New Years in pictures

The year 2017 was amazing, it was the year that I finally started my nurses assistant education, the year that I found out how it really felt like to be a nurses assistant and how busy it can be, but also rewarding!

It was the year that my amazing fiancé found work as a tiler and I am so insanely proud of him, he is such a strong man and such a wonderful dad and a fantastic fiancé

This year has been hard work, fun, exciting and down right busy! I found a job as an uneducated carer, so I’m basically working two jobs – one as an intern and one as uneducated, it’s hard, but it’s rewarding, I love helping and caring for people and I can’t wait to go to work again! I wouldn’t have it any other way.. My work is a part of who I am, and I am proud of that!

2017 has been a year of growth for me, a year where I’ve built up my confidence and where I have had so much love and support from my fiancé in almost everything I’ve done! I can’t thank him enough..

It’s also been the year where I’ve finally gotten my drivers license – something I’ve been putting off for forever, because I lived close to everything and never needed to drive. – But now I finally have it, and I’m driving! What’s even better is, I got my moms car to drive in all the time, since she hardly used it, I’m so thankful for that!

My little sister finished her masters degree in IT – I’m such a proud big sis, she is such a brainy girl and I know she will end up becoming someone great, she is just that type of girl. Determined and insanely smart

It’s also been a year of redecorating, where we redid the entire bedroom – newly painted and newly furnitured, now we just want a new bed, and a few bits and bobs, I really love that bedroom now!

2017 has also been all about spending time with my bonus babies, and I miss them dearly right now! They were here the summer of ’17, for three weeks, and I cried horribly when they had to go home! I felt miserable for weeks..

I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe celebration of the new year and that 2018 will be an amazing year, mine can’t be anything but, cause I have them three wonderful bonus babies, my fiancé and my family by my side! I couldn’t wish for anything more from 2017, it’s been the best year I could have imagined!

See you online guys! x


A relaxing Sunday

Relaxing or boring?

Well I don’t quite know where to place this day, relaxing or just so relaxing that it has become boring? Im a little dissapointed in myself, cause I usually have a way of making my days quite intresting and special, but today has been a Sunday with nothing to do. I feel like doing something, anything! I spend the morning cleaning my kitchen, simply cause it needed cleaning -badly! Im a kind of girl who just takes my time, and I dont stress on things and get them done fast, and I dont make a mess of my home either, its a relaxed type of home, and I live neat, but not spotless! I can’t be in a home without a little mess, a magazine on the table, a cardigan on the sofa, that kind of stuff.. I guess its just me, Im in no way a cleaning-maniac!

But today the kitchen got cleaned extra neat, and it felt pretty nice. But what to do the rest of the entire day? Well.. I decided to watch movies, Eragon – I got it on blueray, and I have always been into the adventure/fairytale kinda stuff, so I am gonna watch some of that, and then im gonna clean our dining room table, I like to clean it twice a week completely, with soap, its just hygenic. We moved abit around on our dining room table last week, to make room for the new armchair we got, and its still awesome to sit in! I will post some pictures of how its looking now, I think its quite nice. (Now we just need to hang the lamp above the table different – damn!) But the whole place looks better with the table that way, and with our new armchair – more homey!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!




The joy of a clean home

Yep, I had a major case of cleaning insanity! With my birthday coming up just around the corner and all, I had a lot of work to do, so I started today and will take it from here on, until Saturday, where my birthday is going to be held. I haven’t been looking forward to my birthday at all, maybe because I had to share my big day with my sisters graduation party, yea I guess it sounds really selfish, but the fact is, me and my sister ain’t really getting along that well most of the time, so it’s pretty damn hard to share a party with someone that you don’t get along with. I think she feels the same way…

I really don’t blame my parents or anything, but the whole thing is turning into a mess and I hope to have it fixed when Saturday arrives, cause it has been keeping me awake at night for days. Next year, my 25th birthday is gonna be at my place, and it’s gonna be my own party, cause I just know this ain’t working out another time!

Oh well, now we at least know never to do this again, and my fiancé had even wanted to throw a surprise party for me, but he said he wouldn’t be able to, due to this birthday that already is planned ahead. -Maybe next year? I hope so! Cause next year is really special!




Some redecorating



The fiancé and I had a pretty lucky streak lately! My moms co-worker, was moving out, and she was so nice to give us her lamella curtains! (spelled?) We do have some ourself, but their grey and looking horrible! So we put an intire rough up, and it covered my living room windows! It looks fantastic! I’m very grateful for them, and they just light up the whole living room!

Now I just need new ones in the bedroom, the kitchen and in our big balcony door. – so that’s perfect!

What do you guys think? The lamp above my dining room table, is made of recycling plastic, so it’s pretty environment friendly, and wasn’t expensive at all.. Think I bought it for 45$ – it just fits in I think!

Do you guys have some awesome item/purchase you did for your place? Let me see it! Blog about it and write me in here, it’s always awesome to share some inspiration!

With love..

My early birthday gift


I like my birthdays less and less, and well maybe its because I’m turning 24 now? Or that I’m just a tad vain, and hate telling people my age, and they just look at me with an open mouth for a second or two, and say ”Oh I diden’t know you were that old” that old? Really? THAT old? Great thanks, that was nice.. Always makes me feel annoyed to be reminded I’m old, and well yea, I guess I’m old, or atleast older.. I don’t mind the getting old part, It’s just people trying to make it so huge, that I’m getting old, yea, I’m an older person than I was last year, and thank god for that huh?

My mom and dad, has given me a gift alredy, it haven’t arrived yet, but it will soon probably, it depends on the truck sending it, but this gift is just what I wanted, and what I have been sighing about the last month, a complete furniture set for my balcony. Two chairs, a bench and a table with a glass surface, all in black, like on the picture. Its beautiful, and just so perfect, cause there is no need to maintain this furniture set! I took a few pictures from their website, so you guys can see the entire thing, I just cant wait to get this gardenset home, and sit in it, and enjoy my summer!

What a busy day…

It started too early, and ended too late!

Oh well, the day before, I had a creative moment, in the wee hours, so I stayed up till 5:00 in the morning, yea I know… Pretty bad choise, but I was working on my portfolio website for my school project, and I kinda have a thing about stuff like that, it needs to be done propperly. So when I got all creative I almost pulled an all nighter. I woke up at 12:00 all smashed from staying up till 5:00 and decided it was best to get up. Then I went home to my parrents, and talked abit with my sister about my portfolio website, and uploaded it on my domain, we got everything to work out quite nice in the end, even though FileZilla gave me a really hard time! I am not uploading anything without FileZilla, its just retarded, cause it goes alot faster than using’s own uploader… Thats downright sad! Buut anyway, it got uploaded and it works now, even though theres small things I want fixed, but I guess you never seem to be done with your website, its just how it is, cause when you want it perfect, there is alot of things that needs to be arranged perfectly. After that, my sister made an awesome chocolate cake, and then she had to go meet some friends. My mom, dad and I then went to IKEA and ran around, trying to find everything I needed for my apartment, wich is QUITE annoying.. IKEA is like a freaking maze! I hate it, but I love the cheap prices, so I sucked it up, and went there anyway. It kinda got so late, that I decided to grab some pasta at their restaurant, cause ofcourse I was starved, due to not eating a single meal, good job.. But running around there, I atleast got alot of things I really needed, and now I can finally get things in order around the apartment. *Jumps up and down cheering* Its a great thing to finally be done with the place, and only to need abit done, that you can do when you have a minute to spare. When I got home, my fiancé had some guys over, and they had a great time, so did I! And the clock was about 2:00 before they went home! Woah, the time just flew.. But that meant THIS evening, I am going to bed at 5:00 AGAIN, what a truly shitty thing.. *Yawn* I can really feel how tired I am..

This is some pics of what I bought in IKEA, a little serving table, mostly to get more space in our kitchen, so that baby will be as an extra little table for us. Two screens for my livingroom lamps, in black yes, cause my leather sofa is all white, so thats a no go. A kitchen appliance ”holder”, well to hold all my kitchen stuff, towels and such things. A bag for our clothes that needs to be washed, pots for flowers and yea I also bought flowers for the apartment, some cute purple ones. Last but not least, ALOT of hangers, bought like four packs with eight hangers in each pack.. I really just needed them, and their awesome looking. In my walk-in closet, I have a big wide space where I can put up hangers, and I kinda wanted all of them, looking the same way, so it got to be these, in white.


Apartment snapshots!

Here is abit of pictures I took today, when we moved some of our stuff in our new place, mostly things for the livingroom and the kitchen! God I love my new kitchen, take a look guys, I think im in love with it – It looks perfect! 🙂


The bedroom is the room with the two blue lamps in.. Its Japanese lamps, and I inherited them from my grandmother, wich I miss very much. She had a full and great life though, and when she passed away she was 94 years old, its an amazing age, and I were blessed to have had her in my life, she had a huge impact on me. – Love you grams, and I miss you.. I inherited alot of her things, wich I treasure very much. Like that blue glass bowl I on my dining table, in the picture of the livingroom. Alot of the stuff I have in the apartment is hers, and it reminds me of all the good times I spend with her. Family is important to me.