New additions!








I bought all new sandals, cause I adore the brand, it’s Bianco leather sandals and I absolutely love them! Have a pair in pink but they are pretty worn now, so I decided to get a new pair this year!

Mascara!! This one I’m holding is my new favorite! And the eyeliner is also amazing, both from Maybelline! One by one mascara – waterproof and the masterpiece eyeliner! Their amazing.. Then a waterproof eyeliner – for the wet line, from gosh, called let’s twist! It’s pretty damn good and stays on for ages, I only use it for my upper wet line on my eyes tho! (Else I think it gets too dark!)

Also a new and awesome thing “Brow Drama” brow mascara, from Maybelline! It’s addictive and gives a little tint to your brows, without looking fake! It’s just plain brilliant!

Then a new dress from Vila, a fantastic dress, even more fantastic cause I am a small in this dress haha! It has a very classic look and I think it looks amazing! Was very cheap too, 170 DKK! Very affordable..

Then I have gotten new wine glasses for my birthday, from my sister, their with a cute trim on, and looks absolutely adorable! Now my old IKEA glasses can be thrown out! SUCCESS!

The picture of me “air kissing” my dog is where I am wearing Maybelline’s Brow Drama, you can’t see is amazingly well, but well better than nothing! I’m also wearing it on the pic where I’m showing off my new mascara and eyeliners!


Spring is near

 Spring is upon us 




Spring is almost here, atlast! Its been snowing quite a lot here in Denmark, but now its melting away, the sun is shining and the sky is so amazingly blue! I have been having one of those very rare ”cleaning fits” – so I have been vaccuming, washing the floors, cleaning the kitchen, dusting and putting things in their rightful places. It just looks amazing now, and im pretty pleased – as I always am when I do clean. Now im just sitting in my armchair, trying to relax a bit before im going to an open house thing with my little sister, to see if its anything intresting for her to live in, who knows, im hoping atleast!


Me and one of my best friends Line, is going to go for sushi soon, we are waiting for a package from and that gives her a great reason to visit me again! Then we are gonna go out for sushi and shopping, and see if there is anything we cant live without! Im really looking forward to that, we see very little of each other recently due to exams, jobs, education and boyfriends.. Busy little bees!


Thursday I am going to a birthday, one of my great friends Carsten is turning 22 and is having a huge party at his house, it will be fun, I just dont quite know what to get him? But I will find out, and I know him, he is happy that we are just joining him, and I truly enjoy spending time with him, he is a great friend.


Next month im going to an 80’s party, jeez what to wear? I really have no idea, and im thinking about just wearing regular party clothes, cause im just not that into the whole 80’s theme! Maybe you guys could link me some clothes styles from the 80’s?


This month is full of things to do, and so is the next month, today will be one of the more relaxing days, cause I really dont have that much planned. I think Im going to watch some movies now, read my Anita Blake book and maybe wash a load of laundry, would be nice to get that done too.. Living in my own place has made me busy, but also pretty content, I am thriving a lot more, living here on my own, with my fiancé, and soon, the summer is here, and everything will be so much easier, cause the warm sun just gives more energy! All this winter is getting on my nerves, and I just hope this is the last snow melting now.. I cant wait to lie in my garden char, reading a book, enjoying the sun on my face..

Another month has passed

With this month almost passed, I decided to write a “this month” cause it’s been a while since I wrote one!

This has been a hectic month for me, birthdays, gatherings, friends, problems and so on.. I had my fair share! But this month has been a great one even though. I even had time to sit and relax, read a good book, or take a walk in the woods, with Sammi!

I had a lot of friends and family at my place this month, I cooked some really awesome meat for my girlfriend, her boyfriend, my next door neighbor (the roomy lol) and my fiancé! I bought a new painting for my bedroom, and it fits perfectly! I had some awesome mornings, waking up with Sammi lying all cuddled up next to me, and I even colored my hair, and had a whole new haircut! I love getting new haircuts, it just gets boring if it’s the same old stuff all over again! You guys like it? Hehe.. I am trying to grow my hair a bit longer, my fiancé finds it pretty in this length, so I’m keeping it for now! (Don’t quite know if I can stand it long!) hehe..


With love..

My upcoming birthday


This month, the 22nd to be exact, I’m turning 24 – damn! This post will be a little about what I feel, think, wish and hope.. Cause turning 24 is, at least for me, a big-fucking-deal!

I am not a person who hides my age at all, but most people doesn’t think I’m 24 (or 24 to be!) they think I’m 18 – 20 years old, which is fine! Haha.. I don’t really care, but I did when I was younger! I wanted to look as old as I was, NOT older, believe me, just as old as I actually was, cause people just thought I was way younger than I was. (it was hell getting into discos!) Now I’m fine, I don’t care, but I don’t lie either! I tell people my age, and I’ll be damned if they think I’m old, go play with your drugs or your drinking problems… XD

That brings me to another thought! Today’s young 18 – 20 year olds.. Damn, how is the future gonna look?! Unstable young little kids, drinking, whoring and doing drugs. It’s like everyone is so insecure with them self, that it turns into this masquerade, “who can act most tough”, today’s teens are so caught up in what everyone thinks, that they bring them self down by it every time someone doesn’t like them.. I say “to hell with them” – I learned that I just don’t deserve being treated like that. I’m better than that, and I do not listen to shit from just anyone. Only my closest friends and family can truly judge me or tell me off, cause they truly know me. I wish the teens of today knew that, and would think of that whenever they felt bad about people’s shit opinions.

Wishes of this years birthday? I just wish to be as happy as I have been at 23 and to keep my friends close to me, cause they mean the world to me. A lot has happened this year, and I feel lucky to have ended up with these guys in my life, they help me as much as I help them, and that’s what friends are for, sharing helping – giving and taking..

Wishes for my birthday? No idea really.. My best friend Line had a hard time finding me a present cause I had no wishes! XD I feel a bit bad… Maybe some oven mitts? Umm… I think I have what I want, an apartment, a great circle of friends and my fiancé and family! I feel pretty lucky.

My birthday is going to be held the 21st and the 22nd, yeah I know, it’s just damn crazy! But it’s due to our big family on both my parents sides, my moms side and my dads side are “split” on those two days, (no my folks aren’t divorced) but that is easier, cause then we fit in my apartment and we can get to talk to everyone!

What does my boyfriend give me? No idea, and honestly, he isn’t supposed to give me anything, I have plenty as it is, and he is the reason I feel like my life is full and blissful, so I don’t need a thing..

Have you guys received a birthday present that just meant the world to you? What was it? Who gave it to you?

With love..

My sisters 21st birthday!

Time is passing by fast!

We had a huge party for my sister this weekend, and the 7th of January, she had alot of her friends over, and my friends, and we had way too much to drink (or some of us had) 😉 and then we got picked up by a bus, and this bus transported us to a club inside of copenhagen, where she had her birthday, it was a blast, and everyone enjoyed themself! I normally never drink (Im a buddhist) but I did drink some that night, I had more than I normally do, but I did not get drunk out of my mind, thats truly not like me. We celebrated my sister in this club till the crack of dawn, and wished her happy birthday when people went home, (the 8th of January she turned 21 so thats why) 😀 It was an awesome night. The 8th of January (Sunday evening) we went to eat at a resturant, where she loves their sushi.. Lucky for me and my fiancé, there isent only sushi. 😉 Haha! Im not a big fan of sushi, its okay, and tastes fine, but thats it. So here is some pictures from this weekend, hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!


The few pictures I got from the club called ”Miss Nielsen”, we do have more, but I dident recive them from the other party people.. TYPICAL! 😀 This is from one of the three tables at the club we went to, really awesome! And the second picture is my sisters friend Daniel, being abit drunk. 😉 Fun times.


This is from the resturant we ate at the 8th of January, first picture is of my dad and my fiancé, I told my dad ”You and your son-in-law looks awesome, SMILE” – and they kinda laughed. The second picture I snapped was of the drink, I was amazed by the size of it, damn! I ordred a reg coke! I could have drowned in that one haha.. The resturant is called Mediterraneo by the way. 🙂