New clothes!

It’s January and that means everything is on sale! YES!! I of course bought a bit of new clothes, two tops, from my favorite store called “Zanca Sonne” and is a nice little Boheme store located in Denmark, inside of Copenhagen!


The tops are this one in pink, and then one in a beige/cream with gold stripes! They are really cute and I got them pretty cheap, I love hunting for good deals, and these two tops were very affordable! They were on sale with 60% off, it was insane and very nice, a pretty good bargain that I got.

I wore this pink top today, for my little sisters birthday, it was just a relaxed and calm evening, with some hot chocolate! Was a nice evening though and I loved spending time with her!

Did you guys do some good bargains this January? I’d love to see what you guys got!