Christmas wish list

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything, mostly due to me focusing on my education and my job.

I’ve decided to share with you, a bit of wishes I have for Christmas this year, it’s mainly make up, cause I just can’t seem to get enough of it, and a bit of funny or cool things from one of my favorite websites – I can’t get enough of it!

I picked out a lot of different make up items, some is high end brands, and some is very affordable.

I also wished for some items to decorate my home (from my parents), because I don’t have much of that, and what I have is pretty old heirlooms, so I put them a bit out of the way, to make sure nothing happens to them.

The ABH Glow Kit palette, inspired by Nicole Guerriero! It’s fantastic, who can’t use a good highlighter kit? 😍 You can use it as a highlighter or as eyeshadows, they would just work wonders both ways, their just that damn pretty! It’s limited edition, so you better act fast guys, it’s definitely a Christmas present worth getting for the wife / girlfriend!

The metallic liquid lipsticks from MAC is to die for! I adore the color “Softly Rockin”, I have two colors from the Retro Matte liquid lipsticks, and their amazing! Soft, not too dry like many other long stay lipsticks are, it’s perfect for an evening out!

How gorgeous are these?! I love being cozy and warm, staying at home with a great book and a cup of coffee, these slippers are just perfect for that! Plus… They got lights on! Uuuhh!

The Too Faced Sweethearts perfect flush blush, its bling, a fantastic color and perfect for a beautiful blush glow, I think this is a gorgeous blush, would love this as a Christmas present!

The Nanoleaf Aurora LED light, its insane! You can set it up on an app on your phone, decide which colors you want, or even hook it up to your music device, and let it flash along with the music, it’s too cool. It can even wake you up slowly in the morning with a set timer, how incredible is that? I would love that in the bedroom, just above our bed, would look pretty neat!

The worlds cutest cup of coffee! A unicorn cup, for the unicorn / horse loving woman, haha! I think it’s adorable, I’m into this whole unicorn theme to be honest.. Their so FLUFFY! 😍

The ABH Modern Renaissance is a magnificent eyeshadow palette, I love the golden, brown and pink hues, their just very much me! A palette that’s highly pigmented and full of bling.

The MAC Snowball brush kits are adorable, every woman needs a new set of brushes once in a while, and who would say no to a MAC brush set? Their so pretty these! I love bling, and these are just bling enough for me!

The MAC Snowball eye bag in “Smokey Pink” is gorgeous, I think you could do some fantastic smokey eyes with just these two, and the mascara and eyeliner is great, I tried the eyeliner and I’ve heard great things about this mascara, all in all – a great kit!

Golden Rose is a new brand for me, they just started a store in Waves, and I have a long last matte liquid lipstickand a bronzer from them, and I adore both! I always wanted to try out a lip primer, just to see how it would work in my make up routine, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this one!

I myself went a bit mad with presents for my fiancé and my family this year, but I won’t mention what I bought for them, because they might follow this blog and get a sneak peak, that would be too bad!

I hope your all doing great and enjoying this month and the upcoming holidays, see you online!

Life, love and the future!

Lately I am trying to get ready for my education and trying to get our home clean and good looking! Strange – but true none the less..

Let’s just be honest, I have never ever been the stay at home wife kind of woman! I am messy and a typical “oh where did I put that stupid remote, I know it’s here somewhere” kind of person, everywhere I seem to go, I leave a trail of mess behind me, and I don’t mind much, but I got older and more aware of it, and I am actually changing – who knew?! 😂

I never thought that day would come, where I keep thinking that I need to do the laundry else it would pile up, or I would remember to put all my make-up back in perfect order, else it would look cluttered and messy, but lately I do. (Or ever since my fiancé moved in!) My fiancé have had a very good influence on me I have to say, he has made me see how lovely our home can look when it’s clean and organized and he is good at reminding me to just put things back after using them, it’s much easier than running around cleaning at the last minute, before guests arrive, or when you get too annoyed at the clutter!

I think being engaged to him has somehow made me more grown up, more determined and less messy, and yeah it sounds so cliché, but he makes me into a better person. 

I make little to do lists now, I make grocery lists, I make sure to always plan ahead on shopping so we never need anything badly and I feel amazing for doing so! Who the hell am I and where is Mia?! 😜

We have started to sort out food, so we do a “cooking list” where we write what food we wanna cook and on what day, it’s gotten so much easier to prepare meals and shop for them, that’s the God honest truth.. Thank god for lists! (Oh dear I’ve become like my mother!) 

So right now I am passing time at home, waiting for the 29th of February, by cleaning and making my little “stay at home wife” lists! I am not perfect at it, but I’m getting there.

Do you guys have any strange lists you make? I am thinking I might need more lists in my life, cause it keeps you organized and I want 2016 to be the year of organization and calm, and my lists makes me more calm and a lot less stressy and forgetful – who dosnt what that?

Here is a few pictures of our home right now, we are constantly redecorating, because we wish for a different look in our bedroom and living room right now – we have started to save up for a new bed as we speak, cause the one we have now is terrible!

Our new Danish designer table, lamp and chairs! The chairs are pretty well known in Denmark and are called the 7 chair from Arne Jacobsen, the table is a Fritz Hansen and the lamp is from Fritz Hansen too. Now we just need some more pictures up on the walls, but it starting to look very cozy already.


My fiancé changed the paintings a few months ago, so now my bedroom screen painting is in the living room and vice versa, it really suits it a lot better! The lamps are old Japanese lamps and my sofa is white leather – I know white, but I love it. It looks so good now after we got the floors sanded down in the hallway and the living room.

A tribute to Denmark!

I love my country, anyone who has been to Denmark knows it’s small, cozy, art inspired, expensive at times, beautiful and friendly!

We are the country with probably the most bicycle lanes! We have them everywhere.

We have had many Eurovision wins throughout the years.

We are high on art, design and architecture and that is very visible inside of Copenhagen.

We have more pigs/live stock than we have people.

We are a farmer country, and are almost self reliant on most meat, dairy and grain.

Our capital is near the sea side, where we have tour boats around the canals.

We have the little mermaid on the peer at “Langelinie” and it’s very popular for tourists.

We love traditions and we stick to em, even tho we don’t really have a strong faith in anything. We just like the good old stuff.

We eat roast pork a lot, with boiled potatoes and gravy, we think it’s gorgeous.

Everyone in Denmark owns at least one bicycle per family, and we are proud of it.

We eat way too much at Christmas time and we tend to drink a lot at New Years, but we do watch ourselves normally and tend to exercise and eat healthy when possible.

Almost every city in Denmark have a beach, yep we are truly an island!

You rarely see stray animals run around on the streets in Denmark, and if that happens, it’s because someone lost a pet, and most Danes would actually catch the pet, and bring it home.

We are big on family gatherings, we love sitting around the table, eating a meal, talking about our day and how it’s been and share with each other.

Danish people mostly have one or two children tops, it’s rare to see a couple with more than two.

We never use colored light chains for Christmas – they find it tacky and over the top.

Danish people have mostly white walls, rarely in a color! Maybe one wall with wallpaper – but that’s very modern and “new generation”.

Danes rarely wear any bright colored jackets at winter time, and by god that’s true! Colors are mainly black, grey or navy blue.

We are proud of our Danish designs, and we have at least one designer item in our home, if not more.




Life in Denmark!

As you all might already know, I live in Denmark, born and raised!

My boyfriend is moving to Denmark from the UK, and he has been in for quite an amount of surprises, and here is a list of funny things that we do or don’t do for you guys to read about!

No. 1 New years day, the 1st of January, is mainly celebrated in doors, relaxing, watching bad TV or sleeping most of the day. We love to drink and celebrate at New Years and that is felt the day after – ouch!

No. 2 A little bit of fact, Danish traditions are a mix of Christian and Pagan beliefs and some traditions are imported from other countries, our traditions are dated on our calendar and are without major fuss, but we do enjoy out scheduled holidays very much!

No. 3 The Twelfth Night of Christmas always fall on January the 5th and a tradition we have, is to light and enjoy the Christmas tree for the last time. (Yes many Danish families have real candles on our tree)

No. 4 Another tradition is to light the special three-arm Epiphany candle. In old days these candles contained gunpowder, that exploded just before the candle burned out. When that happened, everyone knew that Christmas was really over, the end of an era.

No. 5 Candlemas day, the 2nd of January is a special day we had as a holy day once, but that was abolished in 1770, we lit candles and celebrated that the dark and cold winter was almost over, although recently the churches in Denmark celebrate Candlemas day, by having a special candle light service.

No. 6 Saint Valentines day is a very new tradition in Denmark, that got introduced in the 1990’s, and also one some of the incarnated Danes do not have, if your proper Danish, you think Valentines is too Americanized and despise this holiday, BUT the younger generation – aka my generation, have seemed to grasp this holiday anyway, and its held the 14th of January in Denmark, mostly with cards, chocolate and minor things.

No. 7 Shrovetide is an old Danish tradition, that grew from Catholic heritage mixed with superstition and rituals. Today its a children’s festival, where children dress up, suspend a wooden barrel, and beat it untill the contents of the barrel is emptied, where the inside is filled with sweets, the children gets prizes for best costumes, get crowned king and queen for the one who empties the barrel and the one who finishes the last bit of the barrel on the string!

No. 8 Easter is an annual religious holiday here in Denmark, that is all about the crucifixion, burial and rise of Jesus Christ, but to most of us regular Danish people, it means the end of a long and cold winter, chocolate eggs, egg painting, holiday travels and the first flowers starts to bloom. We normally have big family gatherings where we eat way too much food!

No. 9 Danish history, a dark day, April the 9th, 1940, at 4:15 Nazi German forces invaded Denmark, then five long years followed with occupation, that ended when the Allied forces defeated Germany in May 1945. Each year, we celebrate / mourn this day, by having our national flag ”Dannebrog” at half mast.

No. 10 The queens birthday. Queen Margrethe the 2nd’s birthday falls on April the 16th and she was actually born one week after the German occupation in 1940. The queen has ruled since 1972 and is a great personality in Denmark and very popular and loved. Every year on her birthday, thousands of Danes gather outside Amalienborg, where she lives, in Copenhagen, and greet her.

No. 11 The great day of prayer. This Holiday falls on the 4th Friday after easter, and is one of the few traditions that survived the new Holiday Reform in 1770. It’s an old tradition, where you walk the ramparts of the citadel in Copenhagen the evening before, another is to eat warm wheat buns.

No. 12 The May-day! This is a tradition loved by young teens, it’s also called International Workers Day, and is always on May the 2nd. It’s a day with demonstrations, celebrations organized by trade unions and left-wing political organizations, and also involves a lot of drinking! Most people inside the capital of Copenhagen travels to ”Fælledparken”, which is a big and very popular park inside of Copenhagen, to listen to the demonstration, to drink, listen to music and all the politicians.

No. 13 Denmark’s Liberation. When the liberation from the German occupation of Denmark was announced over BBC on the evening of May the 4th 1945, Danes spontaneously put lit candles in their windows. Since then it’s been a Danish tradition to light candles and place them in your window every 4th of May.

No. 14 Ascension Day. This day is held 40 days after easter, and is the day where Jesus Christ rises up into the clouds. This day is a national holiday, and many workplaces are also closed the following day.

No. 15 Constitution Day. On June the 5th we celebrate the signing of the Danist constitution in 1849. Almost all shops and workplaces are closed that day, and all over the country, politicians give speeches at meetings in the parks, gardens and other sites, where people can gather and have a picnic.

No. 16 Valdemar’s Day. Valdemar’s Day falls on June 15, because an old legend tells that our flag – the oldest state flag in the world still in use – fell from the sky into the hands of Danish King Valdemar II during the Battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia on June 15 in 1219.

No. 17 Graduation days. Around mid June we see the them everywhere… I have also been one! Happy, laughing, singing graduates wearing their graduation caps, symbolizing that they have completed an upper secondary education, that qualifies them for admission to universities and other higher education institutions.

No. 18 Saint Hans Eve On June 23 we celebrate Saint Hans’ Eve by lighting bonfires along the shores and other sites, where people can gather, have picnics and a good time. Lighting bonfires at this time of the year is an old tradition that goes back to pagan times, where people celebrated the summer solstice.

No. 19 Halloween was once a pagan festival among the Celts in Ireland and Britain. Different versions of the tradition was brought to N. America by Irish and other immigrants. In 1998, Halloween was introduced to Denmark, where we celebrate it after the American model on the eve of October 31.

No. 20 Saint Martin’s Eve. A famous legend about Saint Martin tells that he hid in a goose shed to avoid being appointed as Bishop of Tours in November, 371. The geese, however, cackled and betrayed him. So, as bishop he decided that each year in November geese should be slaughtered and eaten as punishment.

No. 21 Advent. The first Sunday of Advent sometimes falls in late autumn, sometimes in early winter. On that day we light the first of four candles in the Advent wreath, watch the lighting of the public Christmas trees, and enjoy home made æbleskiver and Christmas glogg with family and friends.

No. 22 The Feast of Saint Lucy. On December 13 we celebrate the Feast of Saint Lucy, who died as martyr under the persecution of the Christians in Syracuse in Sicily. The celebration is a Swedish Christmas tradition that we imported in 1944 as an attempt to bring light in a time of darkness during World War II.

No. 23 Christmas here in Denmark is a blend of Christian customs and pagan traditions, that are deeply rooted in the heathen winter festival called Jòl. Also, many traditions have come to us from Germany. Examples are the Christmas calender, the Advent wreath and the Christmas Tree. Christmas is celebrated the 24th of December, in the evening, by having a great feast, and opening presents.

No. 24 New Years Eve. One of our traditons at New Years, is to listen to our Queen’s New Year’s speech, that is sent live on TV just before dinner time. Another tradition is to have cod fish with mustard sauce for dinner. At midnight, we welcome the New Year with champagne, marzipan ring cakes, and fireworks.

Looking back at 2014

How was my 2014? What do I wish to add to my resolutions in 2015? What do I wanna remember and what did I treasure in 2014?

It was first of all a year of new-found confidence in myself, a year where I found strength and pursued happiness, the beginning of 2014 was dark for me, and hard, filled with a lot of mistakes and things that I wished I had taken care of in 2013 or even the year before that.

Here is a little resumé of events:

A trip to Thailand in the beginning for 2014 in late February was a welcomed event and I fell in love with the country, the people and of course the faith they have! (I have always been into buddhism) I learned to stand tall in Thailand, speak up and to be a bit on my own, in a different country. I was there with my mom and sister, and they weren’t fond of speaking too much english, so I jumped in and translated and spoke, ordred and took charge. I went off on my own, to explore Thailand too, which was amazing and relaxing and an eye opener, that showed me, that I can be on my own, and be just fine.

A break up with my ex was also one of the events that occured in 2014, a goodbye to six years of relationship, but not in my case with sadness, but relief and a new-found condidence and strength. It was not the right thing for me, and I did not feel happy, and being with someone should make you happy. It seemed to get me down all the time, and I felt that I was walking down a very wrong path in my life. It was for the best, and it taught me to live alone in my flat, and to appriciate myself and the friends that chose to support me through this difficult and turbulent time, rather than to judge me and point fingers.

A garden plot was rented, and I spend a lot of time there, growing my own vegstables, flowers and fruit and tending to my plants, it was relaxing, just like therapy and I needed to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching in 2014, and that, I did in my garden, my little escape, and my place of solitude. I love my garden, and am keeping it in 2015, where I want to do even more gardening, and grow more healthy vegstables and fruit, that I can take with me home and cook/eat. That garden was my escape from a turbulent time in my life, and it made me so happy.

Two sisters finding eachother. My bigsister has been at my place a lot in 2014 ever since I got to be on my own, and we have found strength in eachother, and become a lot closer, I am truly blessed to have her in my life and I can’t help but think, that closing one door always opens another, this year I closed many doors, but also opened many, and one of the doors I opened, and that I am very thankful for, is this one. My bigsister and her youngest son, has been stopping by my place a lot, and we have watched movies, had take-out, went out for photo-shoots with the dogs, and had many hours of happiness together, and a lot of bonding. Things have been so much easier this year, with my bigsister around, and I could not be happier to have such an amazing sister!

Finding happiness was not easy, it was frustrating, hard and turbulent but also so rewarding and heart warming and a healing experience for me, a time of growth and self-awareness. A new chapter of my life started in year 2014, where I found the man I wanna spend my life with and where his family also became my family. Two trips to the UK has been made in the year of 2014, where I went by myself, to be with the man I love, and I have gotten a lot more confident traveling alone, and being in another country on my own. The relationship grew so fast, and became so much more than I ever hoped for or dreamed of, we are so happy in eachothers company, and I feel stronger, more organized and just so full of curage and drive when I am with him. This is how I want to be, this is the person I wanna be when I am with someone I love. I did not only become someones girlfriend and joined his family, but I also became a bonus mom for three adorable kids, and started a fantastic friendship with the mother of the kids too. I feel surrounded by happiness and I have never experienced so much love, my heart has not only healed, it has also grown. I found so much happiness in England in 2014 and for that, I am truly grateful.

The things in 2014 that I wanna keep:

My fantastic garden, staying as close to my sister as I became in 2014 and my amazing boyfriend and his whole family, my friends that supported me through rough times.

For my resolutions in 2015 I wanna add:

Being more active, getting more confidence in myself and believing that I can accomplish things I set my mind to, spending more time with the kids.

I know I neglected the blog a bit, and for that I am truly sorry, but 2014 has been a hard year, but an eye opener! In 2015 I will write a lot more amazing stuff about make-up, outfits and styles and decoration! Be aware, the posts will be raining down in here, have a good 2015 people, and I hope you had a great year in 2014, and have a lot of fantastic things to take with you into the new year!

Question round!

Q and A:

Today a great blog friend of mine, are asking me a ton of questions, and im anwsering as hones as possible!


Q: Dinner with your family or a drive with one you love?

A: Dinner with my family, cause I love having dinner with them.


Q: Nail polish or eye shades?

A: Nail polish for sure! Its cute and less ”out there”


Q: Favorite travel locations?

A: Japan, Mexico and Thailand!


Q: Jeans or a dress?



Q: Swim or jogg?

A: Swim, I love the water!


Q: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or Tom Cruise?

A: Johnny Depp, Im into dark and mysterious rock types!


Q: What would you do if you hit a car while parking?

A: Give the people my details, its only fair..


Q: Would you give your fiancé your Facebook password if he asked?

A: Yes, and I have pressed ”remember my password” so he could just log in.. Secrets poisons the mind.


Q: What would you do if you got attracted to another guy?

A: I would be honest and tell my fiance about it, but I would never leave him or cheat on him, what we have is love, and pure, lust is often felt, but its vain and nothing special..


Q: What makes you angry?

A: Bad friends, lies, cheating and people killing each other.


Q: In the relationships, are you the one ”wearing the pants” or is he?

A: Im probably the one wearing the pants… Yep.. But I do make sure that he approves.


Q: If you ever had the chance to go abroad and settle, where would you go?

A: The states, I love the thought of living there, speaking english all the time!


Q: Summer or winter?

A: Summer..

Thank you to Daniyal Ali for all the questions!

He also writes a blog, wich I follow, so do read his posts.. He is quite brilliant!

Nail polish craze!

I am in love!

This is a fashion nail statement list I had to make for you guys – you can NEVER have too much nail polish! It can spice up your outfits, freshen up make-up and get you some awesome compliments. Who dosent love that? ❤

The Bluesky Shellac is one of my favorite nail polish brands, I have none other that I love this much anymore, not even Essie, who have some amazing colours, but the Bluesky Shellac just beats them, hands down! I will show you guys the colours I have from Bluesky Shellac alredy and the ones I want in the future! They have some adorable, fantastic, exiting and cool colours, so there is alot to choose from!

shellac omg

This one is called ”OMG” – funny name, but pretty awesome colour!

Story behind: Well, I was searching for a ”girly” yet dark colour, and found this one on ebay, thinking it looked amazing, yet not too girly, wich I just cant pull off. DONT give me pink clothes – ever, cause I wont wear it, haha!

rock royalty

This one is called ”Rock Royalty”, a really dark purple, and it rocks!

Story behind: I was looking for a dark, but without it being directley black, this one caught my eye, and just amazed me. This is really rock n’ roll!


A beautiful colour ”Teal Blue Green” wich is nice for parties!

Story behind: Well have you ever had that feeling ”What do I wear for new years” or any party to be honest? I have this little blue dress, and it would match perfect with this colour. Also, this one will look awesome with blue jeans, oww tasty!


Again a dark colour, and its fantastic! This one is called ”Dark lava”

Story behind: Well, my sister has an Essie polish that looks like this a bit; dark, glittery beauty! I wanted one who lasted longer tho! So I looked at Ebay and and found this one, it works for everyday wear and looks adorable with a white knitted sweater in winter-time!

These above are the ones I have and they are pretty ok in price, I have payed £6,80 for the ”Rock Royalty” one and the ”OMG” one on Ebay, and they were shipped amazingly fast, just remember to get them from countries that dosent require huge taxes for shipping. I live in Denmark – So I choose to get the nail polish from the UK and Ireland and so on.

This are the babies that I want!


This is called ”Autumn Frost” and the colour is just adorable for a fancy party, the whole glittery surface is just so slick and pretty that it could work out a long dress!


This is called ”Crystal Sienna” its a little like the polish above, but more pink/bronze’ish – Also a super colour for parties!


This polish called ”Diamond storm” is beautiful due to the almost space-like depth it has, and can be used for a night out, and well, I could use it for every day wear too!

So, do you guys have a favorite nail polish colour? Do share!