Monday is no-fun-day!

Everyone hates Monday’s, and I’m one of them!


Thank god for energy drinks, what would I do without them? Today I spend about an hour at the damn post office, but it’s okay, I finally got my package and people were at least nice! So it was actually bearable! Unbelievable but true, life is always easier when people around you are nice, it just rubs off and makes me happy!

When I got home, I was greeted by a very happy puppy! He loves when I come home, and is always greeting me with this childish joy, that only a dog seems to have, it always makes me so happy to get home, and see him greet me at the door like this. My little treasure, I’m the luckiest doggy mommy! x


Today I have make-up on, my favorite product today is my Mac lipstick called Spice, it’s a warm brown and it just makes my skin glow and my eyes pop! x

Today started out really nice, and had a very good make-up day today, it’s just one of those days that you look in the mirror and say damn, that’s awesome haha! xx

Hope you guys are having a great Monday, even tho it’s the first day of the week and all.. Monday’s are the weeks hate day for me, but today it was alright!


My Yorkie










You guys haven’t seen Sammi in a while, here is some of the pictures from the last few months that I snapped of him, he has gotten so big, three years old now and still so adorable!

Having a dog was the best thing I ever did. I love that crazy little puppy! x

My night in pictures




One sleepy little puppy, having a long nap in mom’s favorite chair, where she writes all her blogs! The blue thing there is a heating pillow, cause I had back pain, and it kinda helps when you apply heat! Tonight my spoiled dog is using it, without hearing tho!

I spend the night painting my nails, which are super short, cause I have kinda ruined them a bit, due to over using gel nails! They look amazing when their on, but darn they can really make your nails thin and shredded! This while drinking a glass of wine, watching “The Big Bang Theory” and relaxing on the couch!

I cannot help but smile at Sheldon, he is just too amazing! x

See you online guys! x

My day in pictures




Went to the doctor this morning, only to find out that I again have bacteria in my blood… Sigh! So now, a three pills a day for ten days treatment – fantastic… I hate penicillin.

My dad took my little sister and I out for Chinese, where I had lovely food, soda and a glass of wine, that instantly made me tipsy, due to me being ill.. Oops! Oh well, it tasted good! x

Today I have been running around after the puppy, trying to not make it pee in my apartment, and sleeping most of the day, to try and make my immune system recover.. Lucky me!


This is the little devil setting my anger on some serious tests! Lol.. Good job that I’m much more stubborn than he is!

Hope you guys had a better day, even though the day was actually fine, I could have been happier without my illness and the dog peeing everywhere! x

So have yourself a merry little Christmas now..


Did a lot this few weeks, took care of my sisters dog, with my friend Jane, and baked and made oatmeal balls, had my dining room table decorated and am counting the days till Christmas eve, missing my grandmother a lot, she was always a big part of Christmas, and her not being here has left quite a gap in my life. She was the only grandparent I ever knew, so it hurt loosing her back then. I will manage, but I miss her, every day.

Have been cleaning a lot lately, been up early, and to bed early too. I feel pretty active and productive now, before this I was a bit of a night owl, and didn’t sleep much. I was tired constantly and it sucked.

My mom has a birthday just around the corner, 8th Dec, so I have been out, finding her a present, which wasn’t easy! We are going to have a really nice dinner with her, and celebrate her, with style! (As she deserves!)

Right now, I can’t sleep, the storm outside is pretty rough, been a long day, with very stormy weather, and a lot of ice cold rain and wind.. It has been one of those days, where you just stay indoors, and watch movies, drink coffee and eat sweets.. So I did exactly that! Watched a pretty good movie on Netflix, which is my new drug by the way! Its amazing.

My dog Sammi has been a pain today, he was so restless today, and wanted to play around a lot.. Guess the weather bored him, and we had my friends dog Sisse here too, and they enjoyed each others company a lot today, especially when Sammi was so bored.

Been cleaning a bit, while listening to some music, was nice to get some stuff in order, and it looks neat here, feels pretty good to have a clean home! I am normally a messy person, who doesn’t clean like a white whirlwind like my mom, I am relaxed and like it a little messy actually. But lately, I have felt pretty damn good while cleaning and putting things away, and having it neat and tidy! Hm am I growing up? I sure hope not! *YUCK*


Keep warm and cozy out there people!


A doggy day!

Walks, treats and websites!

My little dog Sammi, taking a nap!

Today I had one of my best friends over! Her and her boyfriend was here having a nice dinner with me and Alex. We took two long walks with the dogs, surfed for doggy things online, and discussed good treats! Line – my good friend is giving her dog raw meat, wich is one of the most pure foods you can give your dog, and her dog being a Chinese Crested, its even better for his skin. I am all about the doggy food being bought from and love the way they make their food. My dog just dosent eat anything, and this food is something he loves! So we talked alot about different type of food, treats, websites and so on.. I told her about the website, who sold little treat bags that you could clip on your leash and train with them on the moove, it is really perfect! Sammi has gotten alot better the last few months due to the treats being with us the whole time, and him understanding what he is doing is great, and getting rewarded instantly.


We found a lot of super cute stuff on and one of them was this black bow tie, its adorable! So we splurged a bit, I got four bows for Sammi, two in red and two in beige, their so pretty and will fit him great, and the price was so low, that it just made it all worth it! Even getting it to the front door was free, just super perfect.. So we went a bit crazy, and got some nice things for the dogs!


What websites do you guys shop a lot on? Im mostly a fond user of Amazon, their brilliant and their fast shipping makes it worth your while!

The yearly flea market!

Again, like the other past years, the flea market started this Friday (today) and will be here all weekend, with all kinds of exiting things to buy! It’s actually not a proper flea market, cause most of the stands are shops that just turn their prices very low just for the weekend! Of course there is some real stands with old things, some are even antique! But I went there again this year, like I do every year when the flea market gets to town, and mostly cause of the awesome china boxes you can eat there – their the yummiest I’ve ever tasted! Also I had my dog with me, he is nine months old now, and is the perfect age to tag along! My friend took her dog with as well! Her dog is my dogs best playmate / girlfriend! 😉 Both of them is Yorkshire Terriers, and they just adore each others company! I bought a few things this year, here is some of the things I got, and most of them is for Sammi of course! XD





I bought two special bones for Sammi, cause he is so picky.. So I had to spoil him just a little, by letting him pick out his own bone! He was quite pleased!

I finally found a good cover for my iPhone 4S, and it’s cheap too! Yes!

I had to get proper scissors for when I trim Sammi, and as everyone might know, a Yorkie is a long haired dog normally, and it doesn’t shed. So I desperately needed proper gear for the job, and I found it! And for cheap money too! Woohoo for that!

The last picture is Sammi sound asleep in the bed, cuddled up in my blanket! He is so cute! He had a long day, we bicycled out there, and home, and it isn’t that close, even though its in the same town, let’s just say that!

I had a little bit of a sad day to begin with, but my friends and a trip to the yearly flea market seemed to cheer me up! It’s amazing to have good friends!

Hope everyone had a good day!
With love..