed down and have a short fluffy coat (wich I adore the most), their great companions, cause they adapt very well into any house hold, no matter the size, they do not need tons of room to be happy, the only thing about the Yorkie to seriously consider is, that its not a dog for small children! This breed has very small and fragile bones, and little thin legs, that makes it very easy for a small child, to accidently hurt the dog, by picking it up and dropping it. A Yorkie is a dog that needs boundaries, and a strong leader, cause a Yorkie has a strong will, and will take over, if their master isent dominant enough, but its no major power struggle, just letting it know, what to do and not to do. You will 100% get further with praise, but not praise alone. Make sure to let it know who is pack leader, and who is follower, and you will have an obedient and fantastic little dog, that will love you forever. This dog might seem small, but its great at protecting its own household, its a dog who sences its owners mood, and if it sence frustration, it will do its best to protect you. A Yorkie is a dog who is very dependent of their owner, follows them in thick and thin – even at 2:00 in the night, when you need to use the bathroom… Belive me! 🙂

This little guy and I, spend alot of time together every day. I think getting him was the best thing I could have done ever! Thank you to the breeder Vivian. ❤

Just to prove my point, a Yorkie follows you everywhere!

A trip to central Copenhagen!

I had the best day!

Today my sister, mom, dad and I took a trip to ”Nørreport”, a  to some big glass malls they have out there called ”Torve Hallerne” (in Danish). All new malls, with gourmet shops. All kinds of cakes, cheese, meat, wine, cream, little Cafés, fish and bread.. Its awesome, and my parrents bought a lot of nice stuff. I love their Milkshake bar they have, with tons of flavours. I had the blueberry milkshake, its just awesome, I can only say that anyone close to Copenhagen should go there, and check it out. Sammi went with me, and he sat in his little bag and enjoyed the lovely smells from a seat worthy of a king. He simply loved it! Everyone he met, loved him too, kinda adorable. It was such a nice day. 🙂

New addition to our family!

A bouncing baby boy!

Born the 20.10.11 our boy is just a little baby now, he is a Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie, and we named him in the car as we drove home with him from the breeder, Sam aka Sammi. He is a very sensitive but easy going little guy, that is extremely bright and learns everything in hyper pace! I wanted a Yorkie ever since I saved one on a busy road, that had ran away from home. The breed is amazing and super easy trainable! Today I had him out for a propper walk outside, not just a ”good boy, pee!” kinda thing, but a real walk, where he met a Rottweiler, that he gave a good growl, and quickly stopped, because mommy said ”no!”, and did his business outside, and got alot of praise. -He will be housetrained in a matter of days, im sure of that! He is alredy newspaper trained, so if accidents do happen, he does it on a newspaper, wich will spare our wooden floors alot. 😉 He got a dog collar yesterday, a tiny little black one with white bones on it and brown paw prints, god its cute! (He hated it at fist, it was SOO itchy!) Then we bought him a blue ”jacket” (its not a propper jacket, I dont care for those much, it looks like one though), so he dosent get sick from the very cold weather we have here in Denmark right now, he could easily get a bad bladder infection just from taking a walk outside, (its just freezing cold almost everywhere in the world at the moment)… And a leash, so he can learn to walk propperly, wich he dident really like, so we took a walk without the leash today, just to get him used to his jacket and collar, and to make him know its nice to walk outside. He was so nervous at first and all shakey, but then he warmed up, it only took a couple of minutes, when I started kicking the snow around, making him see it was very harmless. He quickly got into the game ”Grab the snow in the air” and in the end he followed my every step. What a great start of the day huh?

Now he is enjoying a very well earned nap in the sofa, with me right next to him, wich is his favorite thing to do. He is such a good puppy, and I think he fits perfect into our apartment and our life, I know that I feel great having him to come home to every day! He is simply my everything, I cant be without him. 🙂