My day in pictures

A day out with my dad, iced coffee at Baresso, with a chocolate scones, Pandora was visited and I got another charm, this one was from my dad, the one I linked below, so now these are the charms that I have on my bracelet.



It was nice spending some time alone with my dad, he picked the charm, I think it’s really cute and I am pretty spoiled, I really needed a father / daughter day and I think it was nice to finally spend some real time together just talking. 💕

Am gonna cook a very nice meal for my fiancé tonight, I love cooking actually, I find it relaxing and creative. 

Right now I am waiting for him to come home, so we can enjoy the weekend and Valentine’s Day together this weekend, we are not making a big deal out of it, just a nice meal and candles, I will make sure to spoil him though, he deserves that! 

Hope you all have an amazing day, see you online! xx


I miss you!

Who doesn’t feel just a little bit “boyfriend soppy” at times?? I’m missing my boyfriend so much, ever since he left Denmark I have been in soppy boo!


I saw this pillow on Facebook in a post about loneliness and I truly just got inspired for this crazy post, about longing, missing someone, distance and soppiness!

My boyfriend is from England, he wants to move here, but it takes time and planning! I want him to take his time, give him space and let him plan before rushing in – but at the same time I just wanna kick in his door and steal him away, haha! He has been such a good guy towards me, and I’ve been the happiest with him, I don’t think I can ever remember a time, where I was happier than this.

When finding a guy, where you can truly see a future and a life with him, it’s hard to let him go, let him take that plane home and just wait for the next time we are going to see each other!

Before he came to visit me, I couldn’t sleep, for two weeks I suffered from horrible insomnia and as soon as he was here, I was sleeping normally! When he left, I again had trouble sleeping – hence the late night posts at times.

It’s strange that another person can make such a huge impact on your life, I do believe in such a thing as a soulmate, and he is mine, he really is.

I need that boyfriend pillow! Maybe I can sleep better at night! For Christmas my boyfriend actually gave me this pillow, that has a speaker inside it, where you can plug your phone into it and play music, and I’ve been using it a lot lately!


This pillow is so comfy, even without the music, and I really loved this Christmas present! I am so spoiled and I am truly happy that he thought of my insomnia while buying this for me. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve been this lucky, to find a guy, who has truly grasped the idea of me, how I am and what I’m like. He knows me too well!

To all the boyfriends out there, that this Christmas bought something for their girl, that was well thought out, thank you for setting the standards! 😉 You have – like my boyfriend, truly understood the idea of giving a gift! It’s the thought, that you guys have thought of her, what she needs and what she would truly love, and found something, that just fits her! – Something that would maybe have been a strange gift for everyone else, but for her, it was perfect! You guys rock!!!

To all the girls out there, receiving these gifts, I hope you truly appreciate your man, and that you also bought him something well thought of, cause he deserves it!

So much love to my way too amazing boyfriend, am truly the luckiest woman alive!

See you online guys xx