My exam and my results

I have been biting my nails for two weeks straight, it has been a battle and I have had so much stress these past weeks that I can’t even begin to explain it, but its been all worth it!

Exam-Word-Map-flatAt the 20th of June I went to draw my exam case in science. Basically, what we did, was go and pick between 6 cases, I picked for us, cause we were so nervous and I just snatched the first and best exam case there was! Number two, my lucky number!

We got the case, sat down, opened it, read it up, found out what subjects to weigh highest and then we went home, we had 24 hours to write and research and use our textbooks, I wrote a lot of Que cards and had with me.


Basically the subjects I had chosen to weigh highest was:

  • Enzymes in the body, how it works and what protein, fat and carbs gets broken down to.
  • Enzymes in the dishwashing soap and how it works on a theoretical level.
  • Enzymes in  washing powder and how it works on a theoretical level.
  • Different types of bacteria, where they thrive, what kills them and how to prevent being infected with the different types of bacteria.
  • Atoms, covalent bindings, ion bindings and what the octet rule and the doublet rule is, and how to calculate how many neutrons there is in an atom.
  • Fluid calculations and also extra fluid calculation when you have a fever and a calculation for what fluids she should drink if her BMI was on a healthy normal scale.
  • BMI calculation and why elderly is better off having a higher BMI, then a BMI calculation of what type of BMI the citizen should have had.
  • Mold and why it’s so dangerous, how it thrives and what you can do to prevent it.
  • Nutrition and protein drinks, how protein binds fat in your body and why a Y-plate is such a good choice.
  • A carbs, protein and fat calculation, how much should a citizen eat if they had to gain weight or keep their weight.

That was basically what I went in and talked about!

I went in the examination room the 21st of June and scored an A+ on the English grade scale / 12 on the Danish grade scale, I was so nervous, but the examination went beyond what I had ever dreamt of. This was defiantly the exam i dreaded the most, but I did it! The censor told me that I was a star, that was something completely new, I teared up and I couldn’t help but cry – happy tears of course! I have never been praised so much in my entire life, he was the best censor I have ever had. I will never forget the praise he gave me, I will take it with me in my further education and I will be calmer, tell myself that I can do this and that I am clever, that I can do calculations

Thursday the 30th of June, I went and had my last exam, this was a ”pass or not pass” grade we got, we had half a week to make a case, based on the subjects that was in the book, it was our ”basic course” that we had to pass, everyone needed to pass this, only a few had to do the science exam, because others had a different education background and had this previously in their education.

I went in the 30th as the second student, and I talked way too long, but was told by the censor, that she hoped I went all the way, and that I took my nurse’s assistant education too, but I want the nurse too, so I have quite a long way to go still, but I’m proud and relived that I got so amazing grades!

For the first time ever, I feel confident that this education and this line of work is just right! I have chosen the right path.

Everyone out there working hard on their exams right now, so much good luck to you! I know how the anticipation nervousness and butterflies feel like! You can do it!

See you guys online! x


It’s been a while

What’s new since last?

Since you guys last heard from me, I was doing an internship as a caregiver, I worked there for six month, and I loved it, and with tears in my eyes, stopped the 24th of December, and am hoping that I can return as an assistant caregiver aka nurses assistant, or take the nurse education, and then return. I miss it so much already.

  • I’m engaged, and have been since 9th of May 2015
  • I passed my math exam for the caregiver education
  • I got accepted into the caregiver / assistent caregiver education
  • I know what I want to do with the rest of my life

I’m engaged you guys! I can’t believe it, the 9th of May my man asked me to marry me, and bought me this amazing ring from Pandora, its gorgeous and I of course said yes! I am now a ”bonus mom” to three gorgeous kids, two girls and a boy, and I love them so much! The youngest is four, (soon five in a few days), middle one is five and the oldest is ten. We have been spending Christmas with them this year in England, in West Yorkshire, Its been amazing! Christmas was so busy, but fantastic and I will get more into the Christmas in another post, full of pictures – but not of the kids, cause I want to keep them out of my blog, I don’t need them visible on any online media. But I will tell you all about that later on!

While I was working as a caregiver at the elderly home, I also had a math tutor, and was studying very hard to pass my math exam, so I could get accepted into the caregiver / assistant caregiver education. I then passed my exam the 25th of November and got my final results the 10th of December and got to know I had passed! So thankfully I am all set for my education, I cant wait!

I got accepted into my education the 10th of December, and got to know that I’m starting at the 29th of February, due to having so much Danish and English skills already. On top of that, I get about three month less in internship, cause I already had that with the job I just worked six months at, so its really fantastic, just what I needed, to get my education started quick and no hold ups.

Now I am set and know what I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to be a nurse, to help and support people, to treat and protect. This is an amazing line of work, and I know I am suited for it, cause I have seen so much the last six month, both good and bad and I am thriving, even though I have tough days, like everyone else, but I am loving what I worked with, its so amazingly giving, I cant describe it! I will also do a post only about my line of work and how my six month of work has been.

I will also make sure you guys see how our new year has been, its been a small new year, but amazing and cozy, where I was the cook and my fiancé was helping me, but lovely none the less!

Thank you guys, for reading along, Its nice to know your still with me, even though I have been very inactive, but I will try to keep more active from now on, now that my tutoring is over, my math exam is passed and I am waiting to start my education, during my education I will also keep you updated, and I will of course keep posting about make-up, products and beauty tips – like always!

See you online guys! x

Lige ved og næsten

Eksamens rapporten

(This is again a danish blog for my exam)

Jeg har nu fået sat det mest vigtige op i min rapport. Jeg har vedlagt et par småting også, og nogle forskellige modeller som jeg syntes der manglede. Jeg er nu nået til markedsførings strategi, og er snart ved vejs ende med rapport skrivningen. Det er lidt underligt at jeg snart er ved at være færdig.

Der er udarbejdet to færdige produkter til eksamen, og efter det sidste af min rapport er blevet færdig, skal der udarbejdes en Facebook side, som reklamerer med firmaet og dets produkter.

Jeg har fået lavet en model mere at ligge ind i min rapport, for jeg syntes den var meget væsentlig at have med, nu når jeg gerne vil gå i dybden med min rapport.


Jeg har brugt konkurrence trekanten til at differentiere mig fra de andre firmaer som er på markedet, og understreger med denne model, hvordan det ser ud for det fremtidige firma. Dette er en ret nyttig model, da man kan se hvilken nytte man gør kunden.





Looking back at the past few weeks, I have realized that the Easter holidays has recharged my batteries, and that I more than ever just want this exam to be passed with flying colours – and more.. I have been dreaming about having a great education, and soon I have one! It’s a wonderful thing, knowing that this is almost the end of a great chapter of your life, that you got smarter and better at something!

I want my final exam to be great, a last fantastic effort and show of strength, cause I know I’m good enough, I know that I will pass, cause if you do everything in your power to succeed, then you will.

I’m lying in bed, in my beautiful apartment, looking out in the darkness of the night, wondering what will become of everyone I know in twenty years, will they be something amazing? Me finishing this education, makes me know I will be something great in the future, I just know I will cause a good education builds a good bridge for a great job. But the expectations, the thought of what I will be and what will happen, it just sends butterflies fluttering around in my stomach..

I’m high on life right now, lying here with a huge smile on my face, knowing that there is one exam left, one final show of strength and worth, and I will do anything possible to go home with a great grade.

I think that I will need to thank my student counsellor, for not letting me quit on her, for her believing on me, and making me believe in myself. She is an amazing woman, and so is my teachers.

A very wise man once taught me, before he passed (bless his soul), that if I needed to do anything, and I doubted myself, then I should repeat these words “I need to, because I have to” I still get teared up by thinking of him, he was a very dear friend.

Now it’s up to me to show everyone that I have what it takes to graduate and get my diploma, and I will make that happen, cause I need to and I have to! Creativity is in my blood, and this is my way to show it.

Final exam writing

Sorry guys again in Danish, for my education!


Afsluttende eksamen


Synopsis er nu skrevet og afleveret Tirsdag den 2. April 2013 – Håber virkelig på den bliver godkendt, da jeg har arbejdet rigtigt hårdt på den og læst i en del bøger fra uddannelsen, for at få den fyldestgørende nok.


Jeg har nu sat mig ned for at skitse ideer til en prototype og laver også spørgeskema spørgsmål i dag, og udbedre dem i løbet af imorgen, og regner med at der kommer et spørgeskema rundt i denne uge. Det bliver rigtigt godt! Så kan jeg få svar på nogen af mine hovedspørgsmål i min problemstilling.