Construction site!

There is no such thing as home! – But you never realize just how much crap you have till you got to pack it away! 

I am not moving! I am just redoing my floors, cause their all yellow and old and need some serious love and care, I have been wanting to renew my floors for ages now, and I am finally doing it, I am getting the living room floor and my hallway floor done, it’s gonna look real nice, I can’t wait till it’s all done. But right now – it looks like a battle-scene.. 



My dog is very unhappy, he misses the couch, which is now standing outside on my balcony.. Gosh it’s a little comical and sad at the same time, my living room looks horrible like this, way too empty, there’s even an echo! I hate it, my place is so homely, warm and welcoming – that’s what I love about it, but now it’s all empty and I just found out, that I hate that more than anything! I want to hide away in my bedroom, cause a big empty room is just so darn depressing! – I don’t get how people can live minimalistic, it’s too empty, too depressing..

But I did it, me and my best friend Jane did it all by ourselves – am pretty proud, I love not having to involve my family too much, it’s my place and I want to do things by myself, but Jane helped and she has been brilliant – all the heavy stuff got lifted away and now I just have to take away all the smaller things, which is fine by me!

The floors are gonna be done with a tiny bit of light tint, so they are matching my style, then two layers of varnish on – the strongest one you can get, and it will last a long, long time! I can’t wait to see the result, I think it will look gorgeous! – I’ll make sure to do before and after pics for you guys!

See you online guys! x


Fast and Furious 7 review


Feel like going out and watching a fantastic movie soon? Go watch F&F7 girls! This movie is aaaamazing!

I know it’s about cars and horsepower – but there’s a lot of humor, speed and amazing scenes in it too (and who does not love fast and expensive cars getting driven madly and crashed?!) The end had me in tears, and the entire movie had me laughing, cringing and amazed, I was speechless. Yet again they have made an amazing movie, with a fantastic last tribute to Mr. Walker that had me in tears. 

I am not a car fanatic, but I love good acting, action and funny lines – this movie had it all. Besides that, it had a lot of soul too, it was an amazing tribute, I think Walker would have been proud.

I highly recommend this movie, it’s fantastic – truly! And I’m a picky girl, takes a lot to amaze me.

– It was also a premiere and that meant we got Burn energy drinks, Doritos chrisps and we got a cheeseburger. I were pretty happy – since I didn’t have the time to have dinner! XD 

I love watching movies with my best friend, her and I have been to many premiers and I think this one was one of the best I’ve been to. The cinema was packed, people were clapping when something happened and there was a special type of mood in the cinema – something I haven’t felt before. Hope you guys go and see this, it’s worth every penny!

See you online guys! x

Origins competition!

I just won a lip pen from Origins Denmark and I’m so exited!


It says congratulations to @lifeasmiamariah who has shared this picture on Instagram, you have won a “KissZing” lip pen!

Wohoo! I love Origins, it’s a must have lotion for my face, I can’t live without it, my skin is addicted to it, and I hope their lip pens are gonna be just as amazing as their other products, I will be making a review on the blog of the lip pen and share my experience with you guys!

The winning picture is here, it said “No kisses from this little fella without Origins KissZing”


You guys can also follow me on Instagram, my name is “Lifeasmiamariah” and I would love more followers in there too! You will also be able to follow my life there in pictures!

All you guys from Denmark can still enter the competition – the rules are simple!

Add a picture on Instagram, tag is with KissZing and Origins and OriginsDK and your in! Make sure to use a picture of you sending a kiss to the camera, that’s one of the few rules the competition has! Good luck and do write me if you win, that would be so cool!

See you online guys x





Looking back at the past few weeks, I have realized that the Easter holidays has recharged my batteries, and that I more than ever just want this exam to be passed with flying colours – and more.. I have been dreaming about having a great education, and soon I have one! It’s a wonderful thing, knowing that this is almost the end of a great chapter of your life, that you got smarter and better at something!

I want my final exam to be great, a last fantastic effort and show of strength, cause I know I’m good enough, I know that I will pass, cause if you do everything in your power to succeed, then you will.

I’m lying in bed, in my beautiful apartment, looking out in the darkness of the night, wondering what will become of everyone I know in twenty years, will they be something amazing? Me finishing this education, makes me know I will be something great in the future, I just know I will cause a good education builds a good bridge for a great job. But the expectations, the thought of what I will be and what will happen, it just sends butterflies fluttering around in my stomach..

I’m high on life right now, lying here with a huge smile on my face, knowing that there is one exam left, one final show of strength and worth, and I will do anything possible to go home with a great grade.

I think that I will need to thank my student counsellor, for not letting me quit on her, for her believing on me, and making me believe in myself. She is an amazing woman, and so is my teachers.

A very wise man once taught me, before he passed (bless his soul), that if I needed to do anything, and I doubted myself, then I should repeat these words “I need to, because I have to” I still get teared up by thinking of him, he was a very dear friend.

Now it’s up to me to show everyone that I have what it takes to graduate and get my diploma, and I will make that happen, cause I need to and I have to! Creativity is in my blood, and this is my way to show it.