Christmas decorations!

Merry Christmas.


This weekend, I had a busy schedule, I baked this years first batch of Christmas cookies, and they turned out delicious as always! Then I made some Christmas decorations, and I am still making them, I am busy, cause they need to be ready for tomorrow, the 1st of December, so I can light the candles according to time! So *phew* I am busy.. I haven’t gotten the flat decorated yet, but I will during the next couple of days, that’s for sure. I was out shopping for the recipe to make oatmeal balls, my grandmothers recipe, and their amazing, so those I will have to make as well. So yes, I have a lot going on at the moment, and also, I have made it a tradition, to do a big cleaning day, when I put up all my Christmas decorations, so that will also be on the list of ”to do’s”. 

I also need to buy presents, and those are very few this year, which is kinda neat, then they can be more creative and exiting, and the budget is a bit more debatable! Its just my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, and Alex and me! So we are a small gathering this year, but it will be cozy and nice, celebrating Christmas with the loved ones, that is most near and dear to my heart, is always something I treasure a lot.

Here is a bit of pictures of what my last few days has looked like!

The cookie baking, the big Christmas tree being placed in our building complex, being at a ”Party Lite” party that my neighbor held and looking at amazing candles, my new hairy gnome and the decoration of my advent candles!

Cooking up a storm!

Its awesome to cook!

I cooked for my family today and I dident even get a picture snapped of it, bummer… I made lasagna, with bread and veggies (on the side of course), and then I made dessert too.. Chocolate brownies, with a chocolate glaze, yum! I kinda love cooking, its exiting and sometimes very giving. People get happy when you cook for them, and the fact that I made someone happy, makes it all worth it. I might try some cupcakes soon, but I never really made any before, its gonna be exiting to see how much I will ruin them. 😉 Ah okay, brownies are harder to make I heard, they need to be baked juuust right, else its just a ordinary cake, and well, I do love brownies for their stickyness. – A messy cake is a good cake! 😀 What is your favorite cake / dessert to make? Do share a recipe!

You can never get enough recipes…