My saturday!

New hair color (again) and a new blending technique!

So this is my new hair color, I regretted the red color that I colored it after only about a day, it was originally a ”copper” but it was bright orangey red at the top and a bit more red at the tips of my hair, this new one I will keep though! Its also from Schwarzkopf – Natural and easy and is no 576 and its a chestnut brown, I love the deep dark brown with an undertone of a dark almost red/purple copper. It suits my skintone a lot better than the red/orange. I am and always will be a ”natural look” girl, haha!img_0311-2

I got to practice a lot more on my contouring with my Smashbox kit, as you can see on the pictures above, I still make sure its as natural as possible, I just enhance my features – mainly my cheekbones, I now started blending it in with my make-up sponge, but applying the color with my brush, then blending it with my sponge, and it works wonders! It blends perfectly, I saw it on several Youtube videos being used to blend out the lines.

Today I got a call from my big sister asking what we were up to today, her and her youngest kid stopped by and we spend all Saturday catching up, going to an e cig shop called Ecigz where my fiancé bought a few juices and my big sister also bought a few things, then getting takeout from Tandoori Hut in the mall that the shop is at and went home to ours to eat. We had a lovely evening, I missed her and it was amazing catching up with her.

Her son had saved up money from Christmas to buy a Segway board and we charged it at our place and it was good fun to see him learn how to stand on it, he was quite good! He learned so fast, it was incredible – I wasn’t gonna try my luck with that thing! Knowing me, I would break something haha! Those things looks so dangerous, I would never dare to use one, it seems to me that you can hurt yourself very easy on one of those things, or is it just me being a chicken? It drives crazy fast!

Today its been snowing like crazy, it has snowed so much today in my town that the snowplow we have at the building blocks we live in, have been driving non stop. Denmark is covered in a deep layer of snow now, the last time I looked outside, huge snowflakes were streaming down in a neverending layer, covering everything. Its beautiful outside, the snow makes it look perfect, but its freezing cold and very slippery. I feel like an old lady, walking outside in a turtle slow pace, so I dont slip – cause I always slip when its been snowing and the rain has been freezing all over the pavement, it will end up with me breaking something if I walk any faster than granny speed..

It was a great day today, I love weekends, especially when I get to spend them with my fiancé, my big sister and her son.


Origins KissZing lipstick review

I won this competition a months time back, I don’t know if you guys remember (- the ones who have been following me for a while that is!) I finally received my prize the other day, and here is my review as promised!

The picture I won with, that I posted on my Instagram and tagged Origins in

It basically said “No kisses from this little guy without KissZing” – they wanted you to show them lips who was in need of Origins new lipstick – so I made this picture and posted it, and I won!

KissZing Rosemance 04 lipstick

This is the lipstick that’s been won, it’s actually quite amazing, a very understated color and a nice soft feel when applied! 

It gives you soft lips and a slight color as well, which is amazing for a hot summer or a dayily lipstick without too much going on.

It does not feel heavy on, it’s light and soft, no extreme smell or taste either – another huge plus, cause a lipstick with a taste or a lot of perfume smell can put me off from wearing it! This has almost no smell, a light minty smell – which is actually quite nice.

My opinion 

  • Easy to apply
  • Does not feel heavy
  • No taste or extreme smell
  • Lightly tinted 
  • Softens your lips nicely
  • Dry lips gets softer
  • A soft tinted color

I will give this one a maximum of six stars!

Why six stars??

This product is easy to apply on the go, is light tinted and not any extreme color or taste or smell. It fits perfect into a pocket, the design is gorgeous! The lipstick makes your lips softer every time you use it and they have a wide range of different colors – Origins did a great job!

Hope you liked the review guys, have you tried KissZing? What do you think?

See you online x

Origins competition!

I just won a lip pen from Origins Denmark and I’m so exited!


It says congratulations to @lifeasmiamariah who has shared this picture on Instagram, you have won a “KissZing” lip pen!

Wohoo! I love Origins, it’s a must have lotion for my face, I can’t live without it, my skin is addicted to it, and I hope their lip pens are gonna be just as amazing as their other products, I will be making a review on the blog of the lip pen and share my experience with you guys!

The winning picture is here, it said “No kisses from this little fella without Origins KissZing”


You guys can also follow me on Instagram, my name is “Lifeasmiamariah” and I would love more followers in there too! You will also be able to follow my life there in pictures!

All you guys from Denmark can still enter the competition – the rules are simple!

Add a picture on Instagram, tag is with KissZing and Origins and OriginsDK and your in! Make sure to use a picture of you sending a kiss to the camera, that’s one of the few rules the competition has! Good luck and do write me if you win, that would be so cool!

See you online guys x