Look of the day

Today I went out to dinner with my family and my fiancé, to celebrate my little sisters birthday! I chose a very subtle look, these are the items I used:


I love this foundation from Youth Lab, it covers and blends in with my skin perfectly, and it feels light on my skin and looks natural!

I used Nilens Jord eyeshadow palette – no 1 for my lid and 3 + 4 for doing smokey eyes. 

The mascara and the brow mascara is a must have for me – I love them. Ever since I first tried these, I was sold, they have been a permanent item in my make-up bag ever since!

I like a natural but visible lipstick, so I used a “semi nude” lipstick, I love how much MAC’s Brave just fits my skin tone, this is one of my favorite lipsticks.

To finish the look, I used my contouring palette from Smashbox, that I was very lucky to win in December in a give away.

What items do you love? What lipsticks shades are your favorite, and from what brand? I have a thing for MAC lipsticks, but to be fair, blush is more Nyx and foundation is Youth Lab, I would love to hear what brands you guys use!

See you online! x

Happy 2016 everyone!

Goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016

This is our New Years eve in pictures, our dessert – homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream that I made, our twelve o clock champagne, the make-up I did for the evening and our beloved New Years eve tradition – watching ”Dinner for one” or as we Danes call it, 90th birthday! A black and white movie, but god its funny, and we love it! My mom, my dad, the fireworks, its been a good evening, I cooked everything and my fiancé did the steaks, and they were cooked perfect!


Make-up of the evening was foundation: A cc complete cream from Youth Lab, MAC lipstick called Brave, lip liner from Yves Rocher in the color Rose Fuchsia no 15, brow mascara from Maybelline, eyeliner called master precise from Maybelline and mascara from Max Factor! I will show you guys below, so you can see and if you like, you can contact me, if you wish for a review of anything, Id be honored to give one!

The eyebrow mascara and the eyeliner are both must haves, I have been loving them ever since i first bought them, and will always be a repurchase on my list! The CC cream from Youth lab is very new, but I got it in my monthly Goodiebox, and I have been hooked ever since, the mascara is a constant repurchase since I love that it makes my lashes sit perfect and does not clump! The lip liner from Yves Rocher is very new, and I am still getting to know that one, but I like it so far! Mac is never something you will regret buying, and the lipstick Brave is one of my favorites by far, with the lip liner, soar (which I did not wear on the pictures above though).

My newly repurchased make up products!

Well, I have a lot of favorite make-up products, and today I repurchased some of my all time favorites!

No. 1 Loréal Infallible 24H Matte foundation: The shade is in 11 Vanilla – this product is truly amazing, it has a high coverage but a medium texture, which makes it feather light and feels gorgeous on your skin! It covers up perfectly and it fits my skin tone better than any foundation I’ve ever used – and it’s not even that expensive with the price of £14 it’s definitely affordable!

No. 2 Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara: The shade is just regular black, and it’s fantastic for parting your lashes and defining them in a natural way, but still making them seem much longer, I use this brush with other mascaras too, for a better finish, cause it just parts the lashes so easily! I love it!

No. 3 Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara: The shade is dark brown, which fits my eyebrows the best – I would recommend that for everyone that’s brunette! It keeps the eyebrows in place, makes them more defined and gives them a fuller look, I have repurchased this product four times now, and I really just can’t get enough of it! 

The nude make up look


The very natural nude look that I love so much, with a gorgeous bold eyeliner!
Things I used:

Rimmel 25HR Lasting Finish foundation: I have never really used Rimmel foundation before, but I picked this up in UK and found it to be fantastic, I blend it with a sponge tho, to make it more natural looking, it’s a very good coverage.

Maybelline Master Presice: The best wet eyeliner on the market in my opinion! I love the real thin lines it makes and how precise it is, the name suits it.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara: This is a newly purchased mascara, but it’s my absolute favorite one, it separates the lashes and makes them all black and very long. It looks very natural, it lasts the entire day, doesn’t peel off and doesn’t clump. It’s great!

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette: I love the nude tones this amazing palette has, the brown tones with no shimmer was what I used this time. Limit as an all over the lid base, Nooner as a dark crease color and also used at the sides of my lid, to strengthen the liner and then Strange for under the brow, and in the corner of my eyes, to create light. The colors blend so well and their amazing to work with.

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara: This is a fantastic thing, I am totally addicted! It makes my brows pop, but also looks natural, like their not colored – which I really love. They make the brows stay on their wished place and I am using the Dark Brown color, which is the best for my brow tone.

MAC Brave Lipstick: This lipstick is the one that’s so hot and heavy right now, everyone seems to be all crazy about this shade, Brave is the “it” color, I got this by my Bigsister, I actually love this, it fits my skin tone very well.
Do you guys love a specific make up look? I’m all about the nude and natural, with a hint of smokey eyes. I can’t help but think it’s beautiful and Classic. 

See you online guys! x

Dream wonder nude foundation -Maybelline and the Real Techniques sponge

Women are as different as snowflakes, no one are alike, finding the perfect foundation for a woman, is like finding your new favorite dessert! Pure joy!

Being difficult with foundations, I always seek out new ones, try new and upcoming products and this one from Maybelline is one of them. – It’s a gorgeous foundation, feather light and you only need to use a few drops, believe it or not, it’s actually true!

This foundation blends well with my skin, suits my skin tone (I use the second most light one which is a 20 I believe?) I love the feel of this foundation, it’s like liquid silk, truly gorgeous and easy to work with! It does not cover up a lot, it makes you look natural, the coverage is about a medium I would say, not too light but not fully – which for me is quite nice.

It does not make my skin greasy or overly dry, it actually does not tamper with my skin at all, another huge plus! 

If you want a real good advice – use a sponge to the more delicate areas of your face as eyes or around your mouth and so on, I can recommend Real Techniques sponge, it’s amazing used with this foundation.

Bought this baby for 5 pounds in the UK just before Christmas, I have been addicted ever since. Every time I apply foundation, I use this for the more delicate areas. It blends the foundation out amazingly!

Have you girls ever tried one of these products? Do tell if you have any knowledge, I would like your opinion too. You can also use a foundation brush, but I think this sponge evens the foundation out better, it’s totally “Mia proof” aka I’m a little clumsy! 

My opinion about the Maybelline Wonder Nude foundation:

  • Foundation blends well
  • Is silky and lovely
  • Does not dry out your skin
  • Makes you look natural
  • The price is very nice
  • Only a few drops are needed
  • Easy to work with 
  • A little bit runny when applied

Five stars all over!

Why not the last star??

Well the foundation is very runny, almost alive, which can make it a little stressful to apply to a sponge, brush or fingers, and not drop anything, that can be a little annoying, but besides that, it’s quite nice to work with and blends so easy!

My opinion about the Real Techniques sponge:

  • So simple to use
  • Addicting
  • Makes any foundation look great
  • Compact to have in any make-up bag
  • Soft and gentle when used on your skin
  • Price is affordable and quite cheap
  • A must have for any woman

A maximum of 6 stars for this little wonderful sponge!

Why so many stars??

Well I think you guys should try it out for yourselves and then you will definitely know how amazing this is! I will 100% repurchase this, it’s all about the natural look for me, and this sponge makes me achieve it. 

See you online guys x

Dinner out tonight!

I love spending time with my family, and tonight my dad is taking me out for dinner, and I’m gonna get dressed up a bit, and here is my make-up choice!


I started off using a primer from Monu, then a under eye primer from Mac called prep+prime in the shade “radiant rose” and a Loreal foundation called “Lumi Magique” then a mascara from Dior called “Diorshow” then Maybeline brow mascara “Brow drama”, GOSH smokey eyes palette in “03 plum” a Mac lipstick called “Spirit” and a lipliner from Dior called “Brown Fig”

If you guys wanna know more about any of the products, don’t hesitate to ask!

I love the Mac lipstick so much, it’s just so perfect for my skin tone! It’s one of my key items in my make-up collection!

New additions!








I bought all new sandals, cause I adore the brand, it’s Bianco leather sandals and I absolutely love them! Have a pair in pink but they are pretty worn now, so I decided to get a new pair this year!

Mascara!! This one I’m holding is my new favorite! And the eyeliner is also amazing, both from Maybelline! One by one mascara – waterproof and the masterpiece eyeliner! Their amazing.. Then a waterproof eyeliner – for the wet line, from gosh, called let’s twist! It’s pretty damn good and stays on for ages, I only use it for my upper wet line on my eyes tho! (Else I think it gets too dark!)

Also a new and awesome thing “Brow Drama” brow mascara, from Maybelline! It’s addictive and gives a little tint to your brows, without looking fake! It’s just plain brilliant!

Then a new dress from Vila, a fantastic dress, even more fantastic cause I am a small in this dress haha! It has a very classic look and I think it looks amazing! Was very cheap too, 170 DKK! Very affordable..

Then I have gotten new wine glasses for my birthday, from my sister, their with a cute trim on, and looks absolutely adorable! Now my old IKEA glasses can be thrown out! SUCCESS!

The picture of me “air kissing” my dog is where I am wearing Maybelline’s Brow Drama, you can’t see is amazingly well, but well better than nothing! I’m also wearing it on the pic where I’m showing off my new mascara and eyeliners!