My daily make-up products

Daily must haves for me, these are my absolute favorites, something I wear almost every day and can’t live without!


Twig lipstick and Soar lipliner from MAC

Twig lipstick and Soar lipliner from MAC


My foundation Studio Sculpt and my concealer Cache-Cernes

Foundation Studio Sculpt + concealer Cache-Cernes


Brow Drama Max Factor for defining the eyebrows, the ELF foundation brush, insta blur primer / skin perfecting from The Body Shop and my mascara from Max Factor


These three pics are what I almost always use for my daily make-up routine, I can’t seem to let any of these go, their amazing!

What products do you guys use? I would love to hear all about it! x

See you online guys! 


7 thoughts on “My daily make-up products

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment, I just went to the MAC store a few days ago, and advised my little sister to buy Velvet Teddy, it’s amazing, nude but not too nude, just right! ☺️ I had to google Mehr, it looks gorgeous! I gotta try that out at some point that’s for sure! 😋

    • Hey! Thanks so much for your input! I’ve seen Whirl – I really want that liner too, but in Denmark where I live it’s totally sold out! It’s insane 😅

    • I only just got into primers actually! I tried “MONU ILLUMINATING PRIMER SPF15” – it was okay, worked ok too, but this one from The Body Shop is way different, it’s real soft, needs to be warmed up in your hands and has a consistency like bee wax, it’s quite interesting! It works, blurs out spots and makes dry skin more soft looking – perfect me who has a bit of dry skin! The Body Shop Insta Blur won the Danish Beauty award 2015 so yeah it should be quite good! ☺️ I’m quite happy with the purchase!

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