A once in a lifetime deal!

We bought our first real kitchen appliances a week ago, and now we got them home! We bought a stove, a fridge and a dishwasher! They are some of the top ones at the market, the fridge is a “No frost” fridge/freezer, and is therefore really easy to keep! The oven is an easy clean oven and you can buy some oven plate holders – spelled? XD but it helps keep the plates in the oven still, so if you check on your food, it won’t slip off your plate! The dishwasher is a very energy saving one, where you can choose to only wash glasses if needed (the top of the dishwasher) or only the dishes and knifes, forks and so on (the bottom of the dishwasher) or, you can choose to do it all, my choice really!

Here is some pictures of the appliances, I really just love them!