The joy of a clean home

Yep, I had a major case of cleaning insanity! With my birthday coming up just around the corner and all, I had a lot of work to do, so I started today and will take it from here on, until Saturday, where my birthday is going to be held. I haven’t been looking forward to my birthday at all, maybe because I had to share my big day with my sisters graduation party, yea I guess it sounds really selfish, but the fact is, me and my sister ain’t really getting along that well most of the time, so it’s pretty damn hard to share a party with someone that you don’t get along with. I think she feels the same way…

I really don’t blame my parents or anything, but the whole thing is turning into a mess and I hope to have it fixed when Saturday arrives, cause it has been keeping me awake at night for days. Next year, my 25th birthday is gonna be at my place, and it’s gonna be my own party, cause I just know this ain’t working out another time!

Oh well, now we at least know never to do this again, and my fiancé had even wanted to throw a surprise party for me, but he said he wouldn’t be able to, due to this birthday that already is planned ahead. -Maybe next year? I hope so! Cause next year is really special!





Some redecorating



The fiancé and I had a pretty lucky streak lately! My moms co-worker, was moving out, and she was so nice to give us her lamella curtains! (spelled?) We do have some ourself, but their grey and looking horrible! So we put an intire rough up, and it covered my living room windows! It looks fantastic! I’m very grateful for them, and they just light up the whole living room!

Now I just need new ones in the bedroom, the kitchen and in our big balcony door. – so that’s perfect!

What do you guys think? The lamp above my dining room table, is made of recycling plastic, so it’s pretty environment friendly, and wasn’t expensive at all.. Think I bought it for 45$ – it just fits in I think!

Do you guys have some awesome item/purchase you did for your place? Let me see it! Blog about it and write me in here, it’s always awesome to share some inspiration!

With love..

My apartment




This very old Japanese painting, I bought from eBay, from an art collector. I am totally in love with this hand painted Japanese silk screen, and I’m going to place it above my couch, where I have a big empty space. It will fit perfectly!

As most of you already know, I adore Japanese art, especially paintings! This painting is a very old one, but in a great condition! It came straight from the states, where an art collector sold it to me for a fair price, due to my passion for these type of paintings. A big thank you to him, I am very pleased to have done business with you.

I now have two vases, two matching lamps and this painting in my Japanese art collection, I will post some pics of this another day if you guys are interested in seeing them!

With love..

eBay I love you!

Well, you guys better get the whole story to begin with! I always loved the Japanese design, vases, paintings and furniture, it’s truly beautiful! And me coming from a family who has Japanese art all around them in their houses, I fell in love with the style from a very young age. It’s simple, beautiful and stylish at the same time.

I want my own home to be modern with a hint of old Japanese paintings, vases and statues. So I have been looking for Japanese items for my place, and a few days ago, I started searching eBay, and found two vases and two paintings which is fantastic! I made a bid on all of them, and I won the two vases and the one painting! The other painting I’m still waiting for the bid time to run out.. But I think I’m getting that one too! Their all beautiful! And I can’t wait to see if I won that last painting, it’s so exiting!

Here’s some pictures of the one vase I won, a very old Japanese hand painted vase.


Working on my balcony



I used the day to renovate my wooden floors on the balcony, cause that place means the world to me, and I have gotten my birthday gift a little early this year, my parents bought me a beautiful furniture set for the balcony, complete with a little bench, two chairs and a table with this glass surface on, it’s perfect, and I adore it! The whole place will be perfect.. So that’s why I want the floor done. We cleaned the whole balcony this Sunday, the whole place has been left this was for like 11 years, and the balcony really needed a touch up! I will post some before and after pictures, it got so light out there! This is my dream place, and I have been so fortunate finding it!

What a day!

Washing day..

Ive been feeling really bad lately, having throat pain, and I have swollen tonsils. Its just typical me, when the weather acts up, wich is does right now.. I think its about – 8 degrees outsite at day time, and in the evening its even worse, and the worst day, I got it to – 11 degrees. But besides trying to stay warm, drink hot coco and trying to sleep, but couldent, cause of my one neighbours excessive drilling and hammering. *sigh* I think he is redecorating, and it carried on from 8:00 till late afternoon. Me and the washing machine havent been the best of friends, I dident really know the machine that well, but after figuring out how to turn the damn thing on, I did two washes, and it went kinda awesome. Finally I can get our clothes washed, its awesome! Now I hung all our clothes up in the bathroom, looks intresting.. My puppy Sammi stole one of our socks, so I dident dare to leav any clothes in ”puppy hight”, he thinks its fantastic to run around with clean clothes. 😀 Then I trimmed Sammi abit, cause he looked strange, with his coat all shaggy. He dident really like it at first, but he came around, and in the end he stood still and it only took a minute or two. He looks much better now, and his coat is perfect. 🙂 So my day was kinda full, but its nice being busy sometimes.

What a busy day…

It started too early, and ended too late!

Oh well, the day before, I had a creative moment, in the wee hours, so I stayed up till 5:00 in the morning, yea I know… Pretty bad choise, but I was working on my portfolio website for my school project, and I kinda have a thing about stuff like that, it needs to be done propperly. So when I got all creative I almost pulled an all nighter. I woke up at 12:00 all smashed from staying up till 5:00 and decided it was best to get up. Then I went home to my parrents, and talked abit with my sister about my portfolio website, and uploaded it on my domain, we got everything to work out quite nice in the end, even though FileZilla gave me a really hard time! I am not uploading anything without FileZilla, its just retarded, cause it goes alot faster than using’s own uploader… Thats downright sad! Buut anyway, it got uploaded and it works now, even though theres small things I want fixed, but I guess you never seem to be done with your website, its just how it is, cause when you want it perfect, there is alot of things that needs to be arranged perfectly. After that, my sister made an awesome chocolate cake, and then she had to go meet some friends. My mom, dad and I then went to IKEA and ran around, trying to find everything I needed for my apartment, wich is QUITE annoying.. IKEA is like a freaking maze! I hate it, but I love the cheap prices, so I sucked it up, and went there anyway. It kinda got so late, that I decided to grab some pasta at their restaurant, cause ofcourse I was starved, due to not eating a single meal, good job.. But running around there, I atleast got alot of things I really needed, and now I can finally get things in order around the apartment. *Jumps up and down cheering* Its a great thing to finally be done with the place, and only to need abit done, that you can do when you have a minute to spare. When I got home, my fiancé had some guys over, and they had a great time, so did I! And the clock was about 2:00 before they went home! Woah, the time just flew.. But that meant THIS evening, I am going to bed at 5:00 AGAIN, what a truly shitty thing.. *Yawn* I can really feel how tired I am..

This is some pics of what I bought in IKEA, a little serving table, mostly to get more space in our kitchen, so that baby will be as an extra little table for us. Two screens for my livingroom lamps, in black yes, cause my leather sofa is all white, so thats a no go. A kitchen appliance ”holder”, well to hold all my kitchen stuff, towels and such things. A bag for our clothes that needs to be washed, pots for flowers and yea I also bought flowers for the apartment, some cute purple ones. Last but not least, ALOT of hangers, bought like four packs with eight hangers in each pack.. I really just needed them, and their awesome looking. In my walk-in closet, I have a big wide space where I can put up hangers, and I kinda wanted all of them, looking the same way, so it got to be these, in white.