Must haves!

This years must haves:

I have had some awesome gifts for Christmas by my fiancé and my parents that made me want to make a wish-list so badly!

My parents bought me two little gold charms for my Christina London watch, here is a picture of my watch and the charms I got


This is my Christina London watch, and my two charms that my parents bought for me, I think their so cute, and I am going charm crazy now!


So these are the charms I wish to buy at some point:

I cant wait to kit out my watch with fantastic charms now, am all hooked on the Christina London collection!


This bracelet is the gift my amazing fiancé bought me for Christmas, and its called Moments, with little sparkling stones all over the clasp, I love it, its a perfect present.


I have been looking at a ton of little charms, but these charms I want in silver or maybe one or two in silver with a bit of gold in, here is a few I looked a bit at:


”Layers of lace” is a clip charm, that makes it stay in place on the bracelet on the little ”dots” it has, and makes the other charms slide less. I really love this one, since I adore lace. It’s so simple and classic!


”Braided” is also a clip charm, I always loved Pandora’s knots and braid designs, their very classic and beautiful, so this is one of the charms I really want, I think it will fit perfectly with the other one, I love how simple the design is.


”July signature heart Birthstone” is my favorite one! A beautiful little heart with your birthstone inside, this is mine for July! I think its just fantastic, it is so me, I am gonna put this on my wish list for sure!


Did you guys get / give some awesome presents this year?

I gave my fiancé a lot of e-juice, which he had wished for! Then I gave him some perfume and deoderant, two pictures that I have edited the lighting and filter on, from a company that’s called ”Wallo” they take your Instagram pictures and makes them into real pictures, and puts them in these beautiful frames! – I got him one picture of his three kids and one picture of us! I loved the idea, and I will probably get some more at another time for our home, cause they match our style so well! Then I gave him a mouse mat from Razer and a pair of clippers for his vape gear, mostly as a joke, cause he always used to steal mine!

His birthday is coming up soon, its in March (Yeah there is still some time, but I want to find the perfect present for him!) He has always been so amazing at finding presents for me and I love him for that, for his 30th I gave him a watch from Police, I just don’t know how to top it, but one thing is for sure, I need to find a perfect gift! He deserves that – and much more!

Shoes completes any outfit!


I just love shoes, these ones are from Aldo, a shoe store we have in Denmark – don’t know if any of you guys know it, but it’s actually one of my favorite stores to buy shoes in, these shoes are so awesome, because even though there is quite a lot of hight on them, their very comfortable to walk around in, and they just look fantastic with my leather pants! I really love mixing edgy with classic, like leather pants and a lace shirt for example, like I actually did that day (Monday – yesterday) when we went to the movies to see Jupiters Ascended.


This pic is very ruined unfortunately tho, my hands shook – boo! Sorry guys, but here is a close up of the lace top at least, so you can see how I have mixed my outfit!


My lipstick is from Mac, my favorite, it’s called Spirit. I love nude and brown colors, they really suit me somehow!

Hope you guys had a great evening, see you online! x

Outfit of the day


Outfit of the day is a Vila skirt and an Only dress shirt plus black leggings! Found the skirt on sale for 5 pounds aka 50 DKK! Was really cheap and I actually love this skirt a lot! It’s so easy to mix and match with, and I have been looking for a nice skirt, to add to my wardrobe! Now I’m thinking about buying a few more later on, just to spice up my wardrobe some more, I really like skirts xx

January sales shopping!

It’s been a long day of good fun with my little sister, shopping and looking at store windows, and grocery shopping!

We had a good day today, and found quite a lot of good sales, some of it with a 70% discount! It was brilliant, to be honest!


I bought this amazing dress in a VILA store, for 15 pounds! Been looking online, and have seen them go for 40 pounds, its insane, but damn they do look great on, that’s for sure! I got some leggings too and a few other things, but I will show you that in another post, this one I will show you guys now though, cause I found it amazing! Dress or a relaxing sweater, you decide, I love wearing it as a dress already, its cozy and so comfy, the knitted sweater is from OBJECT called as style name: OBJFAY KNIT DRESS. You guys can find it and buy it for yourself, if you like it as much as I do! You can always style this with a nice belt, necklace or some really cool stilettos! This picture is borrowed from a site selling this amazing dress! x

What amazing sales did you guys find out there? Did you buy anything this January, and if you think you found an amazing item, do share with me, I simply love January with all the crazy sales! x

New clothes!

It’s January and that means everything is on sale! YES!! I of course bought a bit of new clothes, two tops, from my favorite store called “Zanca Sonne” and is a nice little Boheme store located in Denmark, inside of Copenhagen!


The tops are this one in pink, and then one in a beige/cream with gold stripes! They are really cute and I got them pretty cheap, I love hunting for good deals, and these two tops were very affordable! They were on sale with 60% off, it was insane and very nice, a pretty good bargain that I got.

I wore this pink top today, for my little sisters birthday, it was just a relaxed and calm evening, with some hot chocolate! Was a nice evening though and I loved spending time with her!

Did you guys do some good bargains this January? I’d love to see what you guys got!


Gina Tricot treasures


Four new beauties to my closet was added last month (June), and I have loved all of them. The summer this year has been hot! The light and very classic top (picture one) is a hit for me, and I love wearing it! My best features is by far my neck and shoulders, and it shows it off perfectly in this fantastic and simple top! I enjoyed having the two regular just above the knee short dresses on this summer (Picture two and three), their light and fit perfect, for a warm summer day, and you look good at the same time, and for almost no money! (DKK 150,-) The last dress, (picture four) needs some alterations, cause I am a short girl, so I need to fix it up a little bit, and take a bit of the bottom, but its worth it, cause it really suits me, when I’m wearing it!

All in all, my money has been spend pretty wisely and I feel like a million bucks in these four items! Gina Tricot is by far one of my most beloved clothes items at the moment. Its great clothes, for almost no money, who can argue with that? *happy dance* Their underwear is also amazing, I can only add that its too bad that they don’t offer more variety, and some bra’s with no push-up. (The only ones with no push-up has a bad fitting for me to be honest)

Hanging out, doing nails and showing off!

A great weekend!


This weekend is (are going) to be amazing! The weekend haven’t finished yet, but I alredy had a lot of things happening..

Yesterday I went to ”Waves” with my sister, and we got our monthly shopping fix, haha.. We went to a jewler and she got a new piece to put on her Christina Collect watch, its spaaarkling! She bought a new bezel and so did I, I bought one with 12 white sapphires in, and she got the one seen in the link I added, with sapphires all around the bezel. Christinas watches are a rare 24 ct gold coated watch with stainless steel underneath. Most of the others use fake gold colour, but in Christinas watches, their all real.

Today we are going out on bar hopping, my sis, me and a good friend of ours, so I am doing my nails.. The look is ”Japanese cherry tree” I guess, and i went a bit crazy, but it looks quite ok! Again I used Shellac – It just lasts better, and I used the two brands Depend and Bluesky. I love cherry blossoms and I draw them constantly, and lately, I just bought some nail pencils, so I went ahead and tried them out – they work brilliantly!