Studying illnesses 

As you all know, I want to be a nurses assistant – and from there, I want either the nurses education or to be a social worker. I always loved making a difference and helping people, being supportive and caring. I am a kind person, always have been, I love that people depend on me!

Now I am researching different illnesses and trying to gather as much knowledge as possible, before school starts! 

So far I have researched:

  • Paralyzations 
  • Diabetes 
  • Bladder infections
  • Dementia 
  • osteoporosis
  • Cancer (mainly brain / lungs)
  • Terminal care
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Brain damage 

These are all illnesses I have experienced while working at the elderly home, and read a lot to aqquire knowledge about these different illnesses so I could help the citizen in the best way possible. 

If you guys have some illness in mind that you think would be good for me to know more about, then do tell me, cause I would love to know more about these kind of things before I start my school, so I at least know a little to begin with. It will be a big part of my work life to be able to recognize symptoms if they occur.

See you online guys! x


My busy life

I know I have been very busy recently and that I have had very little time to write in my favorite blog and share life with you guys, my followers, sorry for that, but life has been so hectic but so amazing! And here’s the reason why:

I have started working, just a month as an intern as a caregiver at a nursing home, I have loved every second of it, even though I have been scared, thinking things like “can I handle the pressure, the illnesses, the downs?” I have discovered that I could, I have found it such a giving and beautiful job, I’m so extremely happy every time I get home from work, worn but happy! Cause I feel like I have made a major difference in someone’s life, have given them the help they need to still value their life and making them feel safe and loved, this is unique, this is a gift for me, every single day I go to work – I might give them a lot, but I get more in return, knowing I’m giving someone the care and love they need to value life, that is unique, special. 

As I said I started as an intern, but then after third week, I was so lucky to get offered a job until I can apply for the assistant caregiver education – it’s a tad higher than a caregiver, assistants can handle medication, talk to the doctors and help with all kinds of treatments of the citizen is feeling unwell, and I want to be an assistant caregiver badly! After that, I am thinking of studying to be a nurse, this is the line of work I want to be in, it’s amazing!

So this is why I have been so busy! I need to collect knowledge now to get into the assistant caregiver school, cause normally you go do the caregiver education first and then the assistant and then nurse school, but as I am skipping a step – so I need to learn a lot at my workplace now, so I’m sure to do well in classes. My work colleagues likes me a lot, and I like them – I found a great place to work, everyone is just so kind!

It’s my birthday soon, the 22nd of July to be exact – time passes so fast, 27 years old, wow it’s almost gone too fast.. Am having a birthday party this Wednesday, just a small one though, don’t wanna make a big deal out of my birthday, getting a year older… Haha!

Hope you guys have been doing great, see you all online! x

To fold or to raise

In life you have to know when to pick your battles, and lately, on the job front, I picked my battles.

When you know you will never thrive at the place you work, and you tried your best, but it got you no where, what do you do? Do you raise your stakes, keep on fighting, even though your not really happy about having to make such a big effort out of things, but loving the field you work in. Being miserable at the job, but loving the work you do?

Or do you fold, keep the shred of dignity you do have left, and try to start somewhere new, where you feel that you can be appreciated and feel like your being build up, not torn down.

Its never fun being new in your field, especially when your in the IT business, that always changes and expands, where you always have to learn new things – even though this also makes it exiting to me. But being all new, and working for a company, that expects everything to be perfection, but you not being able to meet their expectations, is hard.

So I folded, I decided that meeting early, going home late, a 9 hours a day job, was not for me, especially when I did not get any recognition for the hours I put into it, and the work I tried my best to do, with no help what so ever. Its a slap in the face to be blunt, and next time I go searching for a job, I will make sure that the company agrees, that when I am new, I am allowed to ask questions to become better, and I need a period where I will be trained up in the field, so I know everything perfectly, before they expect me to work as a self-reliant designer.

Maybe it was a weak-ass thing to do? Maybe it was wrong of me to fold that fast? But I feel good about my choice, cause a job for me is passion. Its not your life or your husband, its your hobby and your passion, something you love waking up to in the mornings, and something you would feel empty without.

I hope that I will find the right company to work for soon, I know its out there.

Work, work, work!

The picture is snapped just now, the clock is 08:51 – morning!

Yesterday (Friday) I had my exams, and passed with a decent grade, yey for that! We did a WordPress based website, that needed to be build for smartphones, pc’s and iPads. It went really well thanks to and their amazing vid’s! Thank you! ❤

Shortly after, I had to work, and I bumped into an accident on the highway, that ofc delayed me quite a bit! Aww.. It was a mess!


And now I’m on my way to work again. I haven’t slept all that great, but I really love my co-workers and my boss, so I’m looking forward to going!

With love..

Over exited!

I have had a great few days at work! My boss is amazing, and makes sure to tell me when she thinks I have done good! That’s something I really appreciate! I feel so valued at work, it’s just perfect, I couldn’t wish for a better place to be working, I just feel like I won the lottery!

This week I did some shopping too! I bought a vacuumer, “Nilfisk” the brand is called, and is pretty much one of the best out there, I’m pretty exited about when it’s gonna arrive! The old one was very cheap and well.. It broke after only a year, so that sucked!

Today (Sunday) my friend and I planned a day of going to flea markets! We went to one, and it kinda sucked.. So we went in stores instead, and in Maxi Zoo I found a great “Dog IQ game” for Sammi, he already tried one and I just knew he would love it! It was a great and relaxing day, and my little sister tagged along, she was bored so I asked if she wanted to go with.. I had dinner at my parents house today, it’s been a whole since I’ve seen them, so it was nice to see them again!

Now I have been living in my apartment with Alex for almost a year, and I have gotten used to living on my own by myself, with Alex by my side, doing the laundry and the cleaning, making a budget for everything, and I must say, that we have done really good the two of us! It’s been great living on our own, and I love it! Every step of the way has been a great journey and something I will look back at, as so special and exiting.

With love..

How my day went

Today was as perfect as I could have imagined! People were amazing, my bosses were great, and one even gave me flowers for making a mistake according to my schedule, seriously that is pretty nice of him. I couldn’t be happier right now, and I already met some great coworkers! It can’t get any better really… I am so crazy happy right now, that I can’t even seem to sleep!

Do any of you have a job you totally love? Do share! I feel like reading a little bit about you guys out there, following my blog. Thank you for that by the way! ❤




With love…

First day of work!

Today is my first day!

Fears of anything? Well ofc, I don’t want to do bad, I really want them to like me, and they seem really nice, all of them. I hope my clothes is good enough? Uhm.. Yeah sounds stupid, to worry about my outfit, but I have a dress code at this job, and I take that very seriously! I really need the extra money, so everything kinda mathers to me right now, and yep, I kinda feel a bit on the edge today.

Looking forward to? Speaking to customers! Trying to make them happy with whatever they buy, giving them some great service, and helping them make great gift choises. (Yea I know, Im pretty crazy exited about this job, but I know Im good at it, and I love the feeling when someone is asking for my service!) Getting to know everyone working there, it just seems exiting, they seem so nice!

I promise to write a little later, telling you guys about how everything went! Im so exited right now! Haha..