Happy 2016 everyone!

Goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016

This is our New Years eve in pictures, our dessert – homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream that I made, our twelve o clock champagne, the make-up I did for the evening and our beloved New Years eve tradition – watching ”Dinner for one” or as we Danes call it, 90th birthday! A black and white movie, but god its funny, and we love it! My mom, my dad, the fireworks, its been a good evening, I cooked everything and my fiancé did the steaks, and they were cooked perfect!


Make-up of the evening was foundation: A cc complete cream from Youth Lab, MAC lipstick called Brave, lip liner from Yves Rocher in the color Rose Fuchsia no 15, brow mascara from Maybelline, eyeliner called master precise from Maybelline and mascara from Max Factor! I will show you guys below, so you can see and if you like, you can contact me, if you wish for a review of anything, Id be honored to give one!

The eyebrow mascara and the eyeliner are both must haves, I have been loving them ever since i first bought them, and will always be a repurchase on my list! The CC cream from Youth lab is very new, but I got it in my monthly Goodiebox, and I have been hooked ever since, the mascara is a constant repurchase since I love that it makes my lashes sit perfect and does not clump! The lip liner from Yves Rocher is very new, and I am still getting to know that one, but I like it so far! Mac is never something you will regret buying, and the lipstick Brave is one of my favorites by far, with the lip liner, soar (which I did not wear on the pictures above though).


Shoes completes any outfit!


I just love shoes, these ones are from Aldo, a shoe store we have in Denmark – don’t know if any of you guys know it, but it’s actually one of my favorite stores to buy shoes in, these shoes are so awesome, because even though there is quite a lot of hight on them, their very comfortable to walk around in, and they just look fantastic with my leather pants! I really love mixing edgy with classic, like leather pants and a lace shirt for example, like I actually did that day (Monday – yesterday) when we went to the movies to see Jupiters Ascended.


This pic is very ruined unfortunately tho, my hands shook – boo! Sorry guys, but here is a close up of the lace top at least, so you can see how I have mixed my outfit!


My lipstick is from Mac, my favorite, it’s called Spirit. I love nude and brown colors, they really suit me somehow!

Hope you guys had a great evening, see you online! x

Outfit of the day


Outfit of the day is a Vila skirt and an Only dress shirt plus black leggings! Found the skirt on sale for 5 pounds aka 50 DKK! Was really cheap and I actually love this skirt a lot! It’s so easy to mix and match with, and I have been looking for a nice skirt, to add to my wardrobe! Now I’m thinking about buying a few more later on, just to spice up my wardrobe some more, I really like skirts xx

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!

Tivoli at New Year's in Copenhagen!

This is Tivoli at New Year’s in Copenhagen!

Tomorrow it’s New Year’s eve, and we will be sipping champagne, wishing the best for our families and loved ones, and looking back at the year 2013 with many emotions, mine this past year is joy and accomplishment, also growth and difficult times, but the year of 2014 it upon us, and we can wash the slate clean, and start all over, and say ”I did this, and now, I will do better/be happier/be smarter in the year to come.”

I have learned a lot about myself, and who I am as a person, how I want my life and my future to be like. I am a lucky person, I just did not notice and I took a lot of things for granted, but not anymore. My New Year’s resolution is all about noticing the little things and appreciating what I have right here and right now, cause life is unexpected, and you never know what might change. I am a lucky girl though, having a good and trustworthy man to spend my life with and a great apartment close to the city, and many amazing friends and of course my family.

I hope everyone remembers this little thing, that I surely will do in the year of 2014, take a jar, and for every amazing thing that happens, write it on a post it, and put it in the jar and in the year’s end, 2015 – open it after 24:00 and read them out loud for the friends, family whatever! Appreciate your life some more, be happy about small things, many of us are so lucky.. Living in a good country, having friends, husband’s/wife’s and family around us. Not everyone is that fortunate, I will make sure to remember every single day, that I am blessed in so many ways.

This New Year’s eve nail polish dye is gold, and what better polish to use than this one!


Sugared Spice by Bluesky Shellack

I love glitter and glam at New Year’s, so I used this! Its an awesome color, and will go great with any color of dress, (which I haven’t even picked out yet!), I am in a dilemma and will have to go look at dresses tomorrow, who knows, maybe I will find something! (If not, I will probably just have to wear something from Even and Odd, which I have ordered a few weeks ago!)

What are you guys wearing and doing for New Year’s? Do tell! Hope everyone will have a great night and an amazing year of 2014 – go celebrate guys!

I am writing this post a little bit early, actually a day too early, but I will be preparing a New Year’s meal for my family and friends this year, the menu we will be having; shrimp cocktail with home made dressing, roast beef with cream potatoes and a chocolate tart with cherries and whipped cream! What is your menu looking like? (Mine is a little simple, but hey, it’s the first time I am preparing such a big dinner all by myself) – But hey, maybe my dad and man will help out a bit! Here’s for hoping!

Well, nothing left to say than: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! – Be safe!

Today’s outfit


My outfit today was something I threw on to go walk my dog at 8 in the morning, and it was a tad cold, so I decided to use leggings, a pair of basic black shorts from Gina Tricot, a basic white top from H&M, oversized knitwear shirt from Gina Tricot in black (all new) and my beloved blue and white Converse with stars.

I kinda looked at myself in the mirror that morning and thought to myself “hey that’s not all bad!”

I have a thing for knitwear and this one is just so comfy to wear, I would like to wear shorts a lot during summer time, if the weather aren’t fair, well work around it! – So I did, with the leggings it wasn’t that cold outside. My Converse brought my outfit some sense of street mixed with classic, I like that! That’s why my Converse is used a lot! Hope you guys are managing the weather too, too hot, too cold or whatever, just make it work! Haha..

With love

New outfits!

Okay, I love shopping…

Like almost every girl, I love looking good. Having the propper clothes on, having my hair done, followed by the right kind of make-up. I have been on two shopping sprees this week! One with my dad, where he bought me a ton of new clothes, (yea he kinda spoils me, and I love him for it!) and one where I went out and got my hair styled and cut, my brows plucked and colored and found myself a pair of jeans in H&M, wich fit me perfectly. Theres nothing like a good pair of jeans! It makes me feel amazing, when I have a pair of jeans on, that just fits me. I found a lot of neat things in H&M, there is almost always something in there! Its affordable, looking great and mostly comes in a huge variety of beautiful colors. I love H&M, its a great store! I like getting a ton of ideas to how to dress, so I often just go to browse, and many times, I dont buy anything, I guess I find it important to think about it for a while, before you buy it, I think it makes me more confident that im gonna use it, and not just forget about it and throw it in my closet. In that way, I spend my money more wisely.

Here is what I bought on my shopping sprees:


Im not much for the cutsie pastel colors, but the turquoise pastel top, was awesome looking when I got it on, so I got that one spite my dislike of pastel. I dont think that I have anything pink in my walk-in at all, I think its too ”little girlish” and I kinda hate that, so I stick to darker colors, and the very rare blue or green pastels. They have a way of spicing things up, but not making you look like your a little girl. The dark blue dress is very ordinary, but I have an idea about styling it with a big belt, and the black flower that I also bought. The light jeans only cost me 150 DKK, and their kinda awesome looking when their on. The dark jeans my dad bought me, and they were about 300 DKK, abit pricey, but their very nice. The little black top, actually has laces on the strops and the front and back, and looks so pretty on, it cost me 80 DKK and just looks good in any outfit, cause its such a simple top. I love sailor style tops, so this Tee / top was so me. My littlesister found it for me when I was trapped in the dressing room, trying on jeans, and when I saw the blue and white striped thing, I was in love, the band around the waits just gives the whole tee something! Its amazing. The striped Tee was my dads find, to begin with, I was a little sceptical, but when I put it on, it looked really nice, and I decided that it was perfect for the spring time. Last but not least, the necklace – a huge and pretty ordinary necklace in gold and silver chains, but when wearing low cut dresses, tops or shirts, its a must have!

All of this can be found in any H&M!