Life, love and the future!

Lately I am trying to get ready for my education and trying to get our home clean and good looking! Strange – but true none the less..

Let’s just be honest, I have never ever been the stay at home wife kind of woman! I am messy and a typical “oh where did I put that stupid remote, I know it’s here somewhere” kind of person, everywhere I seem to go, I leave a trail of mess behind me, and I don’t mind much, but I got older and more aware of it, and I am actually changing – who knew?! 😂

I never thought that day would come, where I keep thinking that I need to do the laundry else it would pile up, or I would remember to put all my make-up back in perfect order, else it would look cluttered and messy, but lately I do. (Or ever since my fiancé moved in!) My fiancé have had a very good influence on me I have to say, he has made me see how lovely our home can look when it’s clean and organized and he is good at reminding me to just put things back after using them, it’s much easier than running around cleaning at the last minute, before guests arrive, or when you get too annoyed at the clutter!

I think being engaged to him has somehow made me more grown up, more determined and less messy, and yeah it sounds so cliché, but he makes me into a better person. 

I make little to do lists now, I make grocery lists, I make sure to always plan ahead on shopping so we never need anything badly and I feel amazing for doing so! Who the hell am I and where is Mia?! 😜

We have started to sort out food, so we do a “cooking list” where we write what food we wanna cook and on what day, it’s gotten so much easier to prepare meals and shop for them, that’s the God honest truth.. Thank god for lists! (Oh dear I’ve become like my mother!) 

So right now I am passing time at home, waiting for the 29th of February, by cleaning and making my little “stay at home wife” lists! I am not perfect at it, but I’m getting there.

Do you guys have any strange lists you make? I am thinking I might need more lists in my life, cause it keeps you organized and I want 2016 to be the year of organization and calm, and my lists makes me more calm and a lot less stressy and forgetful – who dosnt what that?

Here is a few pictures of our home right now, we are constantly redecorating, because we wish for a different look in our bedroom and living room right now – we have started to save up for a new bed as we speak, cause the one we have now is terrible!

Our new Danish designer table, lamp and chairs! The chairs are pretty well known in Denmark and are called the 7 chair from Arne Jacobsen, the table is a Fritz Hansen and the lamp is from Fritz Hansen too. Now we just need some more pictures up on the walls, but it starting to look very cozy already.


My fiancé changed the paintings a few months ago, so now my bedroom screen painting is in the living room and vice versa, it really suits it a lot better! The lamps are old Japanese lamps and my sofa is white leather – I know white, but I love it. It looks so good now after we got the floors sanded down in the hallway and the living room.

A little shopping!

This is a little sneak peek on what I bought in IKEA today! I just love IKEA, it’s cheap, sturdy and good looking furniture! I have a fair share of things from IKEA, but not that much furniture actually.. My bed, living room table, dining table, make-up table, couch and my big tv shelf isn’t from IKEA, their from… Yea well all over really! XD So it ain’t a 100% IKEA apartment, but I do love IKEA, that I can admit! ❤

I really enjoy spending time decorating my apartment, trying to decide what to buy from where, and my style is modern, mixed with romantic and of course, old Japanese items! It just looks amazing mixed with modern/romantic furniture!


Exam project finished

Finally its over

All the writing, the planning, the assignments.. Its over now, I can only wait and see, how it will be turning out now, Its out of my hands right now, and Im pretty content actually. The whole thing has gone okay, Ive been crazy busy, things has happend all around me, and I had many downs through out this time, sadly. But this should be a good day today, everything is turned in, its done, finished and I can breathe now. But Im feeling ill right now, dizzy and tired constantly. I tried sleeping alot, drinking water, getting fresh air.. Nothing helps at all. I think Its due to me being so stressed out by the project we had to have done, but It shouldent keep going like this.. I will know soon enough if Im ill, or just stressed.

Now Im just waiting till the 19th, to go though the examination, and then, there will be a very long summer break for me. Its going to be awesome! Now I just hope the weather gets better, so I can work on my balcony floors some more, and get the garden furniture my mom and dad ordred used alot when it arrives.

My early birthday gift


I like my birthdays less and less, and well maybe its because I’m turning 24 now? Or that I’m just a tad vain, and hate telling people my age, and they just look at me with an open mouth for a second or two, and say ”Oh I diden’t know you were that old” that old? Really? THAT old? Great thanks, that was nice.. Always makes me feel annoyed to be reminded I’m old, and well yea, I guess I’m old, or atleast older.. I don’t mind the getting old part, It’s just people trying to make it so huge, that I’m getting old, yea, I’m an older person than I was last year, and thank god for that huh?

My mom and dad, has given me a gift alredy, it haven’t arrived yet, but it will soon probably, it depends on the truck sending it, but this gift is just what I wanted, and what I have been sighing about the last month, a complete furniture set for my balcony. Two chairs, a bench and a table with a glass surface, all in black, like on the picture. Its beautiful, and just so perfect, cause there is no need to maintain this furniture set! I took a few pictures from their website, so you guys can see the entire thing, I just cant wait to get this gardenset home, and sit in it, and enjoy my summer!