Christmas in pictures

My Christmas was spent with my fiancé, my parents and my little sister

My Christmas was spent with my fiancé, my parents and my little sister – it was a wonderful evening ❤️
The presents this year from my fiancé – he knows me too well! The Glow Kit from ABH, mystery box, MAC long lasting lipstick in the Metallic “Softly Rockin” and MAC lip liner in “Whirl”, these were my four main presents, I’m spoilt lol..
The items in my Mystery Box! A teddy, which is a microbe – The common cold (wasn’t in the box, he bought it separately) bicycle balls – back lights to place under the seat lol! Pizza socks, so cozy! Hyper lips, a gamer mug, a mindless coloring book and edible bubbles! – The Mystery Box is always a hit, I seriously adore it! Quirky is my middle name haha!
My mom and dad bought me a double bedcover, a really nice sweater from Guess and a gorgeous hand soap and bath gel! My little sister got me a lip primer from Golden Rose, and also a gift certificate to Golden Rose – I quite like that store!
All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and I was spoilt more than I ever imagined, I must say I spoilt my fiancé just as much as he spoilt me, although his boss ended up spoiling him even more and got him a PS4… Beat that?! Yep… lol
We had lovely and calm Christmas and after all the food was eaten and the presents opened, my little sister, fiancé and I, ended up playing a game I bought my fiancé – it was a hit! It’s called Joking Hazard, it’s quite insane, it’s from Cyanide and Happiness, I posted a picture below of one of the jokes we made that evening – we were howling with laughter 😂
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year, see you online guys! x

Christmas 2015

Christmas day was amazing!

We celebrated Christmas in the UK, West Yorkshire to be exact, and got to see the kids open all their presents, it was a whole new experience for me, and I loved every min. of it. We had our first Christmas tree in the apartment too, it was beautiful! We went to ”Fisketorvet” to buy one of the kids her present, we got drinks there too, to celebrate Black Friday, it was beautiful with all the lights as always, my fiancé bought me some fantastic Christmas presents again this year, he seems to overdo it each year, insane! This year, he bought me a Pandora bracelet and Pandora earrings! Plus another firebox mystery crate you can see all their gadgets here and he also got me the cutest little unicorn hoodie with build in gloves! Here is a few pictures of everything.

We did a Christmas decoration, made Christmas stars and decorated our tree, I can’t begin to explain how wonderful this December has been, in the beginning of December, we had a snowstorm in Denmark, a very crazy one! From one day to another, we got landed with tons of snow, and the streets were very icy, but at Christmas itself, we had no snow what so ever – typical isn’t it? If you find the pictures too small, you can always have a browse at my Instagram lifeasmiamariah. Would be happy to have more amazing followers!

The last picture is me and my fiancé, dressing up, at his grans house! We had to try out her Santa hat complete with beard and her reindeer horns, haha! It was made into a very special memory, and a good laugh when we look back at it!

So yeah, that was my Christmas basically, how was yours? I would love to hear about it!

What did I get for Christmas?

As promised, a list of the amazing presents I received for Christmas, complete with pictures and descriptions!

First of all, the most goofy present I received of all, was from my boyfriend, he bought me a “Mystery Box” and here is the things that was in the box!

A milk-cup light, that shines in my kitchen at night now!
A disgusting candle, probably the center of the attention at Christmas too, cause everyone had to have a sniff at this vile thing!
A picture of the mystery box itself and a chart of what was in the box, one of the things that was in it is not pictured, it’s a slushie cup!
A banana umbrella called “umbanana” haha!
And last but not least a bottle opener, disguised as a Mexican wrestler!






My parents then gave me a sound system from Bose, a gorgeous present, that I am very thankful for, and I love very much, and yep I have already used it!


Then I received a gift certificate from my bigsister, her husband and their kids, it’s for IKEA, and was just what I wished for! Now I can get a bit of new furniture for my place!


Then my boyfriend gave me a comic book, with my favorite villain! The Joker! I simply love it!


Then my little sister and her boyfriend gave me a top and a shirt to put over it! A bad picture, I know but it was all I had at the current time! It’s from Selected, and I love it!


Then my boyfriend gave me yet another present! This one is a headset, from “UrBeats” in my favorite color, a present that was quite needed and very appreciated, cause my headset broke, but it was a cheap and very boring one tho!


The last present I got, I don’t wanna post here, cause it’s very private and means a great deal to me, again my boyfriend who gave me yet another present for Christmas, this one was a big poster, with pictures from our first two vacations together in the UK, text messages we wrote each other that was real funny, and it is shaped as a big heart, and I simply love it!

My upcoming birthday


This month, the 22nd to be exact, I’m turning 24 – damn! This post will be a little about what I feel, think, wish and hope.. Cause turning 24 is, at least for me, a big-fucking-deal!

I am not a person who hides my age at all, but most people doesn’t think I’m 24 (or 24 to be!) they think I’m 18 – 20 years old, which is fine! Haha.. I don’t really care, but I did when I was younger! I wanted to look as old as I was, NOT older, believe me, just as old as I actually was, cause people just thought I was way younger than I was. (it was hell getting into discos!) Now I’m fine, I don’t care, but I don’t lie either! I tell people my age, and I’ll be damned if they think I’m old, go play with your drugs or your drinking problems… XD

That brings me to another thought! Today’s young 18 – 20 year olds.. Damn, how is the future gonna look?! Unstable young little kids, drinking, whoring and doing drugs. It’s like everyone is so insecure with them self, that it turns into this masquerade, “who can act most tough”, today’s teens are so caught up in what everyone thinks, that they bring them self down by it every time someone doesn’t like them.. I say “to hell with them” – I learned that I just don’t deserve being treated like that. I’m better than that, and I do not listen to shit from just anyone. Only my closest friends and family can truly judge me or tell me off, cause they truly know me. I wish the teens of today knew that, and would think of that whenever they felt bad about people’s shit opinions.

Wishes of this years birthday? I just wish to be as happy as I have been at 23 and to keep my friends close to me, cause they mean the world to me. A lot has happened this year, and I feel lucky to have ended up with these guys in my life, they help me as much as I help them, and that’s what friends are for, sharing helping – giving and taking..

Wishes for my birthday? No idea really.. My best friend Line had a hard time finding me a present cause I had no wishes! XD I feel a bit bad… Maybe some oven mitts? Umm… I think I have what I want, an apartment, a great circle of friends and my fiancé and family! I feel pretty lucky.

My birthday is going to be held the 21st and the 22nd, yeah I know, it’s just damn crazy! But it’s due to our big family on both my parents sides, my moms side and my dads side are “split” on those two days, (no my folks aren’t divorced) but that is easier, cause then we fit in my apartment and we can get to talk to everyone!

What does my boyfriend give me? No idea, and honestly, he isn’t supposed to give me anything, I have plenty as it is, and he is the reason I feel like my life is full and blissful, so I don’t need a thing..

Have you guys received a birthday present that just meant the world to you? What was it? Who gave it to you?

With love..

What did I get?

A present list!

Well.. Me and my fiancé are moving out the 2nd of January, so we wished for stuff for the apartment, and we got alot more than we ever imagined us!

Picture no. 1:

I wished very much for a warm cozy sweater, and I got it! An awesome one from H&M, and its really warm! This one dosent itch, alot of knitted sweaters do, but this is just amazing. Really love it. From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 2

This one is very special! Its ”Herstal” candle holders, and very creative ones, in glass, that you can put anything you want in! It allows you to be crreative, and style these babies all by yourself! From: My littlesister!

Picture no. 3

If you like to cook, this is the right pan for you! I love Jamie Olivers pans, and this one is just amazing. It shows when it has the perfect temperature, and the handle dosent get warm when you cook, it just stays cold! From: My littlesister!

Picture no. 4

Two tickets for the movies, with popcorn and soda included, how awesome is that? This is just for me and Alex, so we can go and have a romantic evening out, and just relax in eachothers company. From: My bigsister!

Picture no. 5

The most soft bathmat in the world! I have been looking at this baby for months, thinking about weather to buy it or not, but well they beat me to it, and got us this for christmas, and I love it! From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 6

Most of this is acutally for Alex, a really nice shaver, some deodorant from Nivea and some shaving cream. For both of us, there is a dish and cutlery dryer, some mesuring gear for my obsessive cake baking days, and hair shampoo and conditiner from Elida, plus a nice body lotion from Dove. From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 7

The very towels we wished for, and even in the colours that I always wanted! God people really do listen to me whenever i talk, cant even remember when I said this to them, but their amazing, and so soft! From: Mom & dad!

Picture no. 8

This is actually a present I won in a game we have alot here in denmark, dont know if anyone else know it, cause I never really talked of it with anyone else but danish people. But its called ”The present game” – Hit 6, get a present, untill there is no more on the table, after that you set the timer, and you can steal eachothers presents, by hitting a 6’er, and I love this game, its quite fun!

Picture no. 9

These are the two Twilight movies for my little but growing twilight collection! I love them, and it was a really thoughtful gift. I got these with some candy, but I ate that alredy while I watched these dvd’s. From: My friend Line!

Gifts that aint pictured

I got some amazing underwear from my friend Karina, but I am not posting it in here, I am in that belief, that my underwear is personal. 😉 So that is for my eyes only.. And okay, Alex too of course! But I love it and it is beautiful, and fits me perfectly! I got yet another sweater, but I dident get a picture of that one yet. It is grey and my parents actually gave me this one too, and its amazing! I also got a kitchen weight from Oriflame, dident know they made that kinda stuff! But apparently, they do, and its really awesome, that one I got from my dads side of the family.

A heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all my presents.

Picking out presents

Do you need help?

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the

house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..

❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤

 I like giving fairly cheap and meaningful gifts for christmas. This year, I decided to make a list of my all time favorites, hope I can help create some gift ideas:

A bodylotion, from IKEA: A really cheap, and awesome gift, everyone needs bodylotion in these cold winter times, and I sure love this one. It dosent have too much scented perfumes in it, but still smells amazing, and its for regular skin.

Underwear from H&M: You can find alot of cute underwear for a girlfriend, fiance, wife, friend or yourself in H&M, to a fair price. There is so many different styles and types of underwear, wich makes it easy to find a winner!

Jewlery from Skagen: Steal your wife, friends or mothers ring size and mix n’ match these amazing rings, the price is very fair (from 98 Dkk,- to 298 Dkk,-) These rings looks amazing and is worth the money! The danish design Skagen, is pretty damn great at designing good jewlery, and this is a great gift idea.

Perfume from Matas: A good and simple idea is a nice perfume! This is where it can get abit pricey though.. But the brand ”Crazylibellule and the Poppies” are a good choise! This perfume I belive you can find anywhere, and its this ”Lip balm” kinda perfume, that you put on your neck, wrists and behind your ears.

Hope everyone got some ideas of what to get for their friends, family and girlfriends this christmas, I sure had fun buying gifts this year, and I love giving people a great gift, that is personal and unique. Many wishes of a merry christmas and a happy new year from Denmark – Mia. ❤