My saturday!

New hair color (again) and a new blending technique!

So this is my new hair color, I regretted the red color that I colored it after only about a day, it was originally a ”copper” but it was bright orangey red at the top and a bit more red at the tips of my hair, this new one I will keep though! Its also from Schwarzkopf – Natural and easy and is no 576 and its a chestnut brown, I love the deep dark brown with an undertone of a dark almost red/purple copper. It suits my skintone a lot better than the red/orange. I am and always will be a ”natural look” girl, haha!img_0311-2

I got to practice a lot more on my contouring with my Smashbox kit, as you can see on the pictures above, I still make sure its as natural as possible, I just enhance my features – mainly my cheekbones, I now started blending it in with my make-up sponge, but applying the color with my brush, then blending it with my sponge, and it works wonders! It blends perfectly, I saw it on several Youtube videos being used to blend out the lines.

Today I got a call from my big sister asking what we were up to today, her and her youngest kid stopped by and we spend all Saturday catching up, going to an e cig shop called Ecigz where my fiancé bought a few juices and my big sister also bought a few things, then getting takeout from Tandoori Hut in the mall that the shop is at and went home to ours to eat. We had a lovely evening, I missed her and it was amazing catching up with her.

Her son had saved up money from Christmas to buy a Segway board and we charged it at our place and it was good fun to see him learn how to stand on it, he was quite good! He learned so fast, it was incredible – I wasn’t gonna try my luck with that thing! Knowing me, I would break something haha! Those things looks so dangerous, I would never dare to use one, it seems to me that you can hurt yourself very easy on one of those things, or is it just me being a chicken? It drives crazy fast!

Today its been snowing like crazy, it has snowed so much today in my town that the snowplow we have at the building blocks we live in, have been driving non stop. Denmark is covered in a deep layer of snow now, the last time I looked outside, huge snowflakes were streaming down in a neverending layer, covering everything. Its beautiful outside, the snow makes it look perfect, but its freezing cold and very slippery. I feel like an old lady, walking outside in a turtle slow pace, so I dont slip – cause I always slip when its been snowing and the rain has been freezing all over the pavement, it will end up with me breaking something if I walk any faster than granny speed..

It was a great day today, I love weekends, especially when I get to spend them with my fiancé, my big sister and her son.


Christmas 2015

Christmas day was amazing!

We celebrated Christmas in the UK, West Yorkshire to be exact, and got to see the kids open all their presents, it was a whole new experience for me, and I loved every min. of it. We had our first Christmas tree in the apartment too, it was beautiful! We went to ”Fisketorvet” to buy one of the kids her present, we got drinks there too, to celebrate Black Friday, it was beautiful with all the lights as always, my fiancé bought me some fantastic Christmas presents again this year, he seems to overdo it each year, insane! This year, he bought me a Pandora bracelet and Pandora earrings! Plus another firebox mystery crate you can see all their gadgets here and he also got me the cutest little unicorn hoodie with build in gloves! Here is a few pictures of everything.

We did a Christmas decoration, made Christmas stars and decorated our tree, I can’t begin to explain how wonderful this December has been, in the beginning of December, we had a snowstorm in Denmark, a very crazy one! From one day to another, we got landed with tons of snow, and the streets were very icy, but at Christmas itself, we had no snow what so ever – typical isn’t it? If you find the pictures too small, you can always have a browse at my Instagram lifeasmiamariah. Would be happy to have more amazing followers!

The last picture is me and my fiancé, dressing up, at his grans house! We had to try out her Santa hat complete with beard and her reindeer horns, haha! It was made into a very special memory, and a good laugh when we look back at it!

So yeah, that was my Christmas basically, how was yours? I would love to hear about it!

New addition to our family!

A bouncing baby boy!

Born the 20.10.11 our boy is just a little baby now, he is a Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie, and we named him in the car as we drove home with him from the breeder, Sam aka Sammi. He is a very sensitive but easy going little guy, that is extremely bright and learns everything in hyper pace! I wanted a Yorkie ever since I saved one on a busy road, that had ran away from home. The breed is amazing and super easy trainable! Today I had him out for a propper walk outside, not just a ”good boy, pee!” kinda thing, but a real walk, where he met a Rottweiler, that he gave a good growl, and quickly stopped, because mommy said ”no!”, and did his business outside, and got alot of praise. -He will be housetrained in a matter of days, im sure of that! He is alredy newspaper trained, so if accidents do happen, he does it on a newspaper, wich will spare our wooden floors alot. 😉 He got a dog collar yesterday, a tiny little black one with white bones on it and brown paw prints, god its cute! (He hated it at fist, it was SOO itchy!) Then we bought him a blue ”jacket” (its not a propper jacket, I dont care for those much, it looks like one though), so he dosent get sick from the very cold weather we have here in Denmark right now, he could easily get a bad bladder infection just from taking a walk outside, (its just freezing cold almost everywhere in the world at the moment)… And a leash, so he can learn to walk propperly, wich he dident really like, so we took a walk without the leash today, just to get him used to his jacket and collar, and to make him know its nice to walk outside. He was so nervous at first and all shakey, but then he warmed up, it only took a couple of minutes, when I started kicking the snow around, making him see it was very harmless. He quickly got into the game ”Grab the snow in the air” and in the end he followed my every step. What a great start of the day huh?

Now he is enjoying a very well earned nap in the sofa, with me right next to him, wich is his favorite thing to do. He is such a good puppy, and I think he fits perfect into our apartment and our life, I know that I feel great having him to come home to every day! He is simply my everything, I cant be without him. 🙂