Fast and Furious 7 review


Feel like going out and watching a fantastic movie soon? Go watch F&F7 girls! This movie is aaaamazing!

I know it’s about cars and horsepower – but there’s a lot of humor, speed and amazing scenes in it too (and who does not love fast and expensive cars getting driven madly and crashed?!) The end had me in tears, and the entire movie had me laughing, cringing and amazed, I was speechless. Yet again they have made an amazing movie, with a fantastic last tribute to Mr. Walker that had me in tears. 

I am not a car fanatic, but I love good acting, action and funny lines – this movie had it all. Besides that, it had a lot of soul too, it was an amazing tribute, I think Walker would have been proud.

I highly recommend this movie, it’s fantastic – truly! And I’m a picky girl, takes a lot to amaze me.

– It was also a premiere and that meant we got Burn energy drinks, Doritos chrisps and we got a cheeseburger. I were pretty happy – since I didn’t have the time to have dinner! XD 

I love watching movies with my best friend, her and I have been to many premiers and I think this one was one of the best I’ve been to. The cinema was packed, people were clapping when something happened and there was a special type of mood in the cinema – something I haven’t felt before. Hope you guys go and see this, it’s worth every penny!

See you online guys! x


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