The exfoliating maque from Montagne Jeunesse


Lately I’ve been stressing about the smallest things and I thought I might just need to sit down, relax and exfoliate! This is the cure for my stress, an exfoliating face mask!

The brand is “Montagne Jeunesse” – not very well known, but the face mask is! I love them and I have used so many of these, I especially like this one, that cools and exfoliates your skin and is very good against stress. 

This cleansing mask is amazing, I feel more relaxed and fresh after having this on for ten min! It’s worth it, and I love having a mini spa day in the comfort of my own home, no prancing around in a bikini at some spa resort and having to worry about money, what time your massage appointment is or where to go when – no I love to just kick back, watch a movie and relax like this. It’s the beauty of a mini spa treatment at home. 


The face mask on me, looks so strange but it really works guys! You gotta try it!

I have tried many of these wonderful face masks from this brand – all of them have worked for me, I just don’t care much for the peel off ones, I like the creamy masks, they are comfy and easy to remove.


So this evening I had a face mask, took a long hot shower, used my favorite body lotion Derma Eco and my face moisturizer from Garnier and my trusty towel for my hair! It was just what I needed today.

– Do you guys have anything you love doing if you feel a bit stressed?


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