So have yourself a merry little Christmas now..


Did a lot this few weeks, took care of my sisters dog, with my friend Jane, and baked and made oatmeal balls, had my dining room table decorated and am counting the days till Christmas eve, missing my grandmother a lot, she was always a big part of Christmas, and her not being here has left quite a gap in my life. She was the only grandparent I ever knew, so it hurt loosing her back then. I will manage, but I miss her, every day.

Have been cleaning a lot lately, been up early, and to bed early too. I feel pretty active and productive now, before this I was a bit of a night owl, and didn’t sleep much. I was tired constantly and it sucked.

My mom has a birthday just around the corner, 8th Dec, so I have been out, finding her a present, which wasn’t easy! We are going to have a really nice dinner with her, and celebrate her, with style! (As she deserves!)

Right now, I can’t sleep, the storm outside is pretty rough, been a long day, with very stormy weather, and a lot of ice cold rain and wind.. It has been one of those days, where you just stay indoors, and watch movies, drink coffee and eat sweets.. So I did exactly that! Watched a pretty good movie on Netflix, which is my new drug by the way! Its amazing.

My dog Sammi has been a pain today, he was so restless today, and wanted to play around a lot.. Guess the weather bored him, and we had my friends dog Sisse here too, and they enjoyed each others company a lot today, especially when Sammi was so bored.

Been cleaning a bit, while listening to some music, was nice to get some stuff in order, and it looks neat here, feels pretty good to have a clean home! I am normally a messy person, who doesn’t clean like a white whirlwind like my mom, I am relaxed and like it a little messy actually. But lately, I have felt pretty damn good while cleaning and putting things away, and having it neat and tidy! Hm am I growing up? I sure hope not! *YUCK*


Keep warm and cozy out there people!



What color to pick?

Autumn Colors!

Today I browsed the web abit, and found a few trenchcoats that I really adore, its just this thing I have with colors tho, I always tend to have black or just plain boring colors when I choose my jackets, so this time, I am thinking a little color wouldent be so bad! What do you guys think? I have this neat collection of trenchcoats here for you, do tell me what you think, cause I amd considering to buy one of them as we speak!


God bless the winter

(Yep, these pictures are of me, sorry for looking tired!)

How I just love the winter time!

I can put on knitted gloves, drink alot of coco, lie under the covers till noon, sleep in and just dont worry about anything, cause I have christmas vecation. Put on oversized shirts, wear my giant boots, stay inside and watch movies all day, make a fire in the fireplace, read alot of books and pamper myself with fatty food, cause its okay to some high fat food, when its cold outside.

Everyone says winter is terrible, but I kinda like it, you can get away with almost anything: Being tired, sleeping in and eating food you normally just dont eat. Winter is the ultimate time of year, to just toss out alot fo excuses! *Wohoo*

A storm is rising…

In northern Denmark, the sea looks like this, and the foam from the sea, floads the docks and at first sight, it looks like snow, but it isent. It will spread along the danish land, and soon it will be in Copenhagen, and I just hate when the weather acts up, it just makes me feel so tiny. Life seems so small compared to the force of nature. I hope Copenhagen wont get too torn up by this storm, and that my parents house pulls through. Though our roof is very well build, and the house is old, but in good condition. Here the wind is all still.. But isent everything just still, right before a storm? Its so damn cold outside, but it feels creepy, when everything is so quiet, like the weather wants to creep up on you, when you least expects it.. *Brrhhh* I am gonna go make a cup of coco, and sit by the fire. The reporters in the northern Denmark are sure making alot of money, standing in that storm, getting covered in all the foam from the sea, trying not to tip over – and I sure aint jealous! Glad it aint me…. 🙂