My day in pictures

A day out with my dad, iced coffee at Baresso, with a chocolate scones, Pandora was visited and I got another charm, this one was from my dad, the one I linked below, so now these are the charms that I have on my bracelet.



It was nice spending some time alone with my dad, he picked the charm, I think it’s really cute and I am pretty spoiled, I really needed a father / daughter day and I think it was nice to finally spend some real time together just talking. 💕

Am gonna cook a very nice meal for my fiancé tonight, I love cooking actually, I find it relaxing and creative. 

Right now I am waiting for him to come home, so we can enjoy the weekend and Valentine’s Day together this weekend, we are not making a big deal out of it, just a nice meal and candles, I will make sure to spoil him though, he deserves that! 

Hope you all have an amazing day, see you online! xx


Jewls CPH evening

This past tuesday, we met the designer behind Jewls CPH at my work, (as you all know, i work in a jewelry store) a really nice girl I must say, a Danish trend setter. Her philosophy behind her brand is that real stones is best and is the only thing she uses, onyx, moon stone, and sun stone are one of the many that’s used in her collection! She ofc uses the more expensive ones too, like diamonds, but loves to cut her jewel stones in new and exiting cuts!

Her design is pure and very modern, yet there is something for every kind of woman! It’s really quite fascinating! A very great designer.. I instantly liked her!

We were offered some goodie bags, and I was amazed of the time they put into them.. Rose petals in the jewel boxes and all! Beautiful touch.

Her jewelry is 100% statement pieces, that works for every event possible!





These earrings are with a black onyx stone in them, a pretty stone in my opinion. I will put a link in later to her website, so you can get a look at all her statement pieces!