Jupiters Ascending


Today me, my boyfriend and my best friend Jane were at the cinema, super cozy even tho there weren’t too much room, I had heels on, so it wasn’t a treat for my feet lol!

The movie was okay, the storyline was a bit much, some of the characters was over done, but the actors were okay even tho some of the jokes were a bit cheesy, it still had a feel good vibe while watching it. I’d have to say, that I’m not much into Sci-Fi movies, it’s too over done for me most of the times, but it had some moments, I will give it that! The main actors were solid, played the roles nicely and ofc the animations were fantastic, the plot however was just a little disappointing, but if I have to give it a score, it gets three stars out of six! – All because of good animation, decent humor and well played characters.

Have you guys been to the movies lately? What did you watch the last time? I was definitely not thrilled about this one, but it was okay. Think the company was great tho! XD who do you watch movies in the cinema with?

See you online! xx



The host cinema review

the host book

This movie is one of the few really great ones that I have seen for a while! Most movies the last few months have been boring or dissapointing, because the book was not the same as the movie, this one has lived up to my expectations 100% – a brilliant movie, with fantastic effects, the whole plot is described so well, so the book and the movie clash well – that is not a thing I normally feel is a good idea to do, making a book, a masterpiece, and then making a movie of it, it normally just dissapoints a lot, but this one is fantastic, and Stephanie Meyer has outdone herself with this, its amazing and she has written her heart and soul into this book, and the movie aswell.

My sister and I saw it together, a perfect movie to go out and watch with your sister, its all about family!

A relaxing Sunday

Relaxing or boring?

Well I don’t quite know where to place this day, relaxing or just so relaxing that it has become boring? Im a little dissapointed in myself, cause I usually have a way of making my days quite intresting and special, but today has been a Sunday with nothing to do. I feel like doing something, anything! I spend the morning cleaning my kitchen, simply cause it needed cleaning -badly! Im a kind of girl who just takes my time, and I dont stress on things and get them done fast, and I dont make a mess of my home either, its a relaxed type of home, and I live neat, but not spotless! I can’t be in a home without a little mess, a magazine on the table, a cardigan on the sofa, that kind of stuff.. I guess its just me, Im in no way a cleaning-maniac!

But today the kitchen got cleaned extra neat, and it felt pretty nice. But what to do the rest of the entire day? Well.. I decided to watch movies, Eragon – I got it on blueray, and I have always been into the adventure/fairytale kinda stuff, so I am gonna watch some of that, and then im gonna clean our dining room table, I like to clean it twice a week completely, with soap, its just hygenic. We moved abit around on our dining room table last week, to make room for the new armchair we got, and its still awesome to sit in! I will post some pictures of how its looking now, I think its quite nice. (Now we just need to hang the lamp above the table different – damn!) But the whole place looks better with the table that way, and with our new armchair – more homey!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!





Main actors: Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins

Abduction is an amazing movie, where the ”Twilight hottie” Jacob, now is another kind of hero. Taylor is the perfect actor for this movie, as a young teenage boy, who all of a sudden has bigger secrets, than a chrush on a girl in his school, (Lily Collins). The movie is filled with action, love and secrets wich is getting revealed through out the movie. The plot is pretty simple, but yet very well played. Taylor is again playing a role of hero, and protector, as in Twilight. If you liked his preformance in Twilight, you will simply love this movie. The movie isent an all girls movie though, so the guys wouldent get too bored. There is many amazing fight scenes in it, and alot of action. Definitley worth a look!

Twilight – Breaking dawn

I went to the movies with my friend Karina and her littlesister, to watch the new Twilight movie.. The movie was just awesome, Ive been wanting to watch it for a long time now, and its finally out! *Yaaay* So last weekend (saturday) , after my exams, we went! The endning was amazing, and abit surprising, I havent really expected it to end all that sudden.. I am no huge Twilight dork, altho I love the plot of the movie, I am more of a love movie kinda girl.. ^^ But I do like Twilight, and I always go watch them at the movies, its just a ”thing” I have. 😉


Way too many popcorn

Me, Karina, and her littlesister had a great time. I dont think I ate that many popcorns, ever!

It was just one of those days where you go ”Ahh what a great evening we had, lets do it again soon”