New clothes!

It’s January and that means everything is on sale! YES!! I of course bought a bit of new clothes, two tops, from my favorite store called “Zanca Sonne” and is a nice little Boheme store located in Denmark, inside of Copenhagen!


The tops are this one in pink, and then one in a beige/cream with gold stripes! They are really cute and I got them pretty cheap, I love hunting for good deals, and these two tops were very affordable! They were on sale with 60% off, it was insane and very nice, a pretty good bargain that I got.

I wore this pink top today, for my little sisters birthday, it was just a relaxed and calm evening, with some hot chocolate! Was a nice evening though and I loved spending time with her!

Did you guys do some good bargains this January? I’d love to see what you guys got!

Shoe lovers beware!

Deichmann shoe shopping!

Every shoe lover needs her/his fix sometimes, and im a huge fan of shoes, and the shoe store Deichmann had an offer a little while ago, where you could go into their store, take a picture of your fave shoes, and maybe you could be so lucky to get 40% 30% 20% or 10% discount on them! The whole idea was, that you with a smartphone, downloaded an app called ”Wynsh” where you can wish for discount on the shoes you love from their store, by snapping a pic of them, and waiting two min. and getting a ”Sorry no discount this time” or ”Congratulations you got 40% discount” – amazing app in my opinion! I loved it, and bought a pair of stilettos in there, with 20% discount on, amazing!

Deichmann has fairly cheap shoes, they look awesome, and you walk great in them! I bought a pair the last month and another pair this month, and I love this store. I also bought a shoulder bag from there, wich I truly love, its awesome and I use it all the time! I sadly dont have a pic of the bag, but its really cute. If anyone requests, I will snap a pic of the bag. The pic’s above is the two shoes that I bought. The 3 top pics is the newest buy, a tiny heel, easy to walk in, gave me no blisters what so ever when I walked them in, and they look amazingly cute! The 3 bottom pics are of the shoes I got with the app discount a month ago, pretty neat! A price of 180,- DKK is pretty damn cheap. ❤

Thx for following guys! Write ya’ later.. 😉