It’s been a while

What’s new since last?

Since you guys last heard from me, I was doing an internship as a caregiver, I worked there for six month, and I loved it, and with tears in my eyes, stopped the 24th of December, and am hoping that I can return as an assistant caregiver aka nurses assistant, or take the nurse education, and then return. I miss it so much already.

  • I’m engaged, and have been since 9th of May 2015
  • I passed my math exam for the caregiver education
  • I got accepted into the caregiver / assistent caregiver education
  • I know what I want to do with the rest of my life

I’m engaged you guys! I can’t believe it, the 9th of May my man asked me to marry me, and bought me this amazing ring from Pandora, its gorgeous and I of course said yes! I am now a ”bonus mom” to three gorgeous kids, two girls and a boy, and I love them so much! The youngest is four, (soon five in a few days), middle one is five and the oldest is ten. We have been spending Christmas with them this year in England, in West Yorkshire, Its been amazing! Christmas was so busy, but fantastic and I will get more into the Christmas in another post, full of pictures – but not of the kids, cause I want to keep them out of my blog, I don’t need them visible on any online media. But I will tell you all about that later on!

While I was working as a caregiver at the elderly home, I also had a math tutor, and was studying very hard to pass my math exam, so I could get accepted into the caregiver / assistant caregiver education. I then passed my exam the 25th of November and got my final results the 10th of December and got to know I had passed! So thankfully I am all set for my education, I cant wait!

I got accepted into my education the 10th of December, and got to know that I’m starting at the 29th of February, due to having so much Danish and English skills already. On top of that, I get about three month less in internship, cause I already had that with the job I just worked six months at, so its really fantastic, just what I needed, to get my education started quick and no hold ups.

Now I am set and know what I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to be a nurse, to help and support people, to treat and protect. This is an amazing line of work, and I know I am suited for it, cause I have seen so much the last six month, both good and bad and I am thriving, even though I have tough days, like everyone else, but I am loving what I worked with, its so amazingly giving, I cant describe it! I will also do a post only about my line of work and how my six month of work has been.

I will also make sure you guys see how our new year has been, its been a small new year, but amazing and cozy, where I was the cook and my fiancé was helping me, but lovely none the less!

Thank you guys, for reading along, Its nice to know your still with me, even though I have been very inactive, but I will try to keep more active from now on, now that my tutoring is over, my math exam is passed and I am waiting to start my education, during my education I will also keep you updated, and I will of course keep posting about make-up, products and beauty tips – like always!

See you online guys! x


My busy life

I know I have been very busy recently and that I have had very little time to write in my favorite blog and share life with you guys, my followers, sorry for that, but life has been so hectic but so amazing! And here’s the reason why:

I have started working, just a month as an intern as a caregiver at a nursing home, I have loved every second of it, even though I have been scared, thinking things like “can I handle the pressure, the illnesses, the downs?” I have discovered that I could, I have found it such a giving and beautiful job, I’m so extremely happy every time I get home from work, worn but happy! Cause I feel like I have made a major difference in someone’s life, have given them the help they need to still value their life and making them feel safe and loved, this is unique, this is a gift for me, every single day I go to work – I might give them a lot, but I get more in return, knowing I’m giving someone the care and love they need to value life, that is unique, special. 

As I said I started as an intern, but then after third week, I was so lucky to get offered a job until I can apply for the assistant caregiver education – it’s a tad higher than a caregiver, assistants can handle medication, talk to the doctors and help with all kinds of treatments of the citizen is feeling unwell, and I want to be an assistant caregiver badly! After that, I am thinking of studying to be a nurse, this is the line of work I want to be in, it’s amazing!

So this is why I have been so busy! I need to collect knowledge now to get into the assistant caregiver school, cause normally you go do the caregiver education first and then the assistant and then nurse school, but as I am skipping a step – so I need to learn a lot at my workplace now, so I’m sure to do well in classes. My work colleagues likes me a lot, and I like them – I found a great place to work, everyone is just so kind!

It’s my birthday soon, the 22nd of July to be exact – time passes so fast, 27 years old, wow it’s almost gone too fast.. Am having a birthday party this Wednesday, just a small one though, don’t wanna make a big deal out of my birthday, getting a year older… Haha!

Hope you guys have been doing great, see you all online! x

Jewls CPH evening

This past tuesday, we met the designer behind Jewls CPH at my work, (as you all know, i work in a jewelry store) a really nice girl I must say, a Danish trend setter. Her philosophy behind her brand is that real stones is best and is the only thing she uses, onyx, moon stone, and sun stone are one of the many that’s used in her collection! She ofc uses the more expensive ones too, like diamonds, but loves to cut her jewel stones in new and exiting cuts!

Her design is pure and very modern, yet there is something for every kind of woman! It’s really quite fascinating! A very great designer.. I instantly liked her!

We were offered some goodie bags, and I was amazed of the time they put into them.. Rose petals in the jewel boxes and all! Beautiful touch.

Her jewelry is 100% statement pieces, that works for every event possible!





These earrings are with a black onyx stone in them, a pretty stone in my opinion. I will put a link in later to her website, so you can get a look at all her statement pieces!

Work, work, work!

The picture is snapped just now, the clock is 08:51 – morning!

Yesterday (Friday) I had my exams, and passed with a decent grade, yey for that! We did a WordPress based website, that needed to be build for smartphones, pc’s and iPads. It went really well thanks to and their amazing vid’s! Thank you! ❤

Shortly after, I had to work, and I bumped into an accident on the highway, that ofc delayed me quite a bit! Aww.. It was a mess!


And now I’m on my way to work again. I haven’t slept all that great, but I really love my co-workers and my boss, so I’m looking forward to going!

With love..

Over exited!

I have had a great few days at work! My boss is amazing, and makes sure to tell me when she thinks I have done good! That’s something I really appreciate! I feel so valued at work, it’s just perfect, I couldn’t wish for a better place to be working, I just feel like I won the lottery!

This week I did some shopping too! I bought a vacuumer, “Nilfisk” the brand is called, and is pretty much one of the best out there, I’m pretty exited about when it’s gonna arrive! The old one was very cheap and well.. It broke after only a year, so that sucked!

Today (Sunday) my friend and I planned a day of going to flea markets! We went to one, and it kinda sucked.. So we went in stores instead, and in Maxi Zoo I found a great “Dog IQ game” for Sammi, he already tried one and I just knew he would love it! It was a great and relaxing day, and my little sister tagged along, she was bored so I asked if she wanted to go with.. I had dinner at my parents house today, it’s been a whole since I’ve seen them, so it was nice to see them again!

Now I have been living in my apartment with Alex for almost a year, and I have gotten used to living on my own by myself, with Alex by my side, doing the laundry and the cleaning, making a budget for everything, and I must say, that we have done really good the two of us! It’s been great living on our own, and I love it! Every step of the way has been a great journey and something I will look back at, as so special and exiting.

With love..

Hardworking female walking!

Today I had one of my first longer days at work! And it went fantastic!! (Yep I do have a bit sore feet, but that’s so worth it!) I still think people are very considerate and kind, and it’s one of the best places I’ve worked so far! My boss is so nice and really good at praising me and making me feel like I do a difference when I’m at work, god that’s a great thing! Just knowing that I’m needed is a nice thing.

My co-workers are wonderful and we joke a lot! It’s great to be working with such happy and outgoing people and there is a lot of people my age who works there, yey!

Today I worked from 10:00 to 17:30’ish! I didn’t feel like I had been there for that long before we had to close.. Strange, but time really fly with great people to work with!

Hope you guys had a nice Saturday? I sure did! What did you guys do today?

With love…

How my day went

Today was as perfect as I could have imagined! People were amazing, my bosses were great, and one even gave me flowers for making a mistake according to my schedule, seriously that is pretty nice of him. I couldn’t be happier right now, and I already met some great coworkers! It can’t get any better really… I am so crazy happy right now, that I can’t even seem to sleep!

Do any of you have a job you totally love? Do share! I feel like reading a little bit about you guys out there, following my blog. Thank you for that by the way! ❤




With love…