My solution against spot and oily skin!

Well, you all know the feeling, you wake up, find a spot or see your skin oily and start to freak out – I don’t anymore!

My boyfriend gave me an amazing advice to get rid of oily skin and spots – yes I know my boyfriend! But trust me, it works!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear is a dermatologically made and tested brand who prevents oily skin, blocked pores or spots! I have re-purchased their 2in1 face wash / face mask, and today I bought their moisturizer for the first time and my boyfriend has bought the rapid spot remover. I love how these products just works on my skin, their amazing! I saw results only a few days after having used these, I use the 2in1 face wash every time I shower now, it’s religious! 

Savlon / antiseptic creme is a very common and well known creme in the UK for any type of skin disadvantage – dry skin, spots, infected areas etc! I have had a real bad wound from blowing my nose too much, due to a pretty annoying cold, and I used this on the wound, two days and it was gone! It works wonders for spots too, and any minor bruise.

The names of the reviewed products:

Neutrogena visibly clear 2in1, Neutrogena visibly clear Oil-free moisturizer, Neutrogena visibly clear Rapid Clear Treatment and Savlon.