The exfoliating maque from Montagne Jeunesse


Lately I’ve been stressing about the smallest things and I thought I might just need to sit down, relax and exfoliate! This is the cure for my stress, an exfoliating face mask!

The brand is “Montagne Jeunesse” – not very well known, but the face mask is! I love them and I have used so many of these, I especially like this one, that cools and exfoliates your skin and is very good against stress. 

This cleansing mask is amazing, I feel more relaxed and fresh after having this on for ten min! It’s worth it, and I love having a mini spa day in the comfort of my own home, no prancing around in a bikini at some spa resort and having to worry about money, what time your massage appointment is or where to go when – no I love to just kick back, watch a movie and relax like this. It’s the beauty of a mini spa treatment at home. 


The face mask on me, looks so strange but it really works guys! You gotta try it!

I have tried many of these wonderful face masks from this brand – all of them have worked for me, I just don’t care much for the peel off ones, I like the creamy masks, they are comfy and easy to remove.


So this evening I had a face mask, took a long hot shower, used my favorite body lotion Derma Eco and my face moisturizer from Garnier and my trusty towel for my hair! It was just what I needed today.

– Do you guys have anything you love doing if you feel a bit stressed?


Green fingers and hard work!

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Sorry for the bad picture quality, it was evening and I had a lightbulb burst in my kitchen while snapping the last pictures, typical!

Being outside makes me feel free, healthy and happy – it gives me room to breathe and to destress.

Having my own garden plot is very important to me, I love gardening and last year was my first year with my bed own garden plot! I live in an apartment and since I love growing my own food and I want to be active, the garden was an excellent idea! I have been down there almost every day for the past two or three weeks, removing weeds and making the garden ready for another summer, I can’t wait to start planting things out and seeing it grow! 

Today I bought a lot of seeds; Lettuce – two kinds, cucumber, carrot, spring onion, radishes, peas, tomatoes and so on. I also got potatoes from last years harvest, that I saved and am using this year, so I won’t need to buy more potatoes. I also saved some zucchini seeds from last year, and some bell pepper ones too. I can’t wait to see it all planted and growing, it’s gonna be so exiting.


Got this whole patch ready and planted some potatoes, it’s even raining right now, so the potatoes will be very happy! I’m sure they will grow pretty fast, the soil in the garden is amazing and we use recycled compost soil when we add more to our gardens, so it dosnt really need any fertilizer! 


This is the entire spot that I got cleared today, I got pretty far! It’s hard work and I’m sore all over now, but it’s worth it, I love being able to go out here and just relax and do some gardening. The two garden beds contains lots of strawberry plants by the way – my favorite fruit!

Hope all of you guys have an amazing and fun hobby that you love just as much as I love being in my garden! The passion is all that matters, and when I’m in the garden, I’m calm and happy, my garden is my way of calming down, what’s yours?

See you guys online! xx

A relaxing Sunday

Relaxing or boring?

Well I don’t quite know where to place this day, relaxing or just so relaxing that it has become boring? Im a little dissapointed in myself, cause I usually have a way of making my days quite intresting and special, but today has been a Sunday with nothing to do. I feel like doing something, anything! I spend the morning cleaning my kitchen, simply cause it needed cleaning -badly! Im a kind of girl who just takes my time, and I dont stress on things and get them done fast, and I dont make a mess of my home either, its a relaxed type of home, and I live neat, but not spotless! I can’t be in a home without a little mess, a magazine on the table, a cardigan on the sofa, that kind of stuff.. I guess its just me, Im in no way a cleaning-maniac!

But today the kitchen got cleaned extra neat, and it felt pretty nice. But what to do the rest of the entire day? Well.. I decided to watch movies, Eragon – I got it on blueray, and I have always been into the adventure/fairytale kinda stuff, so I am gonna watch some of that, and then im gonna clean our dining room table, I like to clean it twice a week completely, with soap, its just hygenic. We moved abit around on our dining room table last week, to make room for the new armchair we got, and its still awesome to sit in! I will post some pictures of how its looking now, I think its quite nice. (Now we just need to hang the lamp above the table different – damn!) But the whole place looks better with the table that way, and with our new armchair – more homey!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!




A Saturday night

Sometimes you gotta’ slow down & take a moment to relax..


Yesterday my girlfriend Line and her boyfriend Phillip vicited us, we had an awesome evening, with nice food, a good movie, carrot cake, and too many chips. It was a really good evening, where I got to just wind down, relax and be myself. I dont have to be anyone else but me, when im around Line, and its nice to know, that she likes me, for excatly who I am, flaws and all. I am a very private and closed person when it comes to meeting new people, and I have few friends, but the few I have are very close ones though. This Saturday, just recharged my batteries, and made me feel awesome again, after so many hectic days that has flown past me lately, I just needed to be around one of my close friends. Her and I are alot alike in many ways, and its cool to have a person love the same movies, clothes and books, cause you can speak about anything then! I feel somehow more me, when im with her.

Yesterday night was a bit problematic though. My puppy Sammi, had an upset tummy all evening, and was puking too, that poor little thing, and I had to run around, bake cake, make the food, and then my dad stopped by, wich got abit stresse. But when late evening, everything slowed down, and we had a good time.