January sales shopping!

It’s been a long day of good fun with my little sister, shopping and looking at store windows, and grocery shopping!

We had a good day today, and found quite a lot of good sales, some of it with a 70% discount! It was brilliant, to be honest!


I bought this amazing dress in a VILA store, for 15 pounds! Been looking online, and have seen them go for 40 pounds, its insane, but damn they do look great on, that’s for sure! I got some leggings too and a few other things, but I will show you that in another post, this one I will show you guys now though, cause I found it amazing! Dress or a relaxing sweater, you decide, I love wearing it as a dress already, its cozy and so comfy, the knitted sweater is from OBJECT called as style name: OBJFAY KNIT DRESS. You guys can find it and buy it for yourself, if you like it as much as I do! You can always style this with a nice belt, necklace or some really cool stilettos! This picture is borrowed from a site selling this amazing dress! x

What amazing sales did you guys find out there? Did you buy anything this January, and if you think you found an amazing item, do share with me, I simply love January with all the crazy sales! x