Christmas 2015

Christmas day was amazing!

We celebrated Christmas in the UK, West Yorkshire to be exact, and got to see the kids open all their presents, it was a whole new experience for me, and I loved every min. of it. We had our first Christmas tree in the apartment too, it was beautiful! We went to ”Fisketorvet” to buy one of the kids her present, we got drinks there too, to celebrate Black Friday, it was beautiful with all the lights as always, my fiancé bought me some fantastic Christmas presents again this year, he seems to overdo it each year, insane! This year, he bought me a Pandora bracelet and Pandora earrings! Plus another firebox mystery crate you can see all their gadgets here and he also got me the cutest little unicorn hoodie with build in gloves! Here is a few pictures of everything.

We did a Christmas decoration, made Christmas stars and decorated our tree, I can’t begin to explain how wonderful this December has been, in the beginning of December, we had a snowstorm in Denmark, a very crazy one! From one day to another, we got landed with tons of snow, and the streets were very icy, but at Christmas itself, we had no snow what so ever – typical isn’t it? If you find the pictures too small, you can always have a browse at my Instagram lifeasmiamariah. Would be happy to have more amazing followers!

The last picture is me and my fiancé, dressing up, at his grans house! We had to try out her Santa hat complete with beard and her reindeer horns, haha! It was made into a very special memory, and a good laugh when we look back at it!

So yeah, that was my Christmas basically, how was yours? I would love to hear about it!


Going back home

Goodbye UK, gonna miss Elland, been here for eight days now and I don’t seem to wanna leave!


My heart is in two countries – England and Denmark. I don’t want to say goodbye to any of them.

It’s never easy taking that dreaded plane home, I hate going home from England, I wish I could just stay forever. He is moving to Denmark in a few months, but the wait will be horrible, being apart is never easy and I wish he could just go with me right now.

I’ve traveled to many places around the world, but UK has always been my favorite. Been here quite a lot lately due to my boyfriend and all, but my first trip to UK was when I was fifteen, and I swore to myself that it wouldn’t be my last time. I love the language, the buildings, the shops, most of the food – haha, and my boyfriend is here and his entire family.

This time I met the rest of his entire family, I saw them all, I feel closer to all of England now, and I’m gonna miss it so terribly! It won’t be the last time that I’m going to visit, I’m in love with the country and the people I’ve met have gotten a special place in my heart. 

All of his friends and family have made such a huge impact on me, they are forever special and I wouldn’t ever wanna be without them in my life. I think I’ve been lucky, to have met all of these amazing people.

This picture was at “Julio’s” – an Italian restaurant in Halifax, we celebrated my boyfriends 30th birthday here, and I met all of his family there by coincidence too.

I’m home now, home to an empty and quiet apartment, and an even emptier fridge, I just hate coming home and having to throw out things that’s past the expiration date, it’s horrible! My fridge is as empty as I feel now, it’s always so horrible going home to an empty place, a very quiet house, having to get used to the silence again. I’m too social for silence, I hate it!

But it will all be okay, I know that in just a few months, we will be together for good. No more missing each other, no more wishing and longing. In the meanwhile – I’ll try to make myself busy, I need my garden sorted out, I have got the most beautiful little garden plot, and it needs sorting, this year I’ll try to plant even more and get more salad and fruit from the garden, I can’t wait to get started!

Saw this at the airport, and it’s not a lie though – we (Denmark) have been voted “happiest nation” and that’s pretty damn awesome, I’m proud of my country!

A tiny getaway from town!

This is a small weekend vacation, a little get away if you will, lasting two days, where we are visiting my great friends parents, his girlfriend is my best friend, and has been for long! I love hanging out with those guys! It has been awesome so far! We are at a little town called “Hundested” in Denmark, so we haven’t traveled outside the country, but we went to the country side of Denmark! It’s wonderful! (Even though there’s a lot of bugs!) Today we went to the beach, ate awesome ice cream, and we even got to pet some fish!! It was a great day, with a lot of fun! And we got some pretty amazing pictures!


Summer vacation

Great vecation tips!

Yea.. This is me.. Mexico 2011 – I knoow my hair is real short! XD

Best vacation: Mexico has been the best by far! It just beats everywhere Ive ever been.. That place was pure heaven. The culture, the people and the hotel was just amazing. It was a four star hotel, and an all inclusive travel, we had everything, and never had to lift a finger. The food, drinks, cocktails and dessert was all inclusive, and it was perfect! We had alot of money for shopping, sightseeing and presents for people back home. That place will forever be in my heart.. Beautiful cenotes, mangroves and beaches.

Worst vacation: France, in Paris, I were in Disneyland.. Damn that place sucked! I was so dissapointed.. Stands everywhere who was trying to sell you useless shit, and just so many damn stores, with stupid stuffed toys.. They were simply almost trying to robb people. So sad really. Good that wasent the only place we vicited in France, we also lived at a big park, in a giant house trailer, and that was cool.. Big pools everywhere and so on, that was kinda lucky. Disneyland is just sad, I was told it should be amazing, magical and exiting – it just wasent, Ive been alot better places. France isent my thing, the service at resturant is poor, the french hates smiling and well, they dont really speak much english. I cant be bothered to learn french just cause the french people are refusing to learn english! The end… Sigh!

I have been many places, even tho Im pretty ”young”.. I have been very fortunate to have some parents that has saved up for traveling alot, and often. I had a pretty nice childhood, and I think seeing different places around the world really builds a perspective somehow. Poor places, rich places, it just seems to give a better view on life, and how everyone else around the world is doing, what their countries looks like. When I compare myself to other people all over the world, Im doing pretty damn good! I love Denmark, but I also love to travel, its a magical feeling.