Shoes completes any outfit!


I just love shoes, these ones are from Aldo, a shoe store we have in Denmark – don’t know if any of you guys know it, but it’s actually one of my favorite stores to buy shoes in, these shoes are so awesome, because even though there is quite a lot of hight on them, their very comfortable to walk around in, and they just look fantastic with my leather pants! I really love mixing edgy with classic, like leather pants and a lace shirt for example, like I actually did that day (Monday – yesterday) when we went to the movies to see Jupiters Ascended.


This pic is very ruined unfortunately tho, my hands shook – boo! Sorry guys, but here is a close up of the lace top at least, so you can see how I have mixed my outfit!


My lipstick is from Mac, my favorite, it’s called Spirit. I love nude and brown colors, they really suit me somehow!

Hope you guys had a great evening, see you online! x

Today’s outfit


My outfit today was something I threw on to go walk my dog at 8 in the morning, and it was a tad cold, so I decided to use leggings, a pair of basic black shorts from Gina Tricot, a basic white top from H&M, oversized knitwear shirt from Gina Tricot in black (all new) and my beloved blue and white Converse with stars.

I kinda looked at myself in the mirror that morning and thought to myself “hey that’s not all bad!”

I have a thing for knitwear and this one is just so comfy to wear, I would like to wear shorts a lot during summer time, if the weather aren’t fair, well work around it! – So I did, with the leggings it wasn’t that cold outside. My Converse brought my outfit some sense of street mixed with classic, I like that! That’s why my Converse is used a lot! Hope you guys are managing the weather too, too hot, too cold or whatever, just make it work! Haha..

With love