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A girls hair is her secret weapon, or at least I think so.. And my hair is definitely what makes me feel attractive and feminine. So August (almost at the end of August), I spoiled myself by visiting my hairdresser and getting a new hair color and some reflexes made. – It was highly needed, since it’s been ages ago that I went to the hairdressers. 

So I’ll give you guys some before and after pictures below! 😄

A before picture

The after picture

The result is just perfect, and I’m so happy that I listened to my hairdresser and what she thought would suit me, sometimes it just works out better than imagined!

At the beginning of September I finally got myself dragged to the opticians to get my glasses ordered – not one of my fondest experiences tho.. I have to wear them every day, normally I just need reading glasses, but my sight got worse through the years apparently. So I ended up buying Karen Millen glasses and am crossing my fingers and hoping I won’t get worse eye sight any time soon. – I really don’t like glasses much, that’s the honest truth! I feel geeky with them on (More than I already am yes!) and most of them don’t fit my petite face – it looks like the glasses are wearing me and not me wearing the glasses.. So I ended up with a pair that wasn’t that bold, even tho I wanted bold, go bold or go home right?! But I just don’t suit bold glasses..

A close up of me and my new glasses!

So that’s my glasses, nothing big or extreme, just a classic look, it was horribly to pick out glasses – I was torn between this model from Karen Millen and a Hugo Boss model. To be fair, I adored both of them, but these fit me the best. I hope that I’ll get more confident wearing them, but right now I’m not thrilled.. But it’s better than not being able to see properly or have headaches all the time..

Hope your month was as good?

See you online x

Mac lipstick review

I bought two lipsticks from Mac, one of them a pale skin tone pink, called “Shy Girl” and another one that was a dark plum, the opposite of the other, called
“Hang up”!

Here is what they both looked like, and I’m sorry the coloring is not really doing “Hang Up” that much justice, it’s a bit darker in reality! I’ll have to make a movie of the lipstick later maybe! XD



The pictures above shows the color “Shy Girl”, this is an amazing skin tone color, that I just adore! It goes with everything!



This one is the one I have been anxious about, for this make-up, it looks a bit too much, but maybe with a classic eyeliner and some good mascara, it will really pop! I love this shade, even though it’s not shown to perfection on these pictures.

What shades of Macs lipstick do you guys have? I loved these two, both of them are great! One for everyday stuff, and the other for evening wear! 🙂

The lipsticks applies easily, does not smear like some do, and lasts pretty good! I used some lip balm under the lipsticks to really make it look smooth and nice on my lips!

See you online guys! x

Mac lipstick love

I just ordered two amazing lipsticks from Mac, and I am absolutely in love with them!

The dark one is called ”Hang Up” and is a lovely color, its deep and dark and amazing, it’s for a night out, and its classy at the same time, that’s why I like it so much! The dark plum just works so well with a dark eyeliner and a very good dark mascara, that makes your lashes big and bold. – Cant wait till I get it home!

The light one, is a pale peach, called ”Shy Girl” and is a perfect every day lipstick! But also for smokey eyes, a nude lipstick and heavy eye shadow, its perfect for that, and its very versatile and can be used for almost every shade of eye shadow. This lipstick will definitely be one I will keep on the shelf, all the time!

Do you guys love Mac lipsticks? Or have any other Mac item you just can’t live without? Do tell, and link a picture!

Ohh… I WANT!

Beautiful summer sandals!

Well, I saw these in a Bianco store, and thought they looked amazing, but so is the price, damn… I think all Bianco shoes are way expensive, its such a shame, cause some of them really are beautiful. This one would be perfect for summer, I just dont see myself giving 400 DKK for a pair of sandals, thats just crazy. Especially when theres other stores wich have just as nice sandals, only cheaper. I ended up looking alot at these, thinking about it, and then leaving the store, having these babies ordred home, but I think that I might cancel them, cause their too expensive. Their awesome though, nice to walk in, and light as a feather. The color is perfect for this summer, colors are very in this summer, all in pastels! Im still thinking about it, but I might find some other sandals, thats alot cheaper, I dont quite know yet.. Sigh, so sad about the price! But I do feel all grown-up and proud of myself, for saying ”Naahh, Ill think about it!” And then just going home, and considering it some more. *GO ME!*