Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!

Tivoli at New Year's in Copenhagen!

This is Tivoli at New Year’s in Copenhagen!

Tomorrow it’s New Year’s eve, and we will be sipping champagne, wishing the best for our families and loved ones, and looking back at the year 2013 with many emotions, mine this past year is joy and accomplishment, also growth and difficult times, but the year of 2014 it upon us, and we can wash the slate clean, and start all over, and say ”I did this, and now, I will do better/be happier/be smarter in the year to come.”

I have learned a lot about myself, and who I am as a person, how I want my life and my future to be like. I am a lucky person, I just did not notice and I took a lot of things for granted, but not anymore. My New Year’s resolution is all about noticing the little things and appreciating what I have right here and right now, cause life is unexpected, and you never know what might change. I am a lucky girl though, having a good and trustworthy man to spend my life with and a great apartment close to the city, and many amazing friends and of course my family.

I hope everyone remembers this little thing, that I surely will do in the year of 2014, take a jar, and for every amazing thing that happens, write it on a post it, and put it in the jar and in the year’s end, 2015 – open it after 24:00 and read them out loud for the friends, family whatever! Appreciate your life some more, be happy about small things, many of us are so lucky.. Living in a good country, having friends, husband’s/wife’s and family around us. Not everyone is that fortunate, I will make sure to remember every single day, that I am blessed in so many ways.

This New Year’s eve nail polish dye is gold, and what better polish to use than this one!


Sugared Spice by Bluesky Shellack

I love glitter and glam at New Year’s, so I used this! Its an awesome color, and will go great with any color of dress, (which I haven’t even picked out yet!), I am in a dilemma and will have to go look at dresses tomorrow, who knows, maybe I will find something! (If not, I will probably just have to wear something from Even and Odd, which I have ordered a few weeks ago!)

What are you guys wearing and doing for New Year’s? Do tell! Hope everyone will have a great night and an amazing year of 2014 – go celebrate guys!

I am writing this post a little bit early, actually a day too early, but I will be preparing a New Year’s meal for my family and friends this year, the menu we will be having; shrimp cocktail with home made dressing, roast beef with cream potatoes and a chocolate tart with cherries and whipped cream! What is your menu looking like? (Mine is a little simple, but hey, it’s the first time I am preparing such a big dinner all by myself) – But hey, maybe my dad and man will help out a bit! Here’s for hoping!

Well, nothing left to say than: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! – Be safe!

Christmas decorations!

Merry Christmas.


This weekend, I had a busy schedule, I baked this years first batch of Christmas cookies, and they turned out delicious as always! Then I made some Christmas decorations, and I am still making them, I am busy, cause they need to be ready for tomorrow, the 1st of December, so I can light the candles according to time! So *phew* I am busy.. I haven’t gotten the flat decorated yet, but I will during the next couple of days, that’s for sure. I was out shopping for the recipe to make oatmeal balls, my grandmothers recipe, and their amazing, so those I will have to make as well. So yes, I have a lot going on at the moment, and also, I have made it a tradition, to do a big cleaning day, when I put up all my Christmas decorations, so that will also be on the list of ”to do’s”. 

I also need to buy presents, and those are very few this year, which is kinda neat, then they can be more creative and exiting, and the budget is a bit more debatable! Its just my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, and Alex and me! So we are a small gathering this year, but it will be cozy and nice, celebrating Christmas with the loved ones, that is most near and dear to my heart, is always something I treasure a lot.

Here is a bit of pictures of what my last few days has looked like!

The cookie baking, the big Christmas tree being placed in our building complex, being at a ”Party Lite” party that my neighbor held and looking at amazing candles, my new hairy gnome and the decoration of my advent candles!

Pretty amazing night




Last weekend I was out at a bar with my sister, and we had shots, laughed and talked! I had an amazing time, and wanted to share some pictures with you guys, so you could see a little something from my amazing weekend!

The bar we are at, is called “Milk” – Yep the name is pretty funny, being a bar and all..

We had the best shots ever on that bar, they tasted like gummy bears! First shots besides tequila that I actually like! *yay*

I can feel that I’m not used to going out like that anymore, but I truly loved it, and I have missed being out like that, so the evening was welcomed with open arms!

Thx to my amazing sister for dragging my ass out of the house! Love ya!

The 80’s party

80’s & 90’s party!

We had a great time, it was a three course meal, a lot of fun, dancing and joking around. We had a great evening, and I think it was one of the best nights I had in a long time, the food was great, our starter was a tuna mousse, with some fresh bread and a little salad, our main course was  cream potatoes, roast beef and a lot of nice fresh salad, and a pigs roast I believe it was, complete with dressing and everything, it was really good all of it. For dessert they had various cakes, one of my favorites is ofc cheesecake, and the chocolate mousse was great too! I had so much to eat that night, it was crazy! The next day, we had ”Hangover food” at my friend Janes, we had ”Pulled pork”, and it was seriously yummy, you can see the pulled pork roast on one of the pics above, it was to die for!


At one of the pics above its me, and my friend Jane, at the party, it was a super nice time, and its there again next year, where they will be playing the oldies, but goodies! I have to go there again, really.. We had muscled men, congratulating a birthday girl on the dance floor, that was kinda fun, then we had poledancing, and a picture competition, where the winner got tickets to go see a concert of a really well known danish singer called Kim Larsen, I am not that fond of him, but it was a nice treat for the people who likes him. The drinks were a bit limited, because they couldn’t make that many various ones, so we had to settle for some of the few drinks they had, too bad! But me not being a heavy drinker, I was happy with the party. I had three guys come up to me and ask me to dance, I guess it’s flattering, and thank you for that. In the end some guy did get me pulled out on the dance floor, and nearly broke something on me by doing so. -He was pretty scary to dance with, I really didn’t like it much! Haha.. But looking back at it, and seeing my bruises on my hands and arms, I guess it was kinda funny.. Poor me!

A small party!

Yesterday I helped my good friend and neighbor Jane throw a Party Lite party! Party Lite is scented candles and such, and I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful candles and I bought a fair share of them yesterday!

I baked a cinnamon and apple pie for the party yesterday, and brought it down with me, just to help out a bit! I ended up buying two cherry blossom candlesticks that matched the one I got for my birthday from my best friend and her boyfriend, and some amazing candles with a yummy scent! The picture of the candles in the catalogue is some candles I can get a discount on if I choose to throw a party myself! Great huh? I’m thinking a lot about it, cause its pretty fantastic!




My upcoming birthday


This month, the 22nd to be exact, I’m turning 24 – damn! This post will be a little about what I feel, think, wish and hope.. Cause turning 24 is, at least for me, a big-fucking-deal!

I am not a person who hides my age at all, but most people doesn’t think I’m 24 (or 24 to be!) they think I’m 18 – 20 years old, which is fine! Haha.. I don’t really care, but I did when I was younger! I wanted to look as old as I was, NOT older, believe me, just as old as I actually was, cause people just thought I was way younger than I was. (it was hell getting into discos!) Now I’m fine, I don’t care, but I don’t lie either! I tell people my age, and I’ll be damned if they think I’m old, go play with your drugs or your drinking problems… XD

That brings me to another thought! Today’s young 18 – 20 year olds.. Damn, how is the future gonna look?! Unstable young little kids, drinking, whoring and doing drugs. It’s like everyone is so insecure with them self, that it turns into this masquerade, “who can act most tough”, today’s teens are so caught up in what everyone thinks, that they bring them self down by it every time someone doesn’t like them.. I say “to hell with them” – I learned that I just don’t deserve being treated like that. I’m better than that, and I do not listen to shit from just anyone. Only my closest friends and family can truly judge me or tell me off, cause they truly know me. I wish the teens of today knew that, and would think of that whenever they felt bad about people’s shit opinions.

Wishes of this years birthday? I just wish to be as happy as I have been at 23 and to keep my friends close to me, cause they mean the world to me. A lot has happened this year, and I feel lucky to have ended up with these guys in my life, they help me as much as I help them, and that’s what friends are for, sharing helping – giving and taking..

Wishes for my birthday? No idea really.. My best friend Line had a hard time finding me a present cause I had no wishes! XD I feel a bit bad… Maybe some oven mitts? Umm… I think I have what I want, an apartment, a great circle of friends and my fiancé and family! I feel pretty lucky.

My birthday is going to be held the 21st and the 22nd, yeah I know, it’s just damn crazy! But it’s due to our big family on both my parents sides, my moms side and my dads side are “split” on those two days, (no my folks aren’t divorced) but that is easier, cause then we fit in my apartment and we can get to talk to everyone!

What does my boyfriend give me? No idea, and honestly, he isn’t supposed to give me anything, I have plenty as it is, and he is the reason I feel like my life is full and blissful, so I don’t need a thing..

Have you guys received a birthday present that just meant the world to you? What was it? Who gave it to you?

With love..