Everything’s happening so fast

Hi everyone!

– And sorry for being so out of touch with the blog, but life got in the way..

Right now is the first time in ages that I have a moment to spare, to sit down, be bored, watch a movie, write my blog and so on. The only thing I have been persistent in updating, is my Instagram! So do take a look, there is a lot of new pictures!

Right now I am relaxing, drinking Cuba watermelon mixed with Carlsberg sport (pop basically) – It’s gorgeous, you guys got to try it if you haven’t! It’s so hot outside, it’s finally spring in Denmark, so I thought it was the perfect drink for the evening – not that I drink a lot, but today just called for it! But while I’m drinking this, I am watching a movie on netflix called ”Safe Haven”, a really good movie I might add, watch it sometime, but I gotta warn ya, its a ”girly movie” as my fiancé would put it. 😉

Tomorrow we are spending time with my family, firing up the grill and having some steaks and sausages, yum! I can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome! 😛

I am happier than ever in life, I love my fiancé and every day, he makes me happy that I’m with him. It’s corny, but I even love cooking for him. I love spoiling him, making him lunches for work, just anything that makes his life a little easier, and why? Because I love him, just because I simply love him. He makes me smile, laugh and just stronger. I would never have dared starting my education as a Care Assistant if it wasn’t for him. He made me who I am in a way, he patched up a part of me that I had no idea was broken. He have been struggling real hard to find a job here in Denmark, not just any job, but a job as a tiler, and he found it! He is now working as a tiler in a small company and have made some great friends too, that just makes me so happy, I’m insanely proud of him!

Life is just so insanely exciting as a Care Assistant intern. I have tried a lot of things, that even some educated Care Assistants haven’t – or so they told me! 😉

I gave B12 intramuscularly – which means ”injection into the muscle”, that was probably the most intense injection I’ve tried so far! 😮 The needle is huge, or so it seems the first time you give the injection, I was calm on the outside, but inside I was shaking a little.. It went perfectly fine, no bleeding or anything and it went into the muscle perfectly, so I was happy and so was the patient! 😀

I have dealt a lot with insulin injections, their fairly easy, and so is the blood sugar measurements, but their a lot of fun, and its a whole new chapter that’s opening up for me, having to study about it and get into the whole ”fast working insulin and slow working insulin”, it’s so exciting!

I have worked with catheter’s too, observing them, inserting them, rinsing them, changing them and so on. That’s pretty cool too, even tho’ inserting them can be a challenge! No ones alike down there, just sayin’ 😀 haha!

Then I have tried to change an Ostomy, which can be really tricky and also messy, but luckily it weren’t – that time! 😛

I have probably done a lot more, but I have honestly forgotten, because I have been allowed to do so many new things, and I love the fact that I have! I have the best mentor, I can only ever say good things about her, I have to be at this place for 6 months, and I’m not wanting to leave the place at all! ❤ Even tho its way out at the country side, where there is farms and files n’ miles of fields! But it’s just beautiful..

So as you all can read, everything seems to just be working out for us (me and my fiancé), we have struggled a bit, but that’s over now, I can’t wait for the summer vacation, having his kids over, just like last year, I miss them very much. ❤

I hope you guys had as good a day as I have, I couldn’t have hoped for a better day, it was very busy, with a hairdressers appointment, grocery shopping, dog sitting, washing clothes and snapping pictures, but I loved today, every second of it!

See you online! x


I miss you!

Who doesn’t feel just a little bit “boyfriend soppy” at times?? I’m missing my boyfriend so much, ever since he left Denmark I have been in soppy boo!


I saw this pillow on Facebook in a post about loneliness and I truly just got inspired for this crazy post, about longing, missing someone, distance and soppiness!

My boyfriend is from England, he wants to move here, but it takes time and planning! I want him to take his time, give him space and let him plan before rushing in – but at the same time I just wanna kick in his door and steal him away, haha! He has been such a good guy towards me, and I’ve been the happiest with him, I don’t think I can ever remember a time, where I was happier than this.

When finding a guy, where you can truly see a future and a life with him, it’s hard to let him go, let him take that plane home and just wait for the next time we are going to see each other!

Before he came to visit me, I couldn’t sleep, for two weeks I suffered from horrible insomnia and as soon as he was here, I was sleeping normally! When he left, I again had trouble sleeping – hence the late night posts at times.

It’s strange that another person can make such a huge impact on your life, I do believe in such a thing as a soulmate, and he is mine, he really is.

I need that boyfriend pillow! Maybe I can sleep better at night! For Christmas my boyfriend actually gave me this pillow, that has a speaker inside it, where you can plug your phone into it and play music, and I’ve been using it a lot lately!


This pillow is so comfy, even without the music, and I really loved this Christmas present! I am so spoiled and I am truly happy that he thought of my insomnia while buying this for me. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve been this lucky, to find a guy, who has truly grasped the idea of me, how I am and what I’m like. He knows me too well!

To all the boyfriends out there, that this Christmas bought something for their girl, that was well thought out, thank you for setting the standards! 😉 You have – like my boyfriend, truly understood the idea of giving a gift! It’s the thought, that you guys have thought of her, what she needs and what she would truly love, and found something, that just fits her! – Something that would maybe have been a strange gift for everyone else, but for her, it was perfect! You guys rock!!!

To all the girls out there, receiving these gifts, I hope you truly appreciate your man, and that you also bought him something well thought of, cause he deserves it!

So much love to my way too amazing boyfriend, am truly the luckiest woman alive!

See you online guys xx

How am I?

Well thats a good question!

Moving out, I had this huge idea of how it all was gonna be played out. Living alone, quietness, just me and my fiancé. That was all true! No one to tell you what to do and when to do it, no one to decide what to eat and when to eat. But also, while enjoying the sea of choises before me, I look back at my childhood, and think ”Damn was I a lucky kid!” I got everything I ever wanted, sometimes I dident even deserve it, but I did get everything. I was spoiled shitless, loved, missed and watched over by my hawk-eye dad, and my anxious mother, and I love them for it. Getting some perspective now, I start to realise, how much they really care, even if they did show it badly sometimes, or we fought – they fought for me, to make my life perfect. Too bad that I only just realised it now, but atleast I realised it before they were gone, and had regrets about it. My mom is 60 and my dad is 64 – they had me in a pretty old age, im 23 years old, going on 24 the 22nd of July, my littlesister is even younger, she just turned 21 – and my rapid readers knows that too, cause I made a post about her birthday party. – Well long story short, I had a pretty tough life as a teen, and I was very ill, couldent go outside a door at all, and my parrents got very protective of who I dated and how I felt all the time, I used to hate it! Now, I just realise that they were trying to protect me from alot of bad choises along the road called my life, trying to make it just abit better, and thank you for that, it means alot.

Its strange as hell to know that you aint gonna go ”home” and sleep no more, that you have your own place and thats it. Its like you have to go cold turkey, like a smoker, and you just need that last smoke, but it aint happening. I think its cause im a creature of habbit, I need the same ol’ same ol’.. My parrents and I, will probably have a much better relationship, with me living on my own, after all im too old to be told what to do by now, and I think they just cant help it sometimes, especially my dear dad. I think I never really understood him all too well. I always thought that he werent proud of me, but he is, in his own way, he was just always really bad at showing it! But I love him, flaws and all. He was proud even when I was ill and at my worst, but I just dident see it. Only a loving dad can be proud, when everything isent as it should be, thank you. I promise one thing, I never took you guys for granted, I always knew how lucky I was, and still am. Im one kid of a million, who has a dad this amazing. He gave me the entire downpayment for my place, and said that it was an investment, but he truly invested it in me, my life and my well being. Thanks mom and dad, I cannot even beging to describe how lucky I feel, for having parrents like you guys.

I dont think I could have wished for a better family to be born into, even when we had our disagreements. I love you guys very much. Your daughter Mia.