A lot of love to Christina London!

I fell in love..

The new and beautiful Christina London watch’es are amazing, you can mix and match them in whatever way you could ever imagine, and style them with different stones, as in diamonds – two colours (Black and reg. white), rubies and a lot more, you guys should check out her website Christina london!

About her new ”Collect” series:

I have always been a little bit in love with the whole Swiss watch collection Christina has made, and with real diamonds in the best quality, we are talking Top Wesselton VVS here, and its amazing looking really! (A Top Wesselton VVS is an almost flawless stone, only one stone is better and those are pretty rare.) You can get a lot of different styles of watches, you can mix and match colours of stones, and you can even change the ”Top ring” on the watch casing you bought. Her work is flawless, beautiful, and somewhat cheap compared to the original price of really good diamonds, best thing is, she is actually from MY country (Denmark), and has chosen to live in the UK, cause she thought that her watches wouldent really sell all that well in Denmark! She is a talented girl, with a lot of creative ideas, thats for sure, and she swept our feet away with her beautiful watches, she could have stayed in Denmark no problem what so ever..

When I sold her watches, I always wanted one myself, but at that time I was a young teen, and diden’t dare spending the money. Every watch I sold, I made sure the customers knew how special and very unique it was. The work who has gone into these babies are amazing, and its pure intrest for watches, and nothing else! Its not to sell watches, its to create something unique and special for todays girls to wear, that you can pep up any way you like! Its all about being different, and making different choises!


Here its very clear how you guys can use the ”top ring” on the watch piece, to get a different style.. I have an all regular gold ring on mine – the starter one, you might say! I got a little diamond with the watch, those are the ones lying in there, as you see.. Those red stones are rubies, really beautiful aswell.. The intire watch is one big ”build it yourself” piece, and its truly unique! You gotta take a look at mine!


The shellac arrived!

The day came…



.. Where I recived my shellac nail polish in the mail, and ended up with some new and awesome colours. I fell in love with ”Dark Lava”, a really lovely dark red that i ordred, with specks of glitter in it. Its pretty awesome, and it looks so EVIL on, its perfect! I havent tried on the other ones yet, there is so many, and I love them all. I will order some more, this time, I will order some more light colours, and some for french nail art, so I can get classy nails whenever I want! – I love doing french nails, they look cute!

I have made some pretty perfect nails on alot of people alredy, friends/family mostly, and I have learned that I love doing nails as a hobby, its pretty relaxing. I like having people over and doing their nails, its great! But it is not something that I wanna do professionally at all, its just a fun and creative hobby. – I have always been fond of creative hobbies, and I always will be.


Today I spend the day with a good neighbour and friend, and we went to Metro (a huge mega-buy supermarket), and looked at their offers. I found a great little shirt for my dog, cause in this cold we have in Denmark, it is not cool to be a dog, with no undercoat! – He is a little Yorkshire Terrier, and as most people know, their coat dosent shead, and needs to be groomed or cut on regular basis, and yeah, I used to trimm him a lot, and I was pretty good at it, (Ive been a hairdresser), but now I decided to grow his hair out, and let him go to a show, to see if he gets good grades. I would like to use him as a breeder, due to his very nice family. Sammi is my baby, and well I do not want kids, so he is my kid, and spoiled to the bone!


I also went to shop in Bilka with my good friend, (Bilka is a regular supermarket) and we did our daily grocery shopping, I wanted to go to Matas (a make-up/besuty product store), but it was closed, damn… I have gotten this card from Matas, and you earn these ”points” that you can use on their online website, to buy point-prizes with! Its kinde neat, you can get a lot of cute stuff, and I got some goodies from Rimmel, I bought the ”Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner” from their shop, and I hope their good. Its a lip glossy thing, thats supposed to last a long time, and an eyeliner thats waterproof, woop de doo! Not bad at all really.. I have a few 100 points left, and I hope they get new items in there again soon, cause it would be cool to see if I could find something else that was intresting. The Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner was 235 points, and in the store, just to buy the set it costs 120 DKK, not much, but its a 120 DKK that I saved, and im trying something new for once! – I am a ”stick to the same thing” kinda girl, I love the products I know, and dont trust the ones that promise you eternal beauty – but okay, who does? (Im amazed I ended up trying the Shellac nail polish at all, but I do not regret it!)


I bought some pretty cheap pantyhose by Caroline Fleming – A Danish celeb who has some pretty good ideas about fashionable pantyhose! Yey for her, and for me, cause I can wear them! Haha.. Look what I got!





To round things up, I have put some pictures together for you guys, just to see some of my former nail designs – their old and pretty ordinary, but fun to look at. These are done with mostly regular polish, some is shellac tho, I love the one with the little white flower on, check them out, tell me what you think!







Iphone 452




Hope you guys had a good day!

Nail polish craze!

I am in love!

This is a fashion nail statement list I had to make for you guys – you can NEVER have too much nail polish! It can spice up your outfits, freshen up make-up and get you some awesome compliments. Who dosent love that? ❤

The Bluesky Shellac is one of my favorite nail polish brands, I have none other that I love this much anymore, not even Essie, who have some amazing colours, but the Bluesky Shellac just beats them, hands down! I will show you guys the colours I have from Bluesky Shellac alredy and the ones I want in the future! They have some adorable, fantastic, exiting and cool colours, so there is alot to choose from!

shellac omg

This one is called ”OMG” – funny name, but pretty awesome colour!

Story behind: Well, I was searching for a ”girly” yet dark colour, and found this one on ebay, thinking it looked amazing, yet not too girly, wich I just cant pull off. DONT give me pink clothes – ever, cause I wont wear it, haha!

rock royalty

This one is called ”Rock Royalty”, a really dark purple, and it rocks!

Story behind: I was looking for a dark, but without it being directley black, this one caught my eye, and just amazed me. This is really rock n’ roll!


A beautiful colour ”Teal Blue Green” wich is nice for parties!

Story behind: Well have you ever had that feeling ”What do I wear for new years” or any party to be honest? I have this little blue dress, and it would match perfect with this colour. Also, this one will look awesome with blue jeans, oww tasty!


Again a dark colour, and its fantastic! This one is called ”Dark lava”

Story behind: Well, my sister has an Essie polish that looks like this a bit; dark, glittery beauty! I wanted one who lasted longer tho! So I looked at Ebay and Amazon.co.uk and found this one, it works for everyday wear and looks adorable with a white knitted sweater in winter-time!

These above are the ones I have and they are pretty ok in price, I have payed £6,80 for the ”Rock Royalty” one and the ”OMG” one on Ebay, and they were shipped amazingly fast, just remember to get them from countries that dosent require huge taxes for shipping. I live in Denmark – So I choose to get the nail polish from the UK and Ireland and so on.

This are the babies that I want!


This is called ”Autumn Frost” and the colour is just adorable for a fancy party, the whole glittery surface is just so slick and pretty that it could work out a long dress!


This is called ”Crystal Sienna” its a little like the polish above, but more pink/bronze’ish – Also a super colour for parties!


This polish called ”Diamond storm” is beautiful due to the almost space-like depth it has, and can be used for a night out, and well, I could use it for every day wear too!

So, do you guys have a favorite nail polish colour? Do share!

Shellac battle!

Battle of the best shellac!

Okay, so everyone might know the name Shellac? – CND was the creater of the concept I belive, but the name Shellac has been used for a long time before nail polish was even created. Even today regular paint is called something with ”shell”.. So.. You guys, who do you think has the best shellac?

Shellac nail polish is a polish that stays on the nail for 2 – 3 weeks, depending on what work you have and what products you buy (some might say atleast), and its a mix between a gel and colour, that only goes dry under UV/LED lights. A fantastic new way to keep your nails looking perfect! Females all over the world has used this for a long time, and NOW us regular people are beginning to be able to buy these babies from the stores, online and through companies. -This is the new nail revolution!

CND shellac is the creator of the fantastic UV light system,

and has also made some amazing shades of nail polish! But darn their expensive!

Bluesky shellac is a ”follow” company, their colour group is almost identical to the CND ones,

and they also use the term ”shellac” in their name.

Depend Gellack is a very new brand, they dident dare to use the word ”shellac”!

And has come to Denmark in our local stores, making it possible for everyone to make these gorgeous nails..

Is there anyone who knows other shallac companys? What are your opiniun about shellac, is CND the one who holds the copyright? Or is it okay for the others to play along, and lower the prices? Have any of you girls tried the Shellac’s listed above? Or any other brand alike? Give me your opiniun! Im DYING to know what all of you think..





Huge shopping spree!

I love shopping!

I spend all morning shopping, and I bought some pretty awesome things! I promise to snap some pics of the outfits later (I just dont wanna lift a finger right now!), their pretty perfect, and I also bought that coat from H&M that I had my eyes on for quite some time now, its adorable! I think the most pricey thing I got, was a beautiful silk shirt from Hillfiger, but I just had to have it, it was beautiful. Some people say ”Clothes makes a person” – And maybe its a little vain, but it is true. Just look at ”Pretty Woman”, ow.. I feel like watching that movie now, haha! But when she starts dressing differently, people take her more serious, and I feel like I have come to a place in life where I need some nicer clothes, Im 24 and now Its not little glittery tops, but nice shirts and good quality pants, no more glittery stuff, yuck!

While shopping, one of the clerk girls in the store I was in, started looking at me, and I was thinking to myself that it was kinda strange, and then she came over, and asked me ”Hey can I ask you a question?” and it just sorta threw me, and I just muttered that ofc she could, and she started talking about my shoes, and where I had bought them, that was kinda fun, loved that one! Haha.. The other clerk girls came over too, and while I was telling her where in Copenhagen that I found the shoes, she was telling the girl that she knew that place, and they had amazing shoes.. Damn a fun conversation!

A little update on work!

As you all might have read on my earlier posts, I have applied for a job, that I really hoped to get, and I really dident think I would get. But, faith threw a curve ball, and here I am, with a job, starting THIS MONDAY! How awesome is that? And yea, I know the thing about praising yourself is a little silly, but I seriously patted my own back when I got that job, its just perfect for me. So I am going to be selling jewelry again, and I know that Im good at it, I worked with this before, just in another store, I loved it. I have a dress code on my ”soon to be job”, so thats kinda why I went shopping, NO JEANS at work, and I actually like it, jeans are okay, yeah! But It just gets to be a everyday thing honestly, so it gets boring, so while shopping, I bought 3 pairs of pants, and their pretty nice looking!

Right now, Sammi is lying by my side sleeping, while I’m blogging with you guys! Hope everyone has a great weekend, cause I sure am!







I bought more, but I will just snap some pics another day!

What color to pick?

Autumn Colors!

Today I browsed the web abit, and found a few trenchcoats that I really adore, its just this thing I have with colors tho, I always tend to have black or just plain boring colors when I choose my jackets, so this time, I am thinking a little color wouldent be so bad! What do you guys think? I have this neat collection of trenchcoats here for you, do tell me what you think, cause I amd considering to buy one of them as we speak!


Today’s outfit!


Today I’m wearing layers! My new jeans from H&M, with my white basic top from Vila and my comfy black shirt from Gina Tricot. I love layers, their just smart! It can make an outfit look completely different from your everyday regular tee and top. My gold necklace I just never take off, my mom gave it to me after we came home from my first vacation in five years, I used to be very ill, and when I finally beat my illness, we went traveling. After the trip, my mom gave that to me as a gift “to protect you” she said, so I feel like it’s a little piece of her heart that I carry with me everywhere I go.

Do you guys have a treasured item too? And if so, which one and do tell its story! 🙂