Thursday evening out

Thursday was spent with my family, or most of my family that is! My mom couldn’t come with us but at least I got to spend some time with my dad, Bigsister, nephew, little sister and my amazing fiancé.

We went to a Chinese restaurant called Jin Jiang, it’s very close to the harbor side in Denmark, a cozy place that serves a great buffet! What I love most about that place is the fruit, it’s fresh and tastes amazing, nothing beats really fresh fruit. 

They also make some incredible sushi and I adore their deep fried prawns! The pictures above are food from their restaurant. We always chose the buffet and we have never been disappointed, I love eating there and today it was nice, quiet and cozy. Normally it’s mad busy, but luckily not today.

A quick picture of me before we were going out, for a change it’s black and white, I normally don’t like that, I think I look ghostly, but this picture is alright I guess. My hair have grown quite a bit since last year, I mostly just let it be and only recently I got my ends trimmed, which wasn’t much, so it’s become pretty long and it’s a bit strange having it this long, but also nice for a change!

I had a pretty good evening today, I am lucky to have a big family to share my life with, even though it can be difficult at times, chaotic and even stressful, but their always there for me and if things go south, I am blessed to have my fiancé who always seems to know what to say or what to do. You don’t chose your family, but I got quite lucky with mine.

I hope you all have spent “little Friday” / Thursday in good company, doing something productive or just a relaxed! 

See you online guys! x


Green fingers and hard work!

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Sorry for the bad picture quality, it was evening and I had a lightbulb burst in my kitchen while snapping the last pictures, typical!

Being outside makes me feel free, healthy and happy – it gives me room to breathe and to destress.

Having my own garden plot is very important to me, I love gardening and last year was my first year with my bed own garden plot! I live in an apartment and since I love growing my own food and I want to be active, the garden was an excellent idea! I have been down there almost every day for the past two or three weeks, removing weeds and making the garden ready for another summer, I can’t wait to start planting things out and seeing it grow! 

Today I bought a lot of seeds; Lettuce – two kinds, cucumber, carrot, spring onion, radishes, peas, tomatoes and so on. I also got potatoes from last years harvest, that I saved and am using this year, so I won’t need to buy more potatoes. I also saved some zucchini seeds from last year, and some bell pepper ones too. I can’t wait to see it all planted and growing, it’s gonna be so exiting.


Got this whole patch ready and planted some potatoes, it’s even raining right now, so the potatoes will be very happy! I’m sure they will grow pretty fast, the soil in the garden is amazing and we use recycled compost soil when we add more to our gardens, so it dosnt really need any fertilizer! 


This is the entire spot that I got cleared today, I got pretty far! It’s hard work and I’m sore all over now, but it’s worth it, I love being able to go out here and just relax and do some gardening. The two garden beds contains lots of strawberry plants by the way – my favorite fruit!

Hope all of you guys have an amazing and fun hobby that you love just as much as I love being in my garden! The passion is all that matters, and when I’m in the garden, I’m calm and happy, my garden is my way of calming down, what’s yours?

See you guys online! xx

A girls best friend!

C H O C O L A T E !

So true though, who does not love chocolate?? XD I am addicted to strawberries and chocolate, my guy just won me over completely with this dessert!

My amazing man made me banana, orange and strawberry covered in chocolate this evening, I think he was pretty romantic, but he thought it got unsuccessful cause the chocolate didn’t wanna stick properly haha.. Poor him! XD


He put such a huge effort into it too, it was adorable watching him in the kitchen, swearing at the chocolate and cutting up fruit, placing it at the platter all nice and fancy, if that’s not love – I don’t know what is! XD He is such a perfectionist and wants things to be just right, where I’m more used to the saying “nothing’s perfect, at least I tried my best” XD

I loved the dessert this evening, it was pretty romantic, and all we used was fruit and chocolate.

Lately I haven’t written a lot of posts on my blog, I’ve been so ill the last two weeks, fever a cold and a bacteria level in my blood that said 119!! I had a sore throat, headache 24/7 and my body was sore and I felt like my hair was gonna fall off when I touched my scalp.. Boo! I finally had to go to the hospital and get some other penicillin treatment, cause the first one I tried, wasn’t helping, and I had two days without being able to eat anything without having to returning it too early… It was a mess! But now with the new penicillin treatment I’m a lot better, ten days with three pills a day, and the treatment stops in two days.

This week my boyfriend traveled here from the UK to spend two weeks in Denmark with me, then the 4th we are catching a plane back to UK together, and then I’m gonna stay there for a week, I can’t wait till he moves here, it’s gonna be amazing! We have so many plans about redecorating the apartment and it’s gonna look amazing here, cause he is a pretty damn good DIY man! x

It’s been some eventful and busy weeks, and I apologize for the absence I had from the blog buys, hope all my followers are doing great and that you have had an amazing valentines! xx

See you online!

My day in pictures




Went to the doctor this morning, only to find out that I again have bacteria in my blood… Sigh! So now, a three pills a day for ten days treatment – fantastic… I hate penicillin.

My dad took my little sister and I out for Chinese, where I had lovely food, soda and a glass of wine, that instantly made me tipsy, due to me being ill.. Oops! Oh well, it tasted good! x

Today I have been running around after the puppy, trying to not make it pee in my apartment, and sleeping most of the day, to try and make my immune system recover.. Lucky me!


This is the little devil setting my anger on some serious tests! Lol.. Good job that I’m much more stubborn than he is!

Hope you guys had a better day, even though the day was actually fine, I could have been happier without my illness and the dog peeing everywhere! x

Food for thought!

This evening when I couldn’t sleep, I started researching new recipes and decided that I wanna cook more versatile food! I found some really interesting ones, and it’s exiting to be cooking something different for a change!


The other week I made this smoothie, from only strawberries and crushed ice, the strawberries are from my own garden, I find it important to know where most of my fruit and vegetables are from, and what better way, than to grow it yourself?

So I had this healthy smoothie, and read a good book, and yes the glass is from Hard Rock, but there is no alcohol in! XD It’s a souvenir from one of my many visits to Hard Rock, it’s one of my favorite places to go, the drinks are great and the food is gorgeous! x While having the smoothie, and reading, I started to think, that it could be nice, trying out more new recipes!

Soon I will start cooking a bit differently, I think it will be fun to try new things, I wanna make my own bread more, make great desserts and I wanna make Thai courses more, having been to Thailand, I fell in love with the dishes there and now I want to make some of them myself!

See you online guys! x

The 80’s party

80’s & 90’s party!

We had a great time, it was a three course meal, a lot of fun, dancing and joking around. We had a great evening, and I think it was one of the best nights I had in a long time, the food was great, our starter was a tuna mousse, with some fresh bread and a little salad, our main course was  cream potatoes, roast beef and a lot of nice fresh salad, and a pigs roast I believe it was, complete with dressing and everything, it was really good all of it. For dessert they had various cakes, one of my favorites is ofc cheesecake, and the chocolate mousse was great too! I had so much to eat that night, it was crazy! The next day, we had ”Hangover food” at my friend Janes, we had ”Pulled pork”, and it was seriously yummy, you can see the pulled pork roast on one of the pics above, it was to die for!


At one of the pics above its me, and my friend Jane, at the party, it was a super nice time, and its there again next year, where they will be playing the oldies, but goodies! I have to go there again, really.. We had muscled men, congratulating a birthday girl on the dance floor, that was kinda fun, then we had poledancing, and a picture competition, where the winner got tickets to go see a concert of a really well known danish singer called Kim Larsen, I am not that fond of him, but it was a nice treat for the people who likes him. The drinks were a bit limited, because they couldn’t make that many various ones, so we had to settle for some of the few drinks they had, too bad! But me not being a heavy drinker, I was happy with the party. I had three guys come up to me and ask me to dance, I guess it’s flattering, and thank you for that. In the end some guy did get me pulled out on the dance floor, and nearly broke something on me by doing so. -He was pretty scary to dance with, I really didn’t like it much! Haha.. But looking back at it, and seeing my bruises on my hands and arms, I guess it was kinda funny.. Poor me!

My bestie and sushi!

Yesterday with my best friend Line!





Lunch at a nice Japanese place! Sushi and cola, and for dessert we had ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate! Line had a funny green tea ice cream and I had regular vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – yum! Both of them was pretty good..

We had a nice day, and we talked about the past, present and the future. I have missed her a lot, and had the best time with her. ❤ She is a wonderful person..