Shoe shopping

I hate looking for shoes! I know, not very lady-like, but that’s me.. 

Every woman’s dream is buying a nice pair of shoes, but I hate it! The whole looking for a good mall to find shoes at, having to try them on, walk around in them in the shop, try to decide if the heels are too much or if I can actually walk in them.. God it’s a mess! Lol 😜

Today I visited Rødovre Centeret, and I found a pair of black leather boots from BilliBi, which I have been needing for a while now, sneakers don’t just always cut it, boots do look a bit more classic and nice with an outfit.

So here they are, my new boots, with a 6 cm heel, but thankfully it does not seem like 6 cm! I don’t do high heels, I hate them actually. If they aren’t comfy, I ain’t walking in it! 😅 I am a woman of comfort over looks, but I finally found comfort and looks in these shoes.

I also sat down and had a milkshake and a piece of cake with strawberry sorbet ice cream, God that was nice! “Svaneke Is ” is definitely a place to visit for a nice piece of cake and a milkshake, yum! 

So definitely a good Friday! Now I can welcome the weekend and be a step closer to starting the education I really want and I don’t need to rush around and be stressed out due to old worn shoes, notepads I need and a bag I don’t have, hallelujah!

I just need to see if my big handbag can hold my books in it – crossing my fingers!! And then I think I’m set.. I can’t wait to start the assistant nurse education!

Hope you guys are having a great Friday, see you online! x


Shoes completes any outfit!


I just love shoes, these ones are from Aldo, a shoe store we have in Denmark – don’t know if any of you guys know it, but it’s actually one of my favorite stores to buy shoes in, these shoes are so awesome, because even though there is quite a lot of hight on them, their very comfortable to walk around in, and they just look fantastic with my leather pants! I really love mixing edgy with classic, like leather pants and a lace shirt for example, like I actually did that day (Monday – yesterday) when we went to the movies to see Jupiters Ascended.


This pic is very ruined unfortunately tho, my hands shook – boo! Sorry guys, but here is a close up of the lace top at least, so you can see how I have mixed my outfit!


My lipstick is from Mac, my favorite, it’s called Spirit. I love nude and brown colors, they really suit me somehow!

Hope you guys had a great evening, see you online! x

Music and thoughts

A day filled of thoughts

  • Song of the day: Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
  • Newest bought item whilst out shopping: Ecco shoes, black, AWESOME.
  • Newest purchase: Shellac from ebay, Rock Royalty and OMG
– Pictures will be shown below in this post!

I dont know why I choose the song to be skyscraper, but I guess its about living, overcoming and rising for me at the moment. It havent been the best time for me the last few weeks, and this whole month will be hard on me aswell. But I will rise again, I know it, sometimes life just dosent turn out the way you want it to, and it surprises you so completely. I never thought it possible, but I was very surprised, faith turned a bit, and here I am, trying to get a grip. – But I will, I have to. So these past weeks, I have treated myself really nice, trying to forgive, forget and most importantly – to never regret that you tried.

Mostly though I feel lucky. I have everything I ever wanted, and I just need to work a little harder to get every piece of the puzzle to match up.

shellac omg

rock royalty



Huge shopping spree!

I love shopping!

I spend all morning shopping, and I bought some pretty awesome things! I promise to snap some pics of the outfits later (I just dont wanna lift a finger right now!), their pretty perfect, and I also bought that coat from H&M that I had my eyes on for quite some time now, its adorable! I think the most pricey thing I got, was a beautiful silk shirt from Hillfiger, but I just had to have it, it was beautiful. Some people say ”Clothes makes a person” – And maybe its a little vain, but it is true. Just look at ”Pretty Woman”, ow.. I feel like watching that movie now, haha! But when she starts dressing differently, people take her more serious, and I feel like I have come to a place in life where I need some nicer clothes, Im 24 and now Its not little glittery tops, but nice shirts and good quality pants, no more glittery stuff, yuck!

While shopping, one of the clerk girls in the store I was in, started looking at me, and I was thinking to myself that it was kinda strange, and then she came over, and asked me ”Hey can I ask you a question?” and it just sorta threw me, and I just muttered that ofc she could, and she started talking about my shoes, and where I had bought them, that was kinda fun, loved that one! Haha.. The other clerk girls came over too, and while I was telling her where in Copenhagen that I found the shoes, she was telling the girl that she knew that place, and they had amazing shoes.. Damn a fun conversation!

A little update on work!

As you all might have read on my earlier posts, I have applied for a job, that I really hoped to get, and I really dident think I would get. But, faith threw a curve ball, and here I am, with a job, starting THIS MONDAY! How awesome is that? And yea, I know the thing about praising yourself is a little silly, but I seriously patted my own back when I got that job, its just perfect for me. So I am going to be selling jewelry again, and I know that Im good at it, I worked with this before, just in another store, I loved it. I have a dress code on my ”soon to be job”, so thats kinda why I went shopping, NO JEANS at work, and I actually like it, jeans are okay, yeah! But It just gets to be a everyday thing honestly, so it gets boring, so while shopping, I bought 3 pairs of pants, and their pretty nice looking!

Right now, Sammi is lying by my side sleeping, while I’m blogging with you guys! Hope everyone has a great weekend, cause I sure am!







I bought more, but I will just snap some pics another day!

Forgive me father cause I have sinned…


I ended up in Bianco even though I was so good and well behaved yesterday, and I bought these babies after all! I have no summer sandals, and after looking everywhere I still loved these! Also I was in huge doubt about the “tankini” that I bought the other day, so I returned it thinking “Naa, I want to be sure about it!” So I decided to get the shoes over the bathing-suit.. A choise that I’m happy with! Summer sandals is a lot more useful anyway! 🙂

Ohh… I WANT!

Beautiful summer sandals!

Well, I saw these in a Bianco store, and thought they looked amazing, but so is the price, damn… I think all Bianco shoes are way expensive, its such a shame, cause some of them really are beautiful. This one would be perfect for summer, I just dont see myself giving 400 DKK for a pair of sandals, thats just crazy. Especially when theres other stores wich have just as nice sandals, only cheaper. I ended up looking alot at these, thinking about it, and then leaving the store, having these babies ordred home, but I think that I might cancel them, cause their too expensive. Their awesome though, nice to walk in, and light as a feather. The color is perfect for this summer, colors are very in this summer, all in pastels! Im still thinking about it, but I might find some other sandals, thats alot cheaper, I dont quite know yet.. Sigh, so sad about the price! But I do feel all grown-up and proud of myself, for saying ”Naahh, Ill think about it!” And then just going home, and considering it some more. *GO ME!*

A shoe craze!

I simply love shoes

This week, I went to the mall just to browse, and I walked into Deichmann, saying to myself ”Ah im not buying something this time, I have too many shoes”, and still I left the store with a new pair of shoes! This time, in this great brown color and with a pretty fair heel on them. These shoes I got at the the nifty price of 129 DKK! I love walking around in shoes like this, cause their not killing your feet, you can walk around in these babys for hours without hurting your feet!