Christmas 2015

Christmas day was amazing!

We celebrated Christmas in the UK, West Yorkshire to be exact, and got to see the kids open all their presents, it was a whole new experience for me, and I loved every min. of it. We had our first Christmas tree in the apartment too, it was beautiful! We went to ”Fisketorvet” to buy one of the kids her present, we got drinks there too, to celebrate Black Friday, it was beautiful with all the lights as always, my fiancé bought me some fantastic Christmas presents again this year, he seems to overdo it each year, insane! This year, he bought me a Pandora bracelet and Pandora earrings! Plus another firebox mystery crate you can see all their gadgets here and he also got me the cutest little unicorn hoodie with build in gloves! Here is a few pictures of everything.

We did a Christmas decoration, made Christmas stars and decorated our tree, I can’t begin to explain how wonderful this December has been, in the beginning of December, we had a snowstorm in Denmark, a very crazy one! From one day to another, we got landed with tons of snow, and the streets were very icy, but at Christmas itself, we had no snow what so ever – typical isn’t it? If you find the pictures too small, you can always have a browse at my Instagram lifeasmiamariah. Would be happy to have more amazing followers!

The last picture is me and my fiancé, dressing up, at his grans house! We had to try out her Santa hat complete with beard and her reindeer horns, haha! It was made into a very special memory, and a good laugh when we look back at it!

So yeah, that was my Christmas basically, how was yours? I would love to hear about it!


The April GOODIEBOX full review


I have now used all the products that was in this months Goodiebox, and this is a small review of it all!

Gosh Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen 

A nice and long lasting liner, easy to apply and great looking on! It does peel off a bit, and needs to be applied perfectly in one go, cause it dries fast and if you reapply – it can peel off, but luckily it’s quite easy to apply!

Me Me Me Cherub’s Blush Lip and Cheek Tint

A real gem! This one is by far my favorite item in this months box! It’s long lasting, easy to apply and fun to work with, the color is amazing too, and I can see on their Instagram that they have a ton of different colors for tinting your cheeks and lips – I need to purchase another one! Positively addicting!

Rituals Honey Touch Body Lotion

I think this Body lotion is amazing, the scent of Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey is just amazing but without being overwhelming! It leaves my skin soft and smooth and I cannot begin to explain how nice it was having another body lotion, you can never get enough of them!

Tresemmé perfectly undone sea foaming spray

A fun little addition, but I don’t think it works that well for my hair, I have a bit of a curl to it, and this foam spray should give my hair more of a curly look – but I don’t think it has at all, but besides that, it makes your hair look shiny and nice – so it’s not all a total waste! I use it for an every day look.

DM Skincare Blue Clay Anti Cellulite

A product that’s supposed to be applied to thighs or stomach – to prevent cellulite, honestly I doubt it works, but it’s a fun little extra treatment for my mini home spa, probably not anything I’ll repurchase, but it will definitely be used and I think it’s a fun little thing. I doubt a simple clay can remove cellulite, but hey it’s a cool spa addition. 

Eucerin Dermato Clean 3in1 Cleansing Fluid

This cleanser is very little – I wished they would have given us a bigger one, cause it’s quite good, I didn’t have a cleanser, just used mine up so this one was a cool addition and something I could use for sure! (Just wished it was bigger)

All in all, I think this months box was fun, definitely something I could use! And I think the Anti Cellulite clay was fun to try, it was exiting to make this months review! If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

See you online guys! x

The April GOODIEBOX review 


I have just gotten the new box of spoils from GOODIEBOX DK and I’m so exited!! Today I alredy tried the Cherub Blush from “MeMeMe”, it’s a lip and cheek blush, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Easy to apply and work with, on the top left picture, I have the tint on my lips and cheeks! I also used an eyeliner from Gosh that was in the box! I love it, it’s a little hard to apply but it is very long lasting and doesn’t smudge at all! I had to remove the little pre-test I did on my hand with soap, to even get it all off, it wouldn’t come off with regular water! – The eyeliner is also seen on the top left picture!

I had this in my box:

  • Tresemmé Perfectly Undone Sea foaming spray
  • Rituals Honey Touch Body Lotion
  • DM skincare Blue Clay Anti Cellulite
  • MeMeMe Cherish Lip and Cheek Tint
  • Gosh Long Lasting eyeliner pen
  • Eucerin Dermato Clean 3 in 1 cleansing fluid
  • YSL perfume tester

What do I find most exiting?

I loved the lip and cheek tint from MeMeMe and eyeliner from Gosh is so fantastic!

I can’t wait to try the Tresemmé hair product – cause it’s supposed to create nice bouncy wavy locks and I love that natural look! And I really wanna try the Eucerin cleansing fluid – cause I wanted a new make up remover so badly, I used up the one I had so this was very convenient!

Truly, madly, deeply.


A forever love, what’s that? To me it’s that you can’t wait to share your thoughts and opinions with him, and always stop up and think “hm I wonder what he would think of this!” Every time something funny, bad or sad happened, and when you are out and someone says “Oh look at that actor on the poster, he is hot” and you think “Nope, my boyfriend is just so much sexier” – that’s forever love for me.

Lately it’s getting very close to the moving date for my boyfriend and it’s a huge step for us because he lives in the UK and I live in Denmark. He is moving here the 9th of May, the ticket is booked, things are getting organized and I cannot wait to share my life with him.  

I’m exited and I feel like it’s so unreal, like a fairytale and I’m finally getting my prince that I’ve been wishing would come along and find me and he did. In a time where I had given up on love completely, I found it so unexpectedly.

My nearest and dearest have seen him, talked to him and adore him. Most importantly – he likes them too. 

In May he is moving over here, summer and warmth and love, I can’t wait to show him how wonderful Denmark is at summer time.

We have so many plans, of redecorating the apartment, of things to do and to see and I can’t wait to start life with him, to start living. I feel alive with him, like he makes me so much more and gives me a new image of myself – one that I really love.

My soppy love story from me to you, now you know why I’m so over the moon can’t stop smiling happy.. It’s all him.

See you online guys x

Goodiebox February 2015 review

Yet another amazing box!

This time it was inspired by Valentine’s Day, and had a bunch of really luxurious products in, that I’m gonna review below!

Oolution Check Matte:

This is a gorgeous French product, a lotion for your face, that is 100% organic, the woman behind this wonderful lotion is called “Anne-Marie Gabelica”, she has a huge passion for organic ingrediences. Oolution has a special formula that makes the lotion adapt any skin tone! This lotion is ideal for a make-up free day! But is also wonderful as a base under make-up, cause it moisturizes your face perfectly, and makes the make-up sit flawless on your skin.

Bellápierre Cheek & Lip stain:

This is a new and up-coming brand! They have won beauty awards for their natural ingridients and has a lot of exited costumes alredy, this product is a 2 in 1 product, for cheeks and lips, I love it mainly for the cheeks, it’s easy to apply, makes your cheeks glow and look super healthy and natural – I love natural!! The makers challenges the beauty product market with their innovative products! Try it out girls, it’s worth it, and pretty cheap too, and lasts for ages!

Goodiebox nail file

A cute little product that Goodiebox DK made themselves with their own brand name on, I love it, easy to take with you, travel size and is always useful really! I travel a lot and always have a file with me in my make-up purse, this will give me much more room, and less possibility of the file breaking! Oh I like that! This baby cannot be worn out, just rinse in warm water if it gets a little dull, with a sponge or a brush, it will be like new!

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner:

A long name yeah… But a gorgeous product none the less! This is a “must have” and “love this” product from Goodiebox and constrains Aloe Vera and camomile that soothes and helps create a healthy skin balance. Use morning and night after washing/cleansing your face, apply with cotton pad and let air dry and finish off with your regular face lotion / serum! I love this, it leaves my skin fresh and clean, I love the feeling it gives, and it’s obvious that it works, cause I have no oily skin after using this – not even after a long stressful day or when I’m ill!

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm:

A first aid balm for chapped lips, dry heels, elbows, closed wounds and dry hands! This amazing product helps the skin restore itself and is perfect for these cold months we have in Denmark where our bodies needs a bit of first aid because of the blistering cold! I have used this on my chapped lips and my poor dry hands, it truly works and I can’t thank Goodiebox enough, cause I recived this box justr when I got very ill, and have made good use of this darling! It’s definitely one I will re-purchase, and the price is great too. Yep I’m in love!

All in all, it’s been a nice Valentine’s box with a lot of goodies in, I also recived a gift certificate for a jewelry brand from “Jane Kønig” but I would need to buy for a certain amount (high amount) to be able to use the gift certificate – a little sad, so I chose not to use it, cause I alredy have jewelry, I worked in a jewelry store, so I have a lot of statement jewelry that I always wear, so I have no need for more. x

Thanks for reading the review guys! See you online and have a fantastic weekend! xx

Origins competition!

I just won a lip pen from Origins Denmark and I’m so exited!


It says congratulations to @lifeasmiamariah who has shared this picture on Instagram, you have won a “KissZing” lip pen!

Wohoo! I love Origins, it’s a must have lotion for my face, I can’t live without it, my skin is addicted to it, and I hope their lip pens are gonna be just as amazing as their other products, I will be making a review on the blog of the lip pen and share my experience with you guys!

The winning picture is here, it said “No kisses from this little fella without Origins KissZing”


You guys can also follow me on Instagram, my name is “Lifeasmiamariah” and I would love more followers in there too! You will also be able to follow my life there in pictures!

All you guys from Denmark can still enter the competition – the rules are simple!

Add a picture on Instagram, tag is with KissZing and Origins and OriginsDK and your in! Make sure to use a picture of you sending a kiss to the camera, that’s one of the few rules the competition has! Good luck and do write me if you win, that would be so cool!

See you online guys x