Must haves!

This years must haves:

I have had some awesome gifts for Christmas by my fiancé and my parents that made me want to make a wish-list so badly!

My parents bought me two little gold charms for my Christina London watch, here is a picture of my watch and the charms I got


This is my Christina London watch, and my two charms that my parents bought for me, I think their so cute, and I am going charm crazy now!


So these are the charms I wish to buy at some point:

I cant wait to kit out my watch with fantastic charms now, am all hooked on the Christina London collection!


This bracelet is the gift my amazing fiancé bought me for Christmas, and its called Moments, with little sparkling stones all over the clasp, I love it, its a perfect present.


I have been looking at a ton of little charms, but these charms I want in silver or maybe one or two in silver with a bit of gold in, here is a few I looked a bit at:


”Layers of lace” is a clip charm, that makes it stay in place on the bracelet on the little ”dots” it has, and makes the other charms slide less. I really love this one, since I adore lace. It’s so simple and classic!


”Braided” is also a clip charm, I always loved Pandora’s knots and braid designs, their very classic and beautiful, so this is one of the charms I really want, I think it will fit perfectly with the other one, I love how simple the design is.


”July signature heart Birthstone” is my favorite one! A beautiful little heart with your birthstone inside, this is mine for July! I think its just fantastic, it is so me, I am gonna put this on my wish list for sure!


Did you guys get / give some awesome presents this year?

I gave my fiancé a lot of e-juice, which he had wished for! Then I gave him some perfume and deoderant, two pictures that I have edited the lighting and filter on, from a company that’s called ”Wallo” they take your Instagram pictures and makes them into real pictures, and puts them in these beautiful frames! – I got him one picture of his three kids and one picture of us! I loved the idea, and I will probably get some more at another time for our home, cause they match our style so well! Then I gave him a mouse mat from Razer and a pair of clippers for his vape gear, mostly as a joke, cause he always used to steal mine!

His birthday is coming up soon, its in March (Yeah there is still some time, but I want to find the perfect present for him!) He has always been so amazing at finding presents for me and I love him for that, for his 30th I gave him a watch from Police, I just don’t know how to top it, but one thing is for sure, I need to find a perfect gift! He deserves that – and much more!

Hanging out, doing nails and showing off!

A great weekend!


This weekend is (are going) to be amazing! The weekend haven’t finished yet, but I alredy had a lot of things happening..

Yesterday I went to ”Waves” with my sister, and we got our monthly shopping fix, haha.. We went to a jewler and she got a new piece to put on her Christina Collect watch, its spaaarkling! She bought a new bezel and so did I, I bought one with 12 white sapphires in, and she got the one seen in the link I added, with sapphires all around the bezel. Christinas watches are a rare 24 ct gold coated watch with stainless steel underneath. Most of the others use fake gold colour, but in Christinas watches, their all real.

Today we are going out on bar hopping, my sis, me and a good friend of ours, so I am doing my nails.. The look is ”Japanese cherry tree” I guess, and i went a bit crazy, but it looks quite ok! Again I used Shellac – It just lasts better, and I used the two brands Depend and Bluesky. I love cherry blossoms and I draw them constantly, and lately, I just bought some nail pencils, so I went ahead and tried them out – they work brilliantly!



A lot of love to Christina London!

I fell in love..

The new and beautiful Christina London watch’es are amazing, you can mix and match them in whatever way you could ever imagine, and style them with different stones, as in diamonds – two colours (Black and reg. white), rubies and a lot more, you guys should check out her website Christina london!

About her new ”Collect” series:

I have always been a little bit in love with the whole Swiss watch collection Christina has made, and with real diamonds in the best quality, we are talking Top Wesselton VVS here, and its amazing looking really! (A Top Wesselton VVS is an almost flawless stone, only one stone is better and those are pretty rare.) You can get a lot of different styles of watches, you can mix and match colours of stones, and you can even change the ”Top ring” on the watch casing you bought. Her work is flawless, beautiful, and somewhat cheap compared to the original price of really good diamonds, best thing is, she is actually from MY country (Denmark), and has chosen to live in the UK, cause she thought that her watches wouldent really sell all that well in Denmark! She is a talented girl, with a lot of creative ideas, thats for sure, and she swept our feet away with her beautiful watches, she could have stayed in Denmark no problem what so ever..

When I sold her watches, I always wanted one myself, but at that time I was a young teen, and diden’t dare spending the money. Every watch I sold, I made sure the customers knew how special and very unique it was. The work who has gone into these babies are amazing, and its pure intrest for watches, and nothing else! Its not to sell watches, its to create something unique and special for todays girls to wear, that you can pep up any way you like! Its all about being different, and making different choises!


Here its very clear how you guys can use the ”top ring” on the watch piece, to get a different style.. I have an all regular gold ring on mine – the starter one, you might say! I got a little diamond with the watch, those are the ones lying in there, as you see.. Those red stones are rubies, really beautiful aswell.. The intire watch is one big ”build it yourself” piece, and its truly unique! You gotta take a look at mine!