Another MAC lipstick!

As all of you who has followed my blog for a while know, I have a thing for MAC lipsticks, they have amazing colors and the tint that these lipsticks provides are truly amazing! 

My older sister bought a MAC lipstick, but after I gave her a lipstick that I got from GOODIEBOX DK, she fell in love with that and then gave me her MAC lipstick “Brave” which was pretty much sold out in the MAC store last time I went to purchase it. So I felt very lucky, I have yet another lipstick to add to my MAC collection in a fantastic shade!



The lipstick is a deep rich brown with a hint of a warm pink. I love brown tones, this one is amazing, I usually use one called “Spirit” – but that one is a more earthy brown than this one, a lot more subtle color for day wear.



Below you can see the two shades – top one is me, with wearing “Spirit” and bottom one is a blogger wearing “Brave” and lipliner called “Soar” – the blogger behind this picture is called “Fortheloveofmakeupbaby” if your interested in her Instagram, below there is a pic of her Instagram name, and a few tags she has made. 


– Have you guys found any amazing lipsticks from MAC or any other great beauty brands? Do you have a brand you would recommend? I’m all ears!

See you online guys! x


2 thoughts on “Another MAC lipstick!

    • Yeah, it’s amazing, was lucky to be able to get a hang of it for my sister in the first place – and even luckier that she gave it to me since she didn’t feel she used it much, the shade suits me, always loved brown and neutral colors. 🙂

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